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Saturday, August 7, 2010

LoOk whaT CaMe In ThE MaiL for Me!!! & TweaKinG & BinGo....

Good Saturday morning!!! it is a bit overcast today and they are talking a bit of rain...which would be nice then it gives me the day off of watering..although I find watering the yard and garden dad used to do it as night..I think it was his quiet time to think etc..and we kids would be running around like crazy..but I do remember helping him water and visiting with him a bit..wish I could be doing that again with him..;) so when I water I feel like I am connecting with him in a way..;) okay I got these wonderful items above from friends..the painting came from my good pal Karen of the barely there primitive Bear..and the floral bonnet and apron came from another blog bud/gal named Lecia of farmhouse prims....the teastained one came from my friend Melissa at church..;).this is what it looked like above...then I got this "tweaking" streak in me and.....
here is the after photo...I added my prairie dollies to this area so it tied in the bonnets and looks so much better now..I think Karens kitty cat picture is going to go in my newly primmed (still working on it) bathroom..the colors are absolutely purrfect...

Oh boy look what came in the mail for me yesterday!!! I saw a van pull up and I knew I had my package from Lynn of Painting Thyme Needfuls..She and I did a swap..actually I asked her if she would like to do a swap and she agreed..and I am so thrilled she said yes..;) here is my package when I opened the box...
look at all the goodies she stuffed inside this box...all nicely packaged..i couldn't untie the ties fast enough to start putting it in the box..;)
the package of pumpkin scent is on my little shelf in my dining room above the bonnets and apron..:)there are dried little pumpkins, big (I know they aren't orange slices)..but can't think of their name..potpourri and star of anise..oh that anise smells good..and a wonderful prim candle from the hearthside collection..
she put in a cute card and a little story about all those that visit my home...the cat lives don't..If you don't want cat hair on your clothes..stay off the furniture..Of course the house smells like a cat..but at least the cat is self cleaning. which is more then I can say about SOME PEOPLE..I like him alot more then I like most people..To you he's a cat. to me he's an adopted child. Who is short, hairy, walks on all fours..I find the purring is quite soothing and calming. Beware if you are walking around at night..the cat might bolt out of nowhere and grab you around the ankles..he is just playing..Cats are better then kids..they eat less..they communicate better, I can usually understand what my cat is trying to tell me..for instance: Meow Meow means; I'm Hungry or I just hid a nice fat mouse under the sofa..and if you hear crunching later...thats my cat having a little late night snack..But most of the time the cat is napping and will ignore you..until you are asleep..then he'll be right in your face or wrapped around your neck..because you are in his bed..We welcome Guests, but you need to show respect...the cat lives here..You're the guest!!..that is such a funny cute story..I need to frame it and hang it up..;)
here is the front side of the box..don'tcha love the long necks on these kittehs?
here is that big old watermelon.;)
and here it is in my getting done bathroom..Lynn you outdid yourself..I love this little box and love those kittehs..thank you so much for agreeing to do this swap with me...This has added so much to my bathroom/ is looking more and more prim everyday...Thank you again..:>) I have 3 more items to put in there..two haven't arrived yet..and the cat painting I need to put in here..still making the curtains..and need to paint the trim..and put up beadboard and frame the until it is one is seeing it.;) just little teases for now.;)

I painted this frame out in black...I got this years ago for $3.00 at a garage sale...its on the wall above the sink.;)
here is the cabinet..lets hope the paint stays on..cause I had to do retouches yesterday...time will tell..might have to get the paint that everyone speaks can see Sunny wanting up on the sink..she needs a drink..;)

Here are your bingo words for today..sounds like you all have about the same amount of this could go on a while..;)
Caramel Apples
Jack O Lanterns

I think my neighbor and I are going to the farmers market today..will take my camera in hand to share what we see..have a wonderful weekend...:)


  1. Your bathroom is lookin' GREAT so far and I LOVE that box from Lynn,what an awesome artist she is and a wonderful gal to boot:) Love all your goodies and have a wonderful weekend, I'll be painting shutters......LOL!

  2. Wow, you got some wonderful goodies from your friends, love them all. I have to start painting our bedroom before fall gets it, always so much to do, but I love it. Thanks for sharing, gina.

  3. Gina I'm so glad the the box arrived and you love it...MEOW!!!!!!! It was really a FUN swap to do with you!!!!! I can't wait for our next one =)

  4. Love what you got from Lynn and
    all your tweaking! I got a neat
    chair today at a sale, and a huge
    basket that Chum has taken over

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Loved getting to see all the goodies you got in the mail. Makes me even more ready for fall. Bring on the pumpkins, I say.

  6. You certainly got some wonderful goodies in your swap, I love them!!!!

  7. Love all the goodies that you got!! I knew that kitty box was the same pattern that I painted for my friend here.
    We need to do another swap sometime.
    Your bathroom is looking good! I have fabric to make a new shower curtain for our hall bathroom...
    now I just need to find the time to sew it up.

  8. The design for that box is inspired. I need a kitty too. Shame hubby is allergic.

  9. love love love that box!! and the fall smells... ummm can't wait for fall. (although with all this rain and overcast-ness you would think it was spring!)