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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AnoTheR GliMpsE..

Hey there everyone..just one more glimpse of the bathroom..this is my little shelf hung up..I so love this piece.. I used Lynns candle (I put a flicker candle that I made in the box she gave me..and put this one here.;) the little soap bar is raspberry soap..

okay here are your two bingo words for today...

leaves changing color
corn stalks

well I have 11 more boards to be painted along with the trim so I best be getting the house tidyed up for the day and get my butt in gear..I wan to make curtains for the guest room and get the lining on the others...gotta mail off an etsy sale and then get ready for our ladies night out for church..we are making apple I have my apples in hand and my pint jar..;) I love homemade apple cider...and this will be fun as always getting together with the gals from church..I hope you all have a wonderful day today.;) todays weather only 63 degrees with a shower mixed in..we had a nice shower was a bit cold..had on a sweat jacket..bit cold today the weekend they are saying 81..hate the weather when its not will have to suck it up buttercup..;)lol.. is any one getting close to getting bingo yet?.;)


  1. You are being quite the lil' teaser, Gina! I LOVE the new soap holder and can't wait to see the whole room!!!!!

  2. Girl you are lucky, it was 97 degrees when I came in the house, from painting on the hutch on the patio, before 11:00!! I am loving
    what I see of your shower curtain!
    You big tease!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. The shelf looks cute there. I like it. Have a great day

  4. I still need 5 more words. Love the way your bathroom is turning out. It looks so warm. Our weather is similar to and cloudy one day....sunny and hot the next.....just wish it would be consistant. I'm in the sewing mood so off to the machine I go!!!!

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  6. It all looks good Gina, where did you find the cute little shelf?

  7. I wish I was getting close =p. Seems like a lot of words you picked I didn't. Oh well the joy of the game. Great job so far.....

  8. wait... im closer that I thought. WHHoooooo HOOOOOO

  9. Gina,

    You are such a tease! Hurry and paint those boards so the bathroom can be unveiled!

    I'll trade you temps...we are at 98 here in Maryland today...same is forecasted for tomorrow as well.

    Enjoy making the cider.


  10. Hi Gina !

    It is a tad hot here, especially for Pennsylvania !

    I have five more words to go !

    Love that lye soap shelf ! It looks nice where you have it displayed.


  11. I really like the shelf & it looks great where you hung it. I got a bar of lye soap today myself. I thought about you today when I bought it. The weather has been 100 or over her the past few days. The evening is hitting around 89 -90. I would like to send some your way to share it.

  12. Gina,
    Love that soap/towel holder!! Hope you get everything done today...cause we all can't wait to see the bathroom redo on finished!!
    Have fun tonight.

  13. Aunt Gina,
    Thank you for always commenting on my blog!! It's great to know people actually read it!
    Love, Staci

  14. Raspberry soap! I'd love to try that. That wee shelf is a nice touch.