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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The BiG ReVeaL & BLoGGerS wE haVe A BinGO WiNNeR...

Good Tuesday Morning!!!! Well after working the weekend..our Sunday and Monday, we finally finished our bathroom makeover..and I must say we are pleased!!! Hubby more so cause it means he can relax for a bit...his knees are really hurting him..Here are the BEFORE photos so you can see where my journey began...the above is at the was painted white as I turned blue with all that turquoise...
I didn't mind the color so much..but it was just lacking something...

I have never liked this bathroom in the 16 years that we've had it..just a little eyesore to me..but I am in love with it now...are you ready for the big reveal?

here are the after photos.. I took these last night...
I painted the frame out black and see the switch plate..well this will be will see what I am getting down below...
I added alittle barn star to the curtain holder...
oh I love this wall so much now..the bead board really made it come to life...I made the towel last night...
here's a close up of the towel..;)
what started out as just a paint job...the walls and cabinet for starters... ended up getting bead board walls, new flooring...remember it was pink.. a new toilet lid too...

my longaberger iron shelf...I love this thing..great for a small bathroom..
this is going to be my new switch plate..I got this from my fellow "old farmhouse gathering" pal Jody from Primgals Primitive Palette ..I was doing some surfing and came across this and knew it would look soo good in my bathroom...
here is what I embroidered on the shower curtain...

that was the top of the shower curtain..cats, crows and willow tree..
this was the bottom..and the old flooring...
I made both of the curtains shown..I tea/coffee stained the black and white checkered fabric..the window curtain and the tops and bottoms of the shower curtain are osnaburg..and while I love those tobacco curtains out there..they are way TOO expensive for my taste and the osnaburg hangs just as nice and its only about 4.99 a yard...;)
Oh I love this was super easy to lay down..maybe because it was a small area..will be doing a tutorial on it on has little flecks in it!!!

for being a small packs alot of punch..and I am pleased to show it off when folks come to see our home..I always passed by this bathroom in the past..but you can bet it will shown now..;) we still need to silicone the tub and toilet and get a new sink eventually..but I can live with this bathroom truly fits the "farmhouse" theme and the primitive look I was after...I think the beadboard really set off this country bathroom..hubby did a fantastic job on it and I am sooooo happy he is a handy man...the beadboard was very time consuming..but well worth it..:)

Okay we have a Bingo good Pal Tammy from Country Girl at Home hollered out BINGO!!! so these little items are going to her home..I have some surprises I have been wanting to make now I have the motivation to get them started and sent off in this package..;)
Today it is off to the grocery store..the pantry and fridge is getting bare...then tonight I am going to a get together for my friend Sarah..her birthday is gotta get her gift finished up...tomorrow I will share my craft room where I create..some have already seen this..but I have new followers so will share again..I hope this bathroom makeover was as good for you as it was for me...have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for stopping by..;)


  1. I love it, sweetpea!!!! Much cuter than the old color. Just harmonious with the whole effect you've established. Good job, chick!

  2. I think it is even better for us, because we didn't
    have to do the work!!!
    It is beautiful, Gina...You both did a great job! Congrats to the winner, I only had one more
    to go....

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Gina,

    Oh I love it. Now send your hubby on over and he can work on my kitchen for me. All I can say is WOW!


  4. Congrats to Tammy!!!!! Your bathroom is BEAUTIFUL Gina, I LOVE it!!!! Love the colors and the way you decorated and did you make the curtain? I love it too!!!!! If you ever come to PA, will you come decorate my house??? I looks great, you did a GREAT job!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your day:)

  5. Love the bathroom. A job well done and it was fun from this end getting to watch it come together! I really, really like the shower curtain.

    You got my share of talent and I got none when it comes to sewing. Envy you:)

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm so jealous of your is stunning. I wish I could do a make-over in our bathroom.....we live in a rental and don't think landlord would appreciate my tastes in decorating.

    Congrats to Tammy for winning BINGO! I know she will love all her goodies as I loved mine when I won Bingo last time.

  7. The makeover is terrific Gina! Love the wall color! Your switchplate will look darling in there too!

  8. VERY NICE Gina! You and your husband did a fantastic job on your bathroom. The floor and wall boards are my favorites.

  9. Your bathroom is gorgous, I just love everything!!!! I love your shower curtain!!! You are one talented girl!!! You and your hubby did a wonderful job!!!! Congratulations to the winner also!!!

  10. Gina,

    Love your new look in your bathroom !

    All you need now are some black checked longaberger liners for your baskets to match your great shower curtain ! :o)

    The beadboard looks nice !

    I only had one word left to go... boo hoo, but, Congrats to Tammy ! Lucky ducky !


  11. Gina, Everything looks great! and YEAH! your project is done!
    Nice Longaberger collection, I sold for over 12 years, so I spot LB at 3 paces! LOL, OLM

  12. Gina all the T.L.C. made your bathroom amazing. Congrats Tammy!

  13. LOVE IT!! You and the hubs did a fantastic job Gina!! I bet you'll spend a lot more time in there now!! tee hee hee!!


  14. Awesome job Gina!! You and hubby did a great job. You'd never know it was the same bathroom! Love the beadboard. In fact, I'm gonna show this to hubby and plant a bug in his ear! LOL!

  15. a girl after my own heart;scentsy warmers and longaberger baskets. very nice job on your bathroom. love it!!!

  16. Gina, The best way to look for retired Longaberger liners really is ebay. If I am seeing right, it's a med. purse for the one on the shelf. I honestly don't remember if the khaki liner was made for all baskets or a select few. Good Luck, OLM

  17. It's a known fact that the first thing people look at when they come to view your house is the floor. It's good that you are completely happy and comfortable with it.
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  18. Gina,
    Love how your bathroom turned out!! All your hard work shows and I can tell that it was a labor of love!! You did an awesome job!!

  19. I am so in love with how it turned out. This just goes to prove that no matter how tiny a space is, it can still have a cozy, powerful vibe. :)

  20. WOW the bathroom is beautiful!!!!!! what a great job. And that shower curtain..... just stunning!

  21. Gina - wow it really looks great! Love it!!!