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Sunday, August 15, 2010

On My WaY To The PaRTy....& BinGo.:)

Good Sunday Morning to you!!! well we got our heat wave yesterday...holy cow it was a tad bit warm out there..90 in the shade. supposed to be the same for today...then hopefully getting a big cooler..thank goodness for ac!! well after the baptism yesterday..My friend Betty and I stopped on our way to the party they were putting on after at a garage was about 2 miles from the party..and I had spotted it on the way to church...I think this is my 3rd garage sale this year..a record for mind you had I not gone anywhere yesterday I wouldn't have seen this garage I am thrilled I went..;) I picked up this wonderful quilt hanger for $2.00..she had $25.00 on the back of it.;)
chickens for my best friend Kimmy...;) she does chickens in her kitchen;)
this cute little monkey for a fellow blogger....doesn't he have a cute face..and he is soft and cuddly too.;)
2 video set of Anne of Green Gables..;)..gotta have hubby hook up my VCR..
a cute picture of winter, sheep and a dog that looks like ours..all of the items above were a grand total...are you ready for this? $5.00 including the quilt gotta love guys doing garage sales..cause they want to give it away.;)...
okay here is the treasure of the day!!! I had just been telling Betty as we were driving that I wanted a round table for our dining room..and there was a set along side the road with 4 chairs for $150..not bad..but didn't want to pay that at this garage sale the table was 50 bucks..right up my alley cause I have the chairs already..
the round gold thinys it sits on are outta here..going to get some bun feet and stain them...
it doesn't have the leaf in it..but it is solid oak..okay for you crafty people out has a big oil stain in the bottom of the photo and some glass/cup stains...should we sand it down and then put an oil base stain on it and then varathane it? I was going to paint it black..just the top..but I do like the color of please give me your suggestions on how to make this piece spectacular...this is what I will be working on this week..:) I can't wait to get it in the dining room..the other table will be covered up till I decide I want to sell it or we cover the back porch and put it out there..not sure...I do love it..but the round one would fit better in the space..

my postal girl dropped this box of to me yesterday..and it smelled good...I did a little trade with Denise from Sawdustys cabin..I got some wonderful smelling apple tarts to burn...oh do they smell yummy...
and she put in this cute little bottle..betcha can't guess where this went?...will have to wait and see.She is getting one of my embroidered pillows, a room spray and a little suprise for her new grand baby that I am making her.;)
Well today we are hopefully buying the new flooring and putting it down and then tomorrow putting up beadboard...that is the plan we shall see..;) will keep you posted..

this was dinner last night...I made garlic smashed potatoes..can corn and chicken fried steak..(frozen) and gravy..comfort food..gotta love it...:)we love pepper can you tell?

okay it sounds like a couple of you are getting really close to Bingo..we shall see if either of these two words gets you your bingo.:) in the event of a tie..I will give a second place..;)
Good Luck..;)

Candy Corn

have a wonderful Sunday everyone..and please leave suggestions on the wood table...asap..:) I want to do it right..:)


  1. AHHHHHH still one more. Im dyin here.LOL..... that dinner looked so good! Now im hungry.

  2. Wow, girlfriend, you stole that
    table!!! They go for several
    hundred! I will ask my brother,
    he refinishes furniture. You got
    some good deals at the garage
    sale! You are one lucky gal!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Great finds at the sale and the TABLE it awesome. We have a set that belonged to hubbies nanny and it has a Big base on it we have the chairs and leaf for it. But the top of the table needs to be refinished so I am watching for replies to your post. I love chicken fry YUMMY
    have a great day Gina be sure and sign up for my giveaway.

  4. Gosh you got some great stuff, love the table and that picture of winter, and YUP, that sure looks like Mr. Tucker there;) I bet that bottle of bath salts is going.......IN YOUR NEW BATHROOM!!!

  5. Gina,

    That table is sweet ! Will look wonderful when it is refinished. What a great deal...

    Two more words to go...

    The suspense...


  6. I just need two more words. Love the table.

  7. Great finds at the garage sale, girlie! That table is awesome!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  8. Fantastic garage sale treasures. And just think, you might have missed it! We'e havin' a heat wave in Ohio too. Was supposed to "only" be in the 80's today but I'm betting it's hotter than that. We've had 90+ degree temps for weeks now and I've about had enough. Come on fall!

  9. Great deal on the table..good for you!!!

    Not my word....still need ONE MORE!

    Have a great week!

  10. Gina,
    What a great deal that you got on the table. I will ask my wood-worker hubby about the best way to refinish the table top. He's already headed off to bed for the night...he gets up for work at 4am.
    Can't wait to see who wins Bingo...not me, I have 4 words to go. Be chatting at ya soon.

  11. Hi Gina~
    I love your blog's new look-- very YOU!

  12. I have a table just like that, I found it at a garage sale for 5 bucks! The veneer needs work, part of it is peeling away or missing. I was wondering if you could just oil your entire table top to make it all look the same. Or maybe re-veneer it?

  13. Well, I don't know what to tell you other than refinish the table because of the light area, maybe someone else has a better idea. BUT, I will say that I would NEVER use polyeurathane for the top coat. It is virtually impossible to remove polyeurathane once it is applied and if you ever want to refinish for any reason in the future, you'll be sunk. Especially on oak as it is grainy and would get into those tiny cracks and be permanent. So, unless someone has some great idea for removing it, of which I am unaware, personally, I'd not use it.

    My hubby likes to use tongue oil, but you have to keep applying it every few months as it slowly soaks in. It looks very nice and is not shiny. The biggest problem is that it's not as protective of your piece as a varnish would be and a table would be used a lot, so probably not a good choice for that. We used it on our apothecary he made. Think I'll take a picture of it and put it on my blog. :)

  14. I just remembered I blogged about this very issue! ha! It's been a while. Here's what I found out:
    I'm not a smoker and have no friends that are, but this remedy would actually get me out to buy one pack and just let some burn into a tray outside. Collect and mix cigarette ash with some beeswax furniture paste. Rub on lightly on your piece of furniture and buff with a dry soft cloth.
    Rewax your item if needed.

    Anyway, it may be worth a try versus a refinish job!

  15. Whoa... nice table. I wouldn't paint it, it's beautiful.