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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey there everyone...It sounds like some of you are very close with the bingo...can't wait to see who wins..I have not even checked your words to see what you need..keeping it on the up and up.:)
Here are your two words for today.....

first frost
telling ghost stories

Well I am off to get the house tidyed up for the day and get myself ready for our church baptism..I hope you all have a great day today..we have finally got our heat does cool down at night.and we have our window units going...just gotta make sure everything has a good taste of water...:)Take care and thanks for all the nice things about the is fast becoming my favorite room..and it has never been in 16 I am loving this has been a little eyesore for way to I am proud to show it off...will look superb when its done..I just hope hubby works fast..and I will be helping him to do so in any way I can.:)
Oh I thought it was funny as yesterday was friday the 13th..and I got 13 dink..I think not;)

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  1. ONE MORE..... JUST ONE MORE.... I can't take it!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH =)