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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A GiFt From a FeLLow BLoGGeR...:)

Good Thursday morning!!! it is a nice overcast morning..with that drizzle kind of mornings like this..said it will burn off by the afternoon...:) Yesterday I got a wonderful little surprise in the mail..okay I knew what it was..but there was another surprise in this wonderful package..and look how she had it wrapped..Tiffany from Folded Gingham sent me this wonderful package..She knows I love strawberrys in my kitchen...
this was a total surprise to me..She made this huge strawberry with a cute little bird on is now hanging from the pot rack...
and she sent me these wonderful curtains after she noticed that I had gotten a cute little runner/doiley from another fellow Blogger Terri..and she said they had the same design and asked if she could send them to me..she had purchased them at a thrift store and didn't have a use for here they are in the kitchen ..and it brightened it up so much and goes so well with the "strawberry theme" I have going..;)
Pretty sweet huh..Everything looks right at home and now looks so complete..Thank you Tiffany for sending me this wonderful gift in the made my day and my kitchen;)

yesterday I did some tweeking..this is the before photo above..I have this liner on the basket and it does not go with my bathroom..and I can't find anything on ebay..and then a thought popped into my head...why not use some of the left over fabric from the shower curtain...
Ta Da!! I just cut a piece off and put it much better now..
see the basket on the shelf..same thing..liner didn't match so I took it off...
and here you go..just tucked it inside..much better...I am totally loving this makeover so it has been bugging me for so long..and I didn't think we would ever get to I took the plunge and it is now finished for the time being..and I love how it looks and goes with the rest of the farmhouse look..;)

we are finally getting tomatoes..seriously..we have had flowers for 2 months now and nothing..then about 2 weeks ago the tomatoes started coming and we actually got 2 ripe ones...bout time.;) well that is it for me..I am going to get sewing..I have a wonderful idea swirling around in my head that i need to see if I can make it happen..if so I will post it.;) have a wonderful day..and thanks to all my fellow blogging make mornings so much fun..I love seeing what you are up to..
Oh before I forget.we have a fellow new budding blogger that loves primitves and fall and halloween..please stop by and say hi to Jessica from October nights..she is a budding crafter and junker too.:) gotta love her.;)
Okay have a great day..;)


  1. What a nice surprise and those curtains do look very nice:) Love the basket tweeking in the bathroom they blend in so well now:)Enjoy the rest of your day sweet friend:)

  2. The black and white checked fabric is perfect for the baskets.

  3. I was wondering why so many new people popped over to say hi all of the sudden, haha. Thank you, you're so good to me. :D

    I love the baskets, by the way. They pop so much more now.

    Happy sewing. ;)

  4. Every day is Spring with the strawberries in your kitchen. An extra reason to smile.