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Friday, August 6, 2010

Our DaY OuT ShoPPinG...;)

Good Morning Guys and Gals alike!!!..boy did we do some shopping yesterday...well not as much as I would have liked as they didn't have some of the things we were searching for..but we hit 11 stores yesterday from 11-5pm...I think we were both beat when we got home...and I stopped at the grocery store to get some make that 12 for got this sweet little table runner for $ will go out on the picnic table..
they were having a sale at the senior center in Sequim and I picked up this sweet large Santa for $3.00...He will go with my large Snowman..Can't wait to decorate the home for a good old fashioned christmas..
I got a new sprinkler..okay tried it out and it was a bit will let hubby try it and see if its just operator the old wood for .75 each...will stencil something on them..:)
these were on my them for .99-3.00 the hammer for our crab no more forks will be bent...
picked this I have a set..not sure if I will keep them or sell them after I transform them..:) this was a 1.99
ah I do love glassware..truly I do..picuked up the sugar jar for 1.99, the little strawberry bowls for .99 each, the strawberry jar for 2.99 and this awesome pyrex casserole container for 3.99..the little grater for .99
I traded out a blue one just like this for this the color of it..kind of olive like.;)
we hit a cute little stamp store on our very first stop and they had some cute consignment stamps for I got this funky one above..kind of halloween like to was 6.00
this was a steal..8.00 for a brand new set of stampin up ones.:) will make cute little tags..;)
we hit a quilt shop on our way back into town.about 20 minutes away..I got my water soluble now I can make some "fringe" embroidery and see how it comes out..I have 2 rooster designs I am trying out..
picked up some more chicken fabric.:)
2 pieces (fat quarters) the print..
this is one that we both splurged is 10.25 a alexander henry it..they also had the owl print...I gotta make a doll now.;)

an old the chippiness of it..;)
this was taken going is the first farm you see once you come into is part of the lavendar festival here that they have every july...

this ones my favorite...there is lavendar everywhere in sequim..I just wish mine looked that good..;) smells heavenly too.;)
okay we are back on our side of the pond now...litterally...and we stopped in at the quilt store and as we were leaving we noticed a little car we got our drinks in hand and then we did a drive by of all these fabulous awesome looking cars..oh I will take everyone of them..;)

love these trucks..either would look great parked in front of my house..;)
I love the red one the best..oh my..;)love the grill..

I pute out my strawberry dishes all washed up..the sugar jar not sure what to put in it..might be dog treats..I already have my tupperware sugar containers..this needs a rubber seal..above you can see the strawberry jar peeking out amongst the others..gotta get it filled up too.:)

okay are you ready for two more the are you all doing with the anyone close? I haven't looked..;)

Charlie Brown
Wood stove

well that is it for me..going to work on my shower curtain today and the other curtains..put the doors back on..
Oh I used a behr paint with primer built if this doesn't work..will be buying that expensive stuff in the prim world..will keep you posted..looks like we are going to get rain this weekend. 65 today is our high...okay have a wonderful weekend..will be back tomorrow with my bingo words...thanks for stopping by and saying hi...well most of you say hi anyway..I see alot of you stop by and don't leave a comment...Hey gals its a two way street here..(you know who you are)...I love hearing from you...


  1. you got cool stuff!!! sorry I missed you! and man I am so unlucky at bingo it stinks.

  2. I only have 5 words, I guess I stink at your bingo!
    Love your stuff, makes me want to go treasure hunting! It was 104 deg. here yesterday, but cooler today and rain, I was going to paint the hutch, since I got paint for it yesterday....Maybe tomorrow...You sure find rolling pins cheap! I am looking forward to seeing your shower curtain!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. 65 degrees, I was envying the lavender fields until I got to the weather and I'll take 65 degrees over lavender or good treasure finds. I am so ready for Fall.

  4. WOW ok Gina I told my son I was coming to see him and going to visit you. I want to come shopping with you!! you find some of the greatest deals. Love them all. What a fun day you had.

  5. Hey Gina,

    Love the lavender fields .. and the photos of the antique cars.. yep, I like the red truck , too !


  6. Great finds! Hubby would go nuts looking at those vintage cars. Love those photos of the old buildings and the barn and lavender field. So pretty.

  7. Gina, what great finds! I have to say those lavender fields are incredible! How neat to end up at a car show, love old cars, trucks and yes, barns!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. I love it when you go shopping and LOVE all the new fabrics;) You got some great stuff! I have started painting the shutters the deep burgundy red, I love the color and hope it will look good on the house:D Have a great weekend Gina!!!

  9. Gina,
    AWESOME goodies and it looks like you had fun with all those vintage cars!!!

    I love lavender and your post has rekindled my desire to look into planting some in my area/

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I only have 6 words so far! Love all the fabric and goodies that you found on your shopping trip. I too, love the old pickups! My first car was a 1952 Chevy coupe..sure wish I still had it today.

  11. What a fun day.I have a wooden scoop like that one and I might paint it after we get moved and I decide where to put it. I have a prim dipped candle in mine. Great finds you got

  12. You get the best deals! I really like the fabrice witht he roosters! Boo the mailman didn't come???????? I'm getting worried.

  13. Gina,
    Love the rooster fabric...I still need to get to the fabric stores round here to get myself some.
    I only have 4 words...I really stink at this bingo game!! LOL...
    Looks like your got some great goodies on your day out. A friend of mine is at the World's Longest Yard Sale on Rt 127 right now...I can wait to see what goodies she finds!
    I hope the paint works for your cabinet so that you don't have to redo it.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Oh my... those lavender fields are gorgeous!!! And I love the rooster fabric. I was at Hobby Lobby last night and thought of you and all your fabric when I was picking out some. I WILL learn to sew VERY soon. Even my girls were drooling over the fabric. I wanted to buy one of each... its addicting.LOL