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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KiMMys KiTchEn, My TabLe and My GiVeAwAy Win.;)

Good Morning everyone!! I thought Iwould share Kimmys kitchen again as most of you haven't seen it..I love getting inspiration from my best friend as we have a lot in common and she loves to use things in unusual ways..and that white mailbox on the end with the towels hanging from it is one of them..I must find one of those..too cool..she just recently purchased the brown shelf and it fits so nicely in her nook there..she has some old brick from a wall that was taken down..but it is the old fireplace and they can't take it down without major work she covered using shutter doors etc..she also has an old antique door that she painted with chalk board paint..great message center..The first photo above are some chicken lamps that I had in my dining room for a long time..but got those new old cabinets and didn't have the I sold them to her (at my sale this year)..and they look so good in her cottage kitchen..she collects chickens too..;)
she made this cute vase out of jello molds and a sifter..kind of stacked them all together and then added the flowers to this idea..she also added a cabinet where here old dishwasher used to be..and added the spoon and fork for the that idea too..:)
I thought I would show you the table..this is what it looked like when we purchased it..then on monday I stained it the color was okay..but I wanted something bolder..
so I painted it the black stain instead and I am in love...the top will be that rich rust orangy red color and the chairs a nice black..I am so loving the way it is turning out..Hubby got the top glued, screwed and sanded now onto the painting part of it..hoping to start that today...I am having fits with the chairs though..I sanded them and the stain still won't am going to get an oil based black paint and going that route..

Okay last but not least..i got my little ghost yesterday in the mail from Mona..she lives just across the pond from me..I love him and put him on my cabinet for the timebeing..he smells wonderful too..;) what did you use to make him smelll soooo good..and I got a cute pumpkin card to go with it..:) Thank you again Mona for drawing my name..:)
Well I am off to get more supplies and get that table finished..I hope you all have a wonderful wednesday..thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love getting your comments and always love hearing from you..they truly make my day.:)


  1. The table looks like it's coming along nicely. Tell those chairs who's boss! Hehe.

    I saw a few of those ghosties at the shop near me today (yeah, I finally made it out there!) and thought "Heyyyy, Gina won one of those." :P I like your cabinet, too. :)

    Oh, and to answer a question that I forgot you asked, no, I don't have any pets with me in the apartment. :(

    Anywho, have a lovely rest of your day. :D

  2. Hi Gina, thanks for becoming a follower, I am now following you. 8-) Love all the pics of your home and your friend as well. The table is awesome. Look forward to looking at the rest of your blog.

  3. Hi Miss Gina,

    I love your table but then I like black! I can't wait to see the table and chairs when they are all finished! Kim

  4. The table is turning out so beautiful. Fun to see your friend's kitchen.

  5. YOU LUCKY DUCK.. you get the best gifts!

  6. That table is going to be awesome. I love when the top is in contrast to the legs. My hubby won't let me paint our table. The old poop!
    Love your ghostie!