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Saturday, September 11, 2010

SanTa LiSted On Etsy and LoOk who CaMe foR a ViSiT..:)

Hey there everyone! I just listed this old world looking Santa on Etsy   He is the old vintage look he has..yesterday I was looking out the window and noticed this sweet little creature with her mama in our neighors yard..

when I stepped out on my front porch I scared the little fawn and 4 quick hops and she was gone..;) that is it for me..we got one coat on the table top..oh I love rich looking..doing 2 chairs in black and the other 2 in the table top color..should be a nice contrast..gotta get some varathane for the black chairs flat with the stain..they don't look as rich..will keep you posted..hoping to have it done by monday.;) oh i can't wait..;) have a great weekend everyone;) 


  1. I don't think you have a dull moment. Thanks for grabbing the camera to capture the deer.

    Santa is too cute!

  2. Santa's absolutely adorable ... it makes you want to put up a tree, even with Halloween on the horizon! Love the deer pics (baby deer are so cute!)

  3. The LL left a table and chairs here in the dining room and we will not be taking them (I don't even like them and chairs are coming apart at the bottom) but I have a long table in the kitchen now and using it as a island table but will use it in the dining room when we move. It has 2 drop leaves and will seat at least 8 with them up. I want to find some old high back chairs and paint them but not sure of the color or what to do with the table. I keep looking at other blogs for ideas...I will figure it out after I buy them.
    Great pics of the little deer

  4. Love your Santa...he has a wonderful vintage old world folk-art feel to him!! I went to a craft show today and purchased some fabric candycanes. Here it is feeling like Fall and I'm buying Christmas stuff. LOL...
    Love the deer...the baby deer is so adorable!!

  5. Wow Xmas craftign already......I gotta start SOON! Such pretty pictures of the deer!