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Monday, August 9, 2010

BaThrOoM TeASerS, IteMs CoMinG iN ThE MaiL....and BinGo..;)

Good afternoon or evening for some of you!!! Here is a teaser of the bathroom from my craftroom..:) the curtains are done..and they are exactly as I wanted them..
went to home depot and purchased the beadboard for the walls in the bathroom..this is going to look so nice..:)
love the knotty pine..;)gives it a more prim rustic look that I love..;)
and here is 25 all painted..kind of like a white wash in a paint called "creamy white" not stark as I don't want a stark white..and its the color used on the ceiling in the bathroom...heres whats left..
heres whats left 11 to go and the trim and we are installing it..) this is going to be the icing on the cake and give this a real old fashioned the bathroom will fit in with the rest of the house..

I ordered this from a fellow OFGer (old farmhouse gathering) and I am in love..Martha just finished this up and will be mailing this week..this too is going in my bathroom...I think I died and went to heaven..her work is out of this world..I asked her if she could put a cat and crow on it as this the theme in the bathroom and if she could add my name to it as well..and look at the wonderful work she did..;)You have certainly made me so happy..I can't wait to get this...your work and talent are out of this world..;)
as I was sitting her typing this..I heard the ups gal drive up and wondered if my item above came today...and sure enough it did..this is from Denise's etsy site..she added a most wonderful smelling soap to put on this..and it is awesome..will be hanging it up shortly...What wonderful work from two talented ladies..;) I am so glad I decided to paint the bathroom now..;)lol..:)

Okay are you ready for more bingo words?

crisp mornings

well that is it for me..I am going to make curtains for the guest room..and finish curtains in our room..I am putting the "blackout" fabric on them as I love a nice dark room..;) and I need to change out the upper curtains as I am not digging them..need to figure out what I want to do...any way..take care and have a great rest of your day and I hope your week is off to a wonderful start..oh and welcome to my newest followers..I hope you enjoy your stay and please drop me a line to say hi..I always love getting comments and meeting new gals.;) and guys.:)


  1. I really like the picture on your blog. I have been going through some stuff I have and I found a doily with embroidered strawberries on it. It has your name written all over it (in my mind's eye anyway). I can please send it to you as a gift? You may want to soak it in tea as it is white. Just send me your address at my blog.

    Thanks and keep up the good work in the cute.

  2. Gina, Love it!!! can't wait to see more!!! It's so much fun to remodel when everything starts to fall into place! Have a great night! OLM

  3. I am loving that sneak peak and can't wait to see the new bathroom!!! I love that hanging soap/towel holder and I'm sure it will fit right in;)

  4. Gina,

    The bathroom will be fabulous once it's complete. I always love what Martha paints...I wanna paint like her when I grow up! LOL! She's also a very, very sweet lady. Can't wait to see the finished product.


  5. LOVE that dustbroom she made you... and you have got to have the cutest house ever!! you have got to show your bathroom as soon as it's done, LOVE it

  6. Your bathroom is gonna rock Gina !!! Heck you'll never wanna come out lol....That painting is just fantastic !!! And that soap holder wow wow wow ! I have one a lil similair but you cant hang a towel/wash cloth from it...Can't wait to see your bathroom all done ! The suspense is killin me lol

  7. Gina,
    I love the sneak peek of your bathroom what I'm seeing of the shower curtain!!
    Love the goodies that you got in the mail!! That soap/towel holder shelf is awesome and one of those sure would look great with my primitive farmhouse look.
    I can't wait to see the finished bathroom redo!!

  8. I like that soap holder. You are teasing! I could not get a very good look at that shower curtain. I can not wait to see it.

  9. Oh my whiskers! Your bathroom is going to be purrfect!!!!! "she" loves the new items and beadboard....oh YES! "She" is still waiting for the bathroom redo.....maybe one day now that Dad has his screened in porch.


    Romeo and "her"

  10. Lovin it all Gina.........especially the dust pan from Martha...she does gorgeous work........enjoy!

  11. Morning Gina! Wow you've been busy!! Love how your bathroom is turning out - the cat box looks adorable in there. I want to get back into decorative painting after seeing Martha's work - outstanding!! Lynne's soap shelf is so cute too. I spent the weekend embroidering a towel and was quite upset when I realized the iron on transfer I used didn't wash out!!lol Love the rooster towel so so pretty. Do you do your work by hand or do you have an embroidery machine? It looks sooo perfect!!! I hope to get some sewing done today so I'd better get off the computer even if it is only 6 am!lol Have a great day - Sincerely, Jeannette

  12. I love your bathroom, can't wait to see it finished and your curtain and shower curtain. And love your new prim goodies!!! You have good taste!!! I love how the dustpan was customized just for you!! Perfect!!!

  13. Your new treasures are wonderful. You along with so many other ladies are just so talented.

    I'm not sure if I can wait much longer to see this new bathroom makeover. I love beadboard and I know it is going to look fantastic in your bathroom. Gina would you mind working just a little bit faster so I can see it all done? Just kidding. I'll try and be patient.

  14. I am so honored to have the "cat and crow" dustpan be a part of this great redo! Your blog is fabulous!!!! Everything is too cute about your house. Can I come and live with you??? (the husband and the dog must be included in the deal --- LOL!!!!!