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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Carmel Apples anyone!!

Good morning everyone!! we have a bit of a foggy morning going..but it is supposed to burn off to some sun today..and be hit with Rain again tomorrow...we had to get some more supplies for the table and chairs we are refinishing..the chairs wouldn't take the paint as the varathane that was put on 18 years ago ran deep..even with a good got some stripper and put it on..haven't checked it yet..but hoping that did the trick..will wipe it off and restain...the table base came out rich and can still see the grain of the wood coming through..hubby likes it that is always a plus..will try painting the top today...hoping to keep the kittys out of it..;) stopped at walmart yesterday..can you guess what I will be making with the apples...if ou said carmel apples you would be right..Donna of one simple country girl did a tutuorial yesterday on these and I just had to do them..had most of the stuff except the apples, popsiscle sticks and the 'nuts' them at petco..I am giving some of these to our church gals when we gather for our monthly luncheons..and some will go in my etsy..and some might just have to stay with me..haven't decided..picked up the 3 candles..going to make my candle cozys for them with some cute prim embroidery stitching..will post those in my etsy too..they smell so is cinnamon roll, mulled cider, and pumpkin spice..:) anyway that is it for me..I hope you all have a wonderful thursday...and thank you for those that stop by and say hi...I love!!! hearing from you all.:)


  1. Gina, I hope all works out with the table! Love your new background! Have a great day! OLM

  2. Gina, I can't wait to see your Caramel had me fooled girl...when I first looked at the apples I thought they were real. Sounds like your table is turning out just like you wanted...its always nice when hubby likes it too! We too, are having a foggy morning with light rain at times. Fall is definately in the air...and I love it!

  3. yeah,for a cheap candle those wal-mart ones sure smell good.have you smelled the juicy apple one?

  4. Oh Girl, you had me at caramel... you had me at caramel...

  5. Gina is there no end to your creativity! I want to make some of those apples Donna posted on as well. I just love the way they look. Your table is going to be beautiful when you get it all done. All the trouble you have had with it will all be worth it in the end.

  6. Hi Gina
    I just love the look of your funky..Can't wait to see your apples.. :0)

  7. Hi Gina,
    Looking forward to the end product (apples). I have found that some of the candle fragrances sold at Walmart are great! I really like some of the smells of their reed diffusers, too!

  8. I think I will make some of those apples and put them on my kitchen scales...I can't wait to see how your table and chairs turn out! And I want to check out those candles!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Gina,
    I hope your table stops giving you troubles.
    I got the stuff to make the faux carmel apples last year when another blogger showed how to make them, but I never made any...going to dig them out and make some to take to my Fall show.
    Happy embroidering on the candle cozies!!

  10. Gina,
    Thank you so much for the "shout out"! That is so sweet of you and I am so honored that you (who is so much more talented than I could ever be!) learned something from me!! Wow! I cannot wait to see how yours turn out. I just love mine. And one of my most favorite candles is the Pumpkin Spice one from Wal Mart! I burn one on my tart warmer at work almost everyday. I am anxious to see your candle cozies.

  11. I've been looking for cheap fake apples since I saw the recipe from The Pickled Pepper Patch's blog a while ago, and somehow, I never even thought of checking Walmart. Derp! Haha.

    I wonder if you could, theoretically, scent them... I saw in your last post that that was the only thing missing, but maybe it's better that they don't smell so no ones tries to sink their teeth in them, haha.

    I'm hoping your goodie box comes today. The mailman doesn't come to my apartments until 4-5 in the afternoon, so I have to wait for him to even check. :(

    Have a lovely day! :D