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Thursday, September 9, 2010

PumPkinS LiSted ON eTsy..

Hey there everyone!! I just listed these sweet pumpkins on my etsy site...;) and I just finished up my 16 carmel apples..they are drying as we speak..they look so real...just wish they smelled good.:)


  1. Oh Gina I just love your pumpkins the first one pictured is awesome. Can't wait to see your apples and your table too!!!

  2. LOVE the owlie!

    (And I just listed too... great minds must think alike!)

  3. Adorable pumpkins, can't wait to see the apples. And the table too.

  4. Gina,
    I love your pumpkins so much! They are all gorgeous! And I am so excited that you have made the caramel apples! I cannot wait to see them!

  5. Love your pumpkins!! They turned out great!!

  6. Great Pumpkins..I don't think I will be doing any fall decorating this year..Will be lucky to get all unpacked by then. Can't wait to see the apples :)

  7. Very, very nice! You must wear out a sewing machine every few months! Love to see what you come up with next!

  8. Morning Gina! You have been one busy lady!!! Love how your pumpkins turned out - so unique! Problem with the carmel apples - not good for controlling cravings- I'd be breaking a tooth forgetting they weren't real - need to check out the recipe!lol I adore that tea kettle Jan painted and after seeing the wood breadbox I am really kicking myself that I got rid of mine when we moved!!! Guess I'll hit yard sales and look for one!lol Sorry I haven't stopped in for a while. Never did get to look at my magazine but it is definitely going to be read later today. Cindy gave me an idea too with the mailbox in her kitchen! Well I'm babbling so I'll just say have a great weekend. Oh and the table is turning out nicely but WOW lots of work!!! I like the dark base! Sincerely, Jeannette

  9. Those are really different, nice to see some new and creative pieces.