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Sunday, September 12, 2010

My TeA KettLe CaMe and CanDy APpLes FinIsHed..UpDatE On TabLe anD ChaiRs..

Guess what came in the mail yesterday!!
I was so excited to open this up and see all the detail that was put in this..I love it!!!
Come November this is the scene that will be on my stove..I love the detail she put in to this one.;) 
 I took some of these without the flash ...but you can't see the details as sure to click on the photos to see the detail..;) Jan did such a great job on this..You will love her work..;) Okay I finished up my candy caramel apples yesterday..I added a stamped message to the tops of the sticks and I scented them in apple spice scent..I love how they turned out!! some of these will go on my etsy site..Here is Sillie Millie asleep on a chair cushion that I have to resew one of the straps on..she gets comfortable anywhere..I also added decorative halloween/fall ribbons to each of these..;) Thanks again Donna for a  wonderful recipe..:)

I can't wait to share these with the gals at church..they are going to love them.;) taking one to church to see if we can make these next month at our enrichment night.;) Okay onto the table and chairs..oh this has turned into a FULL TIME project to say the least..we have sanded those chairs to the bare wood and they still won't take the one is in the trash can..the other 3 will see if a coat of stain and varathane will do the trick..We have decided to buy new chairs and use our old ones as is a link of the chairs I purchased yesterday from JCPenneys.;) I am so excited to get these..I am going to make some penny rug covers to go over the backs of these I think....;) oh and the table top is way to dark for my we are stripping the table yet again..and I am getting a much lighter oak color to go with the black base..the color on it now is pretty..just not for this hubby will be sanding it all down again!! today and then recoating it with the new hopefully this week this project will come to an end and be in my dining room..;) 
I hope you all have a great Sunday.. thanks for stopping by and saying hi..Oh almost forgot..I sold my little glow in the dark owl pumpkin last night..That made my day.;) she was blog hopping and found it.:)gotta love Blogging!!:) 
there is a wonderful contest that Tammy is putting on..its on my sidebar for the best creation..I put in 3 of my please stop by to vote for your favorite..I hope they are mine..but go with your heart.:)


  1. YUM, your apples look GREAT! I made some last year when the directions were in create & decorate but mine didn't turn out as nice as yours! LOVE that teapot, the detail is wonderful and I love the fall scene! Hope your having a great day:D

  2. Love the tea pot..I have an old beat up one and wonder what it will look like painted. The Carmel apples look great..They would make nice gifts for October Birthdays :)
    Can't wait to see the Table and chairs when you get them finished :)

  3. That tea Kettle is gorgeous! Love it and such beautiful work on it!

  4. Your Kettle is amazing!! and your apples have me in the mood for Fall, I already picked up a few sweaters and I am ready to wear them lol
    Your prim house is gorgeous!!!

  5. I seriously LOVE that kettle! I'll take one, with a few of those scrumptious candy apples too!

  6. Love the tea kettle, she is a wonderful painter!! The apples turned out great!!
    I looked at the chairs and they are really pretty. I have stripped furniture before and that is some hard work. I hope you get it to look like you want. Good Luck!!

  7. I must have missed something.....did you order the teapots from Jan or did you win them?? Either way I really like them and the apples. Good work from both of you.

  8. Gina,

    Jan did a fabulous job on the tea kettle. She's been a favorite of mine on ebay for years. The caramel apples look yummy. Love the new diningroom chairs you bought. I guess I'll have to try that approach so I can buy so new ones...but that will have to wait til after my kitchen renovation is complete. Congrats on the sale.


  9. I love your apples, and the tea kettle is sooooo cute!!! You have great taste Gina, love your decor!!!

  10. Your tea pot looks great on your stove!! And your candle apples look yummy enough to eat!!
    Sorry to hear that the table and chairs are giving you so much touble!!

  11. Hi Gina: Thanks for joining my blog and signing up for my giveaway...Yes SA loves sun but will grow in shade too and it doesn't like too much water though...let me know.

  12. just wanted to let you know that i am following! :) check on me & make sure i am doing this right! lol! you are on my dashboard! :)

  13. Your apples look SOOO yummy! And that teapot is absolutely gorgeous. Don't you just love fall?

  14. I love that kettle, I want to paint one.
    Those apples look delish, Love the stamping on the sticks.

  15. Those apples look awesome and so is the kettle!!!