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Thursday, July 22, 2010

New/OLd ThinGS LiSTed On EtSy...

Hey there everyone I just listed all of these items on my etsy yesterday and today..:)

isn't this little stinker too cute...Little Landon posed graciously for me when his mommy modeled my "Milk shack Covers"

look at those little baby toes;)

Thanks Brittany for being kind enough to pose for me.:)
Well today started of cold and rainy..certainly didn't feel like summer..but I didn't have to water..which is okay in my book..and we can always use the watering;) turning out to be a nice day..kittys are in their kennel getting their usual show..going to make some cute pillows and flour sack pillows to finish..some are fall/halloween related..forgot about them.:) have a great rest of your day..and thanks for stopping by.;)


  1. Love little baby toes...makes me just want to kiss them.


  2. Love your creations and those covers work very well:) Love the baby toes!!!

  3. Hi Gina! I'm about to get off the computer and start my CS issue!lol Love the little feet!! The shack covers really give nice coverage!! So much easier to get an idea of how useful they are on your cute model! I wish I had your energy to create today!!lol and I really wish we were getting rain - my poor plants - it's supposed to hit 100 today!Yuck! Enjoy your weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette