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Sunday, August 8, 2010

SwAp GoOdiEs GiVeN BinGO & HaLLoWeeN Fun!...:)

Good Sunday morning to you!! Today I thought I would share with you some swap goodies that I made for 2 gals..The above one is for Nancy Huggins friend thats house burned and she wanted to give her she asked me if I would swap with her...I said sure!!!...who doesn't like to swap..;)She asked if I could add "lynn's coop" to I asked my good pal Cindy from Cynthia Lee's Designs if she could help me out..I don't have the technology to do this Cindy being the doll that she is did..:) she sent me to different fonts to choose from and away I went..;) I got some wonderful smelling soap and a cute little ditty bag that has a crow on it from Nancy...

These two photos are for a swap I did with Lynn of painting thyme needfuls..I asked her if she would do a swap with me as I love her painting ..and she I made her a towel..then it hit me..I could add Lynn's coop to her towel as a surprise...I used the different font on this one..I love how they turned out..;)Thank you again Cindy for your help in this..;)
Abby has found a new home at Lynns and currently sits on a rocking chair.;)

okay are you ready for your two bingo words.;


Below is from an email I got today from Factory Direct..I figured since we are all in the "fall" state of mind..this would be a cute idea to share..;)
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone..and thanks for stopping by..;)

Spider Pumpkin Tealight Candle Holder Using Pipe Cleaners

October 14, 2009 by fdcsjess
Filed under Fall Crafts

Here is a quick and simple way to make your own Halloween decorations! Create your own creepy crawly spider pumpkin tealight candle holders with pipe cleaners.
spider pumpkin candle holder Spider Pumpkin Tealight Candle Holder Using Pipe Cleaners
Materials Needed:
Mini Pumpkin
Tealight Candle (we recommend battery operated flameless tealight candles)
Weldbond Universal Glue
4 – Black Pipe Cleaners

To make this spider pumpkin tealight candle holder with pipe cleaner legs simply scoop out the middle of a mini pumpkin and then place a tealight candle in the hole. You may want to try the battery operated flameless tealight candles for a safer and longer lasting candle. Next, take four black pipe cleaners and cut them in half. Bend each black pipe cleaner and shape them to look like spider legs. Finally, take your Weldbond Universal glue and glue your black pipe cleanersto the upper part of the mini pumpkin. Now you’re ready to decorate!


  1. Love the super cute votive idea!
    Thanks for sharing that!


  2. Gina,
    Thanks for sharing! Love the spider pumpkin idea... I will have to use that for our adult Trick or Drink... Instead of trick or treat!! Halloween is not just for kids! LOL... Have a great day! OLM

  3. What a cute idea from FD, I am terrified of spiders so I won't be making them, but still cute;) Love all the swap goodies bein' swapped around and Abby is precious!!! Enjoy the day Gina:D

  4. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin idea. I like them when they are so simple I can do it!! That means really simple:)

  5. In the mood for fall is a understatement! lol Love the towel, it's awesome!

  6. Eeeek, I hate spiders! I did have
    both of the words for Bingo,
    though. :)

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Gina, Thanks for sharing the mini spiders...I don't like spiders but these are cute. I love the rooster tea towels that you make. Hope to order some from you soon....maybe I'll get Rich to order them for my birthday!

  8. thanks so much for visiting my blog and complimenting on my Headless Horseman. Good to see you again I'm still using my wonderful towels you made me. Can not wait to get more. Thanks again your blog looks great too!!

  9. Gina, I love your work!!! Your creations are awesome.

  10. your towels are always amazing!!! and LOVE the pumpkin tea lights, so will my mom I'll have to show these to her!

  11. Gina,
    The towels turned out great!! Glad to help you out.
    The pumpkin spiders are cute. Sure wished you lived by me...I would take you to Factory Craft Direct. It is about 40 minutes away from here and I go there about 3 to 4 times a year. You would love it!!
    Hope you have a great week.

  12. Hi Gina,

    The towels are so very neat, as always! You always have so much to share ;)

    Missed out on bingo :( Was gone on a shore vakay. We had a blast.

    Love your goodies as always. Have a great week.

  13. Love that tea light idea, Gina! Very cute!

    I'm in such a fall mood....I can't wait for cooler weather!

    I'm enjoying the Bingo! Keep calling me words! :)

    Have a great day, my friend!

  14. LOVE the pumpkin spider... so cute. =)