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Friday, August 13, 2010

FLoWers, GiFts In The MaiL & BinGO...

Well here it is friday evening..I actually was a lazy bones today..and it felt today I picked some daisies and eucchinachia(?) flowers and brought them inside to enjoy..the weather is hot today..our heatwave is here..going to be a scorcher this weekend..;) I love these types of flowers and found some cute daisies on a free crochet site to make..should be simple and they are so cute.;) I also watched a movie from Netflix called "Precious"..what a good show..lots of swearing though..sad too..but a great movie..;)
Look what the postal girl brought for me today!!! I love this by apple cottage on etsy..Martha did an outstanding job on this and I love it..she made one for my friend Lecia to put up in her salon..and it is fabulous and different..;)Thank you again so much Martha, I love this...
I couldn't wait to hang it up in the bathroom..right below I am putting one of those little towel holders that has 3 hangers that swing out on it..will make some towels to display on it..another sneak peek..might be a bit will see below..;)
I also received this from a fellow blogger that knows I am into strawberries..Her name is Terri from finders keepers Antiques and treasures..;)I love this little doily/runner..;)
I folded it in half and put it on my medicine box..Thank you Terri for thinking of me..I love it..goes so nicely with my other strawberry stuff.;) are blogging buddys the best!! I know I am grateful to each of you that I have made friends with..those of you that leave comments etc..I wouldn't trade our friendship in for anything..:)

this is why the bathroom might take longer..we are going to remove the old linoleum for the above photo..I love the black and white..and it will look so nice in the we are making a list of the items we need and will be getting them this the beadboard will be going up as soon as the flooring goes down.;)

This is the old flooring..kind of a pink color..doesn't go at all..I stopped by Wally world yesterday to pick up some towels for the bathroom and got this nice rug..same colors as the bathroom.;)
a soft rug for stepping out of the shower with.;)
a new kitchen rug..the cats destroy these at least every 6 months..:)
and the new black and the other a light tan..;)love Wallys prices too;) and they are big towels..:)

Okay here are your two bingo words for today



Well that is it for me...having big cobb salads tonight..I throw everything but the kitchen sink on these..we have really gotten into salads lately..and they are easy.:) have a great weekend...might not be posting till tomorrow evening a bapitism to go to tomorrow for a little boy that just turned 8 years old and they are doing a luncheon afterwards..making a quick and easy dessert for the dessert table..:)


  1. whew.. Gina.. glad you took it easy today ! I think we all had to take a nap after reading how busy you have been ! LOL

    I have three more words to go ..

    Have a Happy Weekend !

  2. You are always so busy! Love the painted dust pan...what a great gift to you!!

  3. It's coming along nicely, honey. I like the black and white together.

  4. I love those flowers and that painted dustpan is awesome!!!! I LOVE the apple pie rug, did you get it at wally world too?? I think I need one:D

  5. I had to comment when I saw the strawberry table topper you received. I have a pair of long(maybe 36") valances that I picked up at goodwill about a year ago. I have no need for them, as they don't match my house, but they were too cute to leave there, so I "had" to buy them. They are the exact same patter as your table topper. I would love to send them to you if you want them. You could use them in a bathroom window or even make aprons out of them, what ever. It just would be nice to send them to someone who would appreciate them and have a use for them. Let me know.


  6. Isn't mail one of the magical things we have in our lives? I mailed the strawberry doily Wednesday from NC and already it is in your hands on Friday. I love it!

    I'm glad you like it and to think someone has curtains to match. Do I hear another redo in your future?

    I'm glad you rested, too. I had to rest just from hearing you talk about the work you were doing and I was only reading about it:)


  7. Oh, your bathroom is going to look
    fabulous! You can put press and
    stick tiles over linoleum, I saw
    it on HGTV...I love the dust pan,
    I have two of them I am going to
    paint, one of these days, I hope
    I get it done this year!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. everything is coming together so great for your bathroom!!! and I really enjoy seeing all your decorations and STILL am amazed at the PerSOnaliZED dust pan!! go kick back in the water tomorrow!!

  9. I LOVE the new flooring you chose! It will be perfect in your bathroom. The little strawberry linen that Terri sent you is precious! Martha's dustpan creation is so cute-- I love it. BTW: I saw something at Viking Village Variety Mall in Poulsbo that you will love. I've almost purchased it for you twice!

  10. I love your dustpan, it looks great!!!!! And your strawberry gift, that is beautiful!!!!! That bathroom is really coming along!!!It is going to be beautiful!!!

  11. That dust pan is sooooo cute.
    I love it

  12. JUST 2 MORE!!!!! 2 MORE!!! Can't wait!!!
    Oh and that dustpan is just amazing!!!!

  13. I like the floor you've picked out, Gina! I can't wait to see that bathroom all come together! Love that custom designed dust pan! What a nice gift!

    Fresh flowers are so homey and just add a certain atmosphere in a your daisies!

    Okay...For Bingo...I need one more word.....

    Have a great weekend, Gina!


  14. Gina,
    I just love that dust pan...too cute!! Glad you had a day to rest. I need one...we spend all day Saturday moving our youngest DD back home and I sure am tired!!

  15. Oh my goodness! What a pleasure to see my dustpan as your new header and also hanging in your charming prim bathroom!!!! As I told you earlier, I have never painted a cat in my life so I am glad that you approved...

    Many prim hugs,