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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WhEre CoUnTry FoLk CreAte

Good Wednesday Morning!!! I am doing a "where country folk create" thing where we show you all where we craft and there are 23 rooms to click on my side bar if you want to participate and see the other 23...Okay my room is nothing fancy..but It is one of my favorite places to be...and its where I spend most of my time...I have a view of our veggie garden from this window and I can hear the birdies chirping when their mama comes to feed them as there is a birdhouse attached to the side of our house just below the window..and I get that show from May till the end of July...:) and this year we got to watch "their flight school" for one night only and the next day they had flown the coop.;) it was a neat experience..This is where I do my machine embroidery..and above me is dried flowers from my garden and the neighbors I can snip flowers when I need to add them to something I am making..I also have a huge collection of cookie cutters to make those salt dough cookie ornaments that I love doing...
my big craft I could not do without this thing..get one when you have a 50% off coupon..they are so worth it..and I love that it folds down so you can tuck it away when needed...I also got these orange boxes at joanns when they had them on sale..guess the orange wasn't selling..I love them..and they are stuffed full of stuff to create something..
fabric in baskets waiting to be sewn up...
and yet more fabric...this is my halloween/christmas stash...
and there is more fabric in spring/americana fabric along with thrift store finds waiting to be made into something..on the right of the plastic bin is my fleece for scarfs gloves, hats, baby blankets etc..I also have an old trunk to the right (no pictured) that stores old jeans, blankets, etc..
my other crafting table..I spend most of my day that blue see silly Millie sleeping on more has become her favorite spot..she is my bestest crafting buddy.;) there is also a second sewing machine there that I I can sew on it and machine embroider on the other if I choose..
and this is where I do my blogging and you know where I am right now..;) the cabinet there was a was at hubbys work..apparently they didn't have a use for it on their it came home with me..I stores sewing supplys, crafting supplys and shipping boxes...
So there you have my crafting room..nothing fancy..but it functions for me.. I hope you all enjoyed your tour..
Thank you for the many wonderful complements on my bathroom in yesterdays post..I love it and it makes me smile when I go in there..hasn't done that ever..there was one post that was kind of odd it was from "flex"..not sure if it was a dig cause we put in linoleum and not hardwood laminate flooring ..and why would I want to put in hardwood laminate flooring in a bathroom in the first place...and it wouldn't be laminate in the second place..we have hardwoods downstairs.. and we love them..and this was done on the cheap..didn't want to put in a ton of money..the floor cost us 23 dollars....this bathroom was done on a was done for about $250.00..not if I was to add in would be at least I am pretty happy and love the results..;) any way..I hope you all have a great wednesday..go and check where others create..:)

OH I almost forgot..I did an interview with Factory direct . com about my crafting with primitives.


  1. OH what I wouldn't give for a craft room like yours:) someday when my son moves all his stuff out, I'm gonna take his room for a craft room! About that 'flex' comment, remember when i posted my finished house and mentioned we had used Dutch boy paint? I got an e-mail from a lady the promotes dutch boy, and wanted me to post before & after pics on their site. Do we have *spies* in blogland now??? Kinda scary!

  2. Oh what I wouldn't give to have the talent to need a craft room like yours Gina. How wonderful it must be to be able to create all that you do. You are so talented.

  3. Sounds like fun, I'll have to check it out. I love your room, full of eye candy! Say, have you ever or will you do a post on salt dough ornies, I"ve been wanting to make some gingerbread men and have no clue!

  4. Gina,

    I'm very impressed with your craft room! You have lots of stuff and it looks like a great place to spend time!

    Love how your bathroom turned out! And it's even better because you did it on a budget! It looks great! Pat yourselves on the back!


  5. I love being able to picture where people are. You are so lucky to have a room where you can create and store everything. I so envy you folks that can sew and make and create stuff. You have so much creativity in you I guess you would just "pop" if you didn't do something with it. Me, I didn't get any of that but I have yard sales, antique booths, make the money and then buy your creations! We all make the world go around:)

  6. Man!! You're so organized!! It look great!!
    If you ever come to visit me, I'll have to make sure I close the door to my studio. :> )
    What in tarnations is blogfrog and why is there a pic of me on it?

  7. Gina great post....I love your crafting room. I also LOVE how your bathroom turned out GREAT job there!!!! Amazing! Congrats on your interview with Factory Direct you go girl.


  8. Oh my gosh!!! It would take me a week to get mine cleaned up enough to take a picture!!! I have our whole basement consumed and need to get some shelves built to help keep things organized! I just had a show on Saturday and another next weekend so no time to clean up right now!!! LOL Love your craft room Gina!!!!

  9. WOWZER your creating space is absouletly a DREAM! So bright and cheerful I just love it! Your home is sooooo beautiful Thank You for sharing !!

  10. Hi! Enjoyed viewing your creative place. You have so many nice things. And your craft room looks big! Very nice. Hope you can stop by and see mine. I don't think I have half as much things as you do. Your place is great!


  11. what a room.. and you're pretty organized about it too!!! yea you!

  12. If anyone ever asks if you're serious about your crafting, just show them those photos!

  13. Congrats on the Factory Direct interview. Hey, we could shop in your crafting room! Love all your stashes. Your bathroom is very those colors.

  14. Looks wonderful! Looks very organized with lots of goodies to work with!Thanks for sharing your space! Enjoyed it!!