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Monday, August 16, 2010

PuMpKinS & BinGO...

Hello there!!! Well we got the flooring done yesterday and it turned out so nice..have a tutorial next post on how to lay vinyl flooring when I do the big reveal..I am hoping tomorrow is the big reveal..we are starting the bead board as we this will be short..the bathroom has done a total 180 and looks better then it ever did even when we bought it new it never looked this I am pleased as last night I decided to make a pumpkin..I just got the pattern in the mail the other day and wanted to make them..super easy and fun..the stem is the hardest part..I am going to a get together for a gal in our is her she is getting this and hopefully a couple more in different sizes in her birthday bag and maybe a towel as well.;)
here are my fabrics just waiting to be made into pumpkins...

okay some of you are very close to I am thinking today might be the day I hear BINGO!!! best of luck to you all.;)


I hope you all have a great monday..and stay tuned for tomorrow...for the big reveal..I can't wait.;)


  1. Super cute pumpkins Gina!
    Love it!
    have fun finishing your bath!
    Can't wait to see it!

  2. Way too cute, those pumpkins.

  3. LOVE the pumpkin! And can't wait for the reveal!

    Hope you're staying cool over on "the other side"! ~~Annie

  4. Gina, love the pumpkin and can't wait to see your reveal. I might get BINGO if you called my words.......LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS your new background is awesome. Makes me want to light my pumpkin spice candles!!! Still just ONE more till bingo. Im DYING HERE!!!!!!!
    Love the pumpkins too.

  6. Gina you have got to be the busiest person I know. Do you ever slow down? Can't wait to see the completed bathroom and the new flooring. Great job on the pumpkin as well.

  7. Thought I was at the wrong page there for a minute....really like the new look and love, love, love the pumpkin and all the fabric stash you have to make more.

    You are something! I'd like 1/2 your energy and drive:)

  8. LOVE the pumpkin...I've got the pattern but haven't made I'm gonna have'ta!! LOVE the plaid!!

    Just wanted to say hey.....and can't wait to see the "big reveal"!! Hurry up already...don't keep us waitin'!! :O)

    Have a great Monday!!

  9. I just have to tell you that the "Tickled Primitive" gal, from whom you got that pumpkin pattern, and I went to market to wholesale our items together, shared a booth, years ago. She was a big hit from day #1 with her dolls. She used to sell her finished work but now just selling patterns. Love her creations and miss her booth at market.

  10. That pumpkins is adorable, honey!!!!! Ooooh, I do love the colors in it.

  11. love love love the pumpkin, I'm from Half Moon Bay, CA where we have THE Pumpkin Festival every October so pumpkins will always mean a lot to me. And I see by the comments its a pattern. WonDerFul. and love the new page too! keep cool! and what a lucky friend to get all those Birthday Goodies!

  12. Love your fabrics Gina. Those are gonna be some good lookin' punkins.

  13. Love, love, love this pumpkin! Too cute! Can't wait to see your big reveal and am anxious to see your tutorial on laying vinyl flooring since hubby and I are planning on redoing our kitchen floor in the near future. Have a great week!

  14. Very cute pumpkin and can't wait to see the bathroom!!!!!

  15. Gina,
    What a cute pumpkin!!
    Can't to see the bathroom!!
    Looks like Tammy called Bingo... congrats to her!!
    I resent the things you needed that I forgot to attach to my email.

  16. Such a cute pumpkin! I love your selection of fabric that you used.
    I also adore that cute dustpan that is up in your header.

  17. I love your pumpkin. Anything Autumn-themed goes over well with me.