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Friday, September 10, 2010

A New TreAsUry On Me..">)

'TheRe's A CriSpnEss in the AiR. TImE To Cozy Up oUr HoMe AnD EnJoy the SeaSoN' by catnapinnprimitives

Eco FriEndLy ReuSab...

PriMiTiVe OranGe Pl...

PriMiTiVe OranGe Ve...

Over ShouLder CheSt...

CaNdLe MaT CanDle C...

ScaReCroW PeNNy Ru...

Bippoty FoLkArT WiT...

PriMiTiVe WooL FeLt...

FaLL HallOWeeN WiTc...

ThanKsGiVinG PuMpki...

Eco FriEndLy ReuSab...

PiLgRim ThankSgiVin...

OrAnGe VeLveT PuMpk...

Eco FriEndLy ReuSab...

FaLL HaLLoWeeN PriM...
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I also just posted my candle cozys on etsy too.;)


  1. My favorite is the orange pillow with the witch and such. It's so sweet. :)

  2. Hey Gina love your treasury on your shop. And I really really love your candle cozies om gosh they are great.

  3. Adorable items! I especially like the pumpkin pie candle cozy!

  4. Hi! I loved the glow-in-the-dark owl one on etsy so much- that I bought it! Woo hoo! I can't wait for it to come! Thanks Gina.