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Saturday, July 24, 2010

TrEAsuREs FOunD, GiVeAwAy ReCeiVeD and SiLLy MiLLiE..oh and its PioNeEr DaY ToDay..;)

Hey there everyone!!! Good Saturday morning to you..;) yesterday my next door neighbor Brittany, her son Landon and I set out to look for dressers, and we headed to the first thrift store..The gal called me about this little laundry hamper that I had inquired about 1-1/2 months ago..(to which no one had bothered to call) when she called me on thursday to say they found a price on it..and I wanted it.;)
don't you just love the red..she had two..but I loved the now I can put this in the hamper and take outside and hang up my wet laundry..
I also found this at the thrift store..the first one we went too..gotta put one of my candles in it...set me back a whopping 2.00..:)

well when I got home and checked the mail I noticed a package in it for me!! recognized the name and new my sweet little Alice was inside..;) Michelle did a wonderful job on her..
here is the little button jar..looks great in here too..
she is just a wee little thing..and fits so nicely in my teacup in my amoire..she will get along well with my kittys that hang out here..;)last night hubby fixed dinner again..twice in one week...I could get used to this..but this time he didn't clean up his mess...left it for me..:( but it was a tasty dinner..tonight we are eating fresh crab as one of the liveaboards caught them and had to leave hubby is bringing them crab, corn on the cob and a salad.:)
2 photos of silly Millie making herself comfortable anywhere she puts herself.;) when cleaning and looking for fabric I found 2 more wool sweaters to use in my penny rugs..just gotta get them shrunk up..;) the one below seems to be her favorite spot as of late..:)

today is our pioneer celebration that I am going to today from my table cloths in hand, making a peach cobbler or quick and easy dessert..and cutting daisys and getting them jarred up to put on the tables and I am heading out..I found the below on google to tell you alittle bit about why we celebrate the 24th of july..;) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.;) thank you for stopping by.;)

Pioneer Day is a day recognized by the "Mormons" as the day they entered into Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. It was on that day, the President of the Church,Brigham Young, pronounced from a nearby mountain vista "This is the place" or "This is the right place" as was seen by Brigham Young in a vision previously. Along withBrigham Young were 143 men, 3 women, and 2 children that entered into the uninhabited Salt Lake Valley.

Salt Lake valley was described to them by the famous early explorer, Jim Bridger. Brigham Young was told that nothing would grow there because of the sour water and poor soil. Yet, in a vision, Brigham Young had seen the desert grow into a bountiful land.

The Latter-Day Saints (as the members of the Church were called) sought religious freedom. The church was formed on April 6, 1830 near Fayette, New York. By 1831, the members of the church moved from New York to Kirtland, Ohio (near Cleveland) and settled there until 1838. Meanwhile, a separate settlement of Mormons moved to western Missouri. In both locations, they faced fierce opposition and persecution concluding with an "extermination order" in Missouri--a law passed by Governor Lilburn Boggs basically stating that it was legal to shoot a Mormon on site. Under fire, the Mormons quickly retreated to Quincy, Illinois where they were taken in and cared for by local citizens. As a congregation, they moved and aggregated 50 miles north to a Mississippi River swampland and named it Nauvoo, Illinois. From 1839 to 1846, the Mormons prospered even to the point where Nauvoo rivalled Chicago in size. The founder and Prophet of the Mormon movement was murdered on June 27, 1844 amidst fierce opposition once again. As the town prospered, local residents feared the political power of the quickly growing religion and under these threats, invoked mob order over the Latter-Day Saints. The Illinois governor, Tom Ford, did nothing to stop it.

On Feb. 4, 1846, they crossed the frozen Mississippi river from their beautiful city of Nauvoo never to return again leaving behind most of their worldly possessions. The Utah territory was outside of the United States, owned by Mexico. The Mormons felt that leaving the country was going to be the only way they would be able to practice their religion unfettered from persecution. They followed the Oregon Trail (on the opposite side of the Platte River) from Nauvoo to Council Bluffs and finally to Utah.

There in Utah, they began the pioneer settlement of more than 400 communities in the intermountain west, western Canada, and northern Mexico. Before the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869, more than 80,000 Mormon refugees immigrated to Utah in search of religious and political freedom. Six thousand lost their lives during the 1,300 mile trek and were buried in shallow graves along the way in Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah.

On July 24, this pioneer heritage is celebrated with huge parades and festivals in Salt Lake City, Provo, and other notable Mormon cities. Congregations of Latter-Day Saints all around the world also commemorate this day with pioneer reenactments and parties.


  1. LOL, your kitties sure have the life Gina;) I LOVE that laundry basket, very vintage and cute, enjoy the day!!!!

  2. Nice little hamper. Love the pictures of Millie. Hugs

  3. Happy Pioneer Day!

    I'm sure the Pioneer Day festivities in WA are WILD!! Ha ha!

  4. Your Millie is sweet. I enjoyed reading your information about the pioneer celebration. It sounds like a fun day today. I really like that red hamper.

  5. Love the hamper! Great color! Great goodies.. have a great day! OLM

  6. Gina,
    Silly Millie is just too cute!! I love the vintage laundry basket that you got...very cute!! Hope you have a good Pioneer's Day.

  7. We celebrated the day by pulling a float in the Ogden Pioneer Day parade - it involved a lot of 'hurry up and wait', but ended up being a lot of fun.

  8. Just had to come by before I turn in tonight to let you know how much your friendship means to me.
    Your such a giving and lovely person and I can not thank you enough for being my friend and leaving me such sweet encouraging words.
    I am truly blessed by having you in my life.
    Thank you for sharing your story about Pioneer Day...I was over at Julies and she was of course celebrating too

  9. I love your cat! We should all be that relaxed.

    Happy Weekend!

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  11. The history on pioneer day was very interesting.