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Thursday, August 5, 2010

680th PoSt

Good Morning...I can't believe this is my 680th post...I love this blogging thing and all the wonderful gals and one guy who stop by to say the many wonderful friendships I have made in the last 2-1/2 years..can't believe its been that long...I love the inspiration that I get from each of you..and the giveaways I have won have been many and whole house is being furnished with giveaways and swaps...and the occasional garage sale posted on line.:) I have listed this cute little snowman on my etsy last night..Etsy has gone pretty well since I started selling in March...
Okay I have a question for you all out there..I painted my cabinets after I scuffed them up..cause they are the paper type design on front...not sure if they need to cure or I need to put a sealer on them as they seem to scratch very easily and the paint comes if anyone can help me with this one I would really appreciate it..I have not put the doors back on yet..letting them really set up..but wonder down the road would a sealer help the paint stay on..or what to do..thanks for any info you can give me..I did put the rest of the bathroom back together and it looks nice and mellow in there right now..I am in the process of making a shower curtain and curtain for the window...gotta make a frame for the mirror and then it is hoping the curtains are done tomorrow..going to get the wood today so hubby can make the miters in it..then I will paint it black and install it..;0) nice that another project is finally done..then onto making curtains for the guest room and adding blackout fabric to the master bedroom..and finding time to do some crafting in between...:)

are you ready for your bingo words?


well that is it for me today..gotta get the house tidyed up..and get ready to go out with my bestest friend Kimmy..have a wonderful thursday.;)


  1. Hi Gina, I have heard great things about Caromal Color paint. YOu can paint it on anything and it won't chip. Here is the link.

    Maybe this might be what you need for your cabinets? I have never tried this paint but i have heard so many good things from the ladies over at APP forum. I was actually thinking of getting it myself to try it on my entertainment center. Hope this helps!


  2. Gina? you may need to start over I have done the particle paper type wood before and had to kilz it first so it would take the paint? maybe someone can give you a better idea?
    have fun with Kimmy today, love your snowman I have that pattern have not used it in so long!!

  3. Hi Gina, I sure am NO expert at paint as you know from following my daily house ordeal, LOL, but I tend to agree with Brenda's comment in that you may need a primer first. I just wonder if the paint is not staying well and you brush a sealer over top if it might take the paint off???? You could try a small area and test it:)

  4. Thanks Gina for the link to colonial runners. Waiting to see all your helpful info. on the sealer. I have a cabinet like that in my bathroom. Your snowman is wonderful.

  5. Oh no did I miss your latest Bingo game. Just my luck to be sick and not be blogging. lol
    Girlfriend I can not even begin to imagine that many post. 680 has to be a record.
    Love ya

  6. Gina, Congrats on over 680 posts! WOW!!
    I have only been blogging since January and I am really enjoying it too!
    How much fun to share with other gals that have a passion for prims! Have a great day! OLM

  7. Snif sniff... im no where near winning yet... =( LOL

  8. Gina,
    Love the snowman that you listed on Esty!! I made a list today of things that I want to start working on for my shows.

    My hubby is a wood-working and painted lots of furniture when we had our country I ask him about your cabinets. He said with what they are made of that you need a primer for sure and the Kilz would be a good one. Guess mine stuck to our cabinets because I used a paint with the primer in it...Behr paint from Home Depot.
    Hopes this helps. The Caromal Color paints sound interesting too.

    Wish me luck...the grandkids are spending two nights with me. This will be the first time Peyton has been away from home over-night. I'm going to be one tired grandma!!

  9. Wow!!! That is a lot of posts!!!! Congrats!!!! I am always glad to see what you are up too!!!! Making and decorating and showing and telling!!! Hee hee Well you are fairly busy!!! Love your critter friends too!!!! Thanks for all hugs

  10. WOW you really are a Posting=Princess. Hope you had a great day...can't wait to hear about it.. next time I'm giving you my phone number so you can call when you're in town!
    680-- you go girl

  11. I think I would go with the primer too in your case..I never primed mine but do sometimes put a sealer on so was easier to wipe off.
    680 posts..thats a lot...Love seeing what you are doing as you are doing it..I will need a lot of ideas when I get ready to do some decorating :)

  12. I know what you mean, Gina! I look around my home and there's stuff there from fellow bloggers and people I've met through my blog! I love that! And I love the inspiration I find too! Can't wait to see everything when you get finish!

    It's time for you to call another one of MY words! :)