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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FReSh FrUiT, AppLe SquEEziN, & BinGO...:)

Yesterday while out working in the yard..I was watering my strawberries and look at what I found...hurried and took the pictures and gobbled em right has been so much fun looking for these..we've had more this year as the plants have matured...what a nice treat..well yesterday I finished up the painting for the beadboard..have other trim to do today that is for other areas of our I cleaned the garage...boy howdy did it need clorax cleanups in hand and away I went..and then I swept it out....thought it would be a nice surprise for hubby since this is his domain..thought I would clean his area..then I headed for the shed as we have had a little visitor and he left a huge mess in the shed with sunflower seeds and grass I swept and organized the put a way so he can't get into it...(getting a mouse trap)..hate doing it..but don't want it other stuff being I can actually get in there and see whats in there...I did a bunch of touch up painting on floorboards from years of use etc..doing some more of it the baseboards painted in the more coat and they are done...painting out window seals today too..years of kitty use..the house is looking a wee bit sprucing it will freshen it I had the house swept, mopped, bed made, all in under 40 the day is mine...when I am done painting working on curtains for guest room..then starting some projects and swaps that I need to get done..

this is what I did last night..we had our ladies enrichment night and we made apple cider..this is our lovely hosts..Diane and Larry..they were kind enough to let us use their apple press so away we went throwing in apples..:)
all the gals..
waiting patiently for the cider to be done.;)
enjoying each others company.;) love getting together with the girls to socialize..Its my middle name..:)
Heather purposely closing her eyes..;)..she and I drove in together...and last night we went out for icecream at a new creamery with some other ladies..sat outside in front of the icecream place enjoying some icecream and much laughter..;)
we each got to bring home a pint of juice..;) yum..;)
This is an antique one that I got to hand crank back in september of we did a lot of apples..and we brought home gallons of it...the one we use last night was electric..much easier to use..:)

comfort food

Well I asked hubby this morning before he left for work when he would install my beadboard..and he said not till his day hopefully sunday he will start it...and hopefully monday I can give you all the big reveal...all depends on when he does it..either sunday or monday..;) so just a tad bit longer..:) don't blame him...after hard days work then to come home and pull out tools etc..I can wait..I just hope you all can too.;) I hope you all have a wonderful is gorgeous here..supposed to get to 72 degrees today..will be puuurrrfffeeecct..;)


  1. mmmmmmm cider!!!
    Nothin better! I moved from an Apple state, (NY) must have been nuts!

    in a BIG berry state now tho, I am not a big berry lover but my daughter is so, I guess it is worth it.

    P.S. I got your message about a swap, just let me know what and when!!!

    Big Hugs!

  2. Just keep talking about the cool weather there so that while it is still getting close to 100 here I can believe your cooler weather is on the way. I need the encouragement. I am so ready for FALL.
    You did more in one day than I do in 3! Must be age related:)

  3. I love reading your posts, so homey and happy!

    Kudos for making it to the camera before the berries got eaten. LOL!

  4. Your RS activities look so fun! I love that you have to "drive in."

  5. Wish we had your has been very hot here in the 90's with heat index of 108 degrees!!
    Cider making looked like alot of fun!!

  6. Your strawberries look wonderful and the apple cider sounds delicious! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun together! I hope you have a great Thursday!


  7. Boy, it looks like your girls had fun making cider! Yummy!!! And I am tired reading about all your cleaning, would you please come here and help me. He He And those strawberries are making my mouth water!!!

  8. Gina,

    Looks like fun was had by all making up the cider. Now I can't wait for fall to get here so I can get some and some fresh apples to make a pie.

    The berries look delicious. We have some growing too and have gotten some here and there.

    Tell hubby to not rush on the trim...we want him to do a good job for ya.

    Have a great day.