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Friday, July 23, 2010

Just PosTed ON EtSy..;)

I just finished up this wonderful chicken toile towel and have it listed on my etsy site if any one is interested...going shopping with my next door neighbor today..looking for fabric for curtains and dressers...gotta pick up some table cloths for our pioneer day celebration that is happening tomorrow..then cutting up daisys from next door to put in jars for th centerpieces..very simple...have a wonderful weekend..will be taking camera in hand to take photos today and tomorrow..:D


  1. Oh that is adorable, great job!


  2. That is so cute. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have three Maine Coon Cats. Dasher (Dazzling Dasher), Snowball (Shimmering Snowball), and Jessie Rose. Dasher and Snowball are half-brothers, same father, different mothers. Jessie Rose is her own cat. They are so much fun. Each has his/her own personality. Jessie Rose is the baby.

  3. What a gorgeous apron!!! Have fun this weekend... can't wait to see pics.

  4. Beautiful!!!! Another wonderful creation!!!!

    Have a purrfect weekend!

    Romeo and "her"