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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PiCTuRe PuurrFFFeeCCCttt Day:>)

Hey there everyone..I hope your wednesday is going swimmingly..:) I thought I would share some photos of the flowers and veggies..My Basil loves this little hot house..been pulling off huge leaves..these are the best plants of basil we have grown since we left italy in 2001..;)
love my confetti of colors and that is what these plants are called as well..;)love sitting on my chairs and staring at the glorious colors.:)

this is my little pumpkin plant..just now getting flowers..but it is so late in the season..I'm afraid they will be pumpkins the size of kiwis when they are done.;) well there is always next year.;)
the nasturims are doing well the orange color..
here are my sunflowers..still no buds..but they are getting taller.;)
I love these bright marigolds and the little lobella blue flowers..surprisingly enough the slugs haven't eaten the marigolds..;)

one ecchinacea..but more in bloom..
love all the color on the back deck.;) this photo does not do them justice..I love watering them and looking at the colors..the nasturisms that are blooming in these are a light peachy salmon color and oh are they pretty.;)
2 more strawberrys..after I took the photo..I gobbled em right up.;)
these little johnny jumps ups..thrive better in the patio then in the pots..they just seeded themselves we left them..;)
more of them...
Romeo's mom..this is the kitty I told you about...she loves a good snuggle with the mama.;) sunny E Bunny...;)
Stan the man...he is the ladies man you know.;)
he's just a big squishy kitty..and has the sweetest high pitched meow...found him as a wee one in italy..climbing out of some thorny right by a busy road..;) God was with me and him that day.;)
The Tucker, the Tucker rooney... tuckarama..;)lol..ring any bells..;)
he loves a good belly rub.:)
Pody lynn enjoying some tasty catnip and that nice warm deck..2 favs of our kittehs.;)

she's covered in it..but she is one happy child.;)
Silly Millie touches noses with her boyfriend should here her squack at him..she likes to play hard to get you know.;)
Okay now for the sweets..;) I made banana bread this morning...taking some to the next door neighbor and one loaf will go to work with hubby tomorrow.;)
made these little cream cheese filled chocolate yummies last it from Dee's blog last night..she posted the recipe and I just happened to have the took some to my next door neighbor and some went to work...
and well some popped right into my mouth...weird how that happens..:)
well I am going to post some things on etsy and maybe try to get something sewed...have a wonderful rest of your day.;)


  1. Uuuuuuhhhhhh, you can drop by here with the chocolate cream cheese yummies, sweetpea! I promise I'll be good... LOL Those look scrumptious though.

    Yard, back porch, EVERYTHING looks beautiful, chick...


  2. thanks Connie...I'll be right there to give you one of these yummy for your tummy things.:)

  3. Loved this is gorgeous at your place with all the different colors and those sweet fur babes.

    Your baked goods look yummy!!!


  4. I loved getting to visit your back yard. I didn't know you could grow sunflowers in a pot....maybe i can do that...I'm not into digging holes:)

    The baked goods look heavenly. Is there a house for sale in your neighborhood??

  5. You live in paradise, Gina! I'd love to be you! Gorgeous fur babies, I love to hear your stories on them! Those yummies you showed look positivelly scrumptious! Get in my belly! LOL

  6. All your baked goods look so mouth watering. I love your beautiful flowers. Give all your cute furry friends a pat on the head from me. Ollies kittens are growing. I did a post on Colonial Homestead Creations to enter the giveaway. I seen you are now a follower of my selling blog. Thanks! Please dont miss out on entering. Take care.

  7. Love your backyard with all the beautiful plants and flowers...even cute furbabies tucked in here and there!!!! I agree with you about how those little morsels of delight that you bake ends up in your little tummy! Happens here at our house too!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I love your post. What beautiful flowers and your cats and your dog. I have an overwhelming desire to eat chocolate now. Those cakes look yummy. I also love banana bread. I need to get busy baking. Everything is gorgeous. I have cats too. Yours are adorable.

  9. Everything looks great!!! Love all the colors! Yummy bake goods! It's to hot here to even think of turning on the oven. Poor thing hasn't been used in weeks! OLM

  10. Hi Gina, My goodness you have a lot of things to water! I think that you have me beat! It's an addiction I think! :) I love gardening! I just plain love everything about summer!

    Those lil' chocolate cream filled cakes look yummy!

    I checked out your craft room in the post below and boy, is that every a craft room! Looks like you have lots of fun things in there! I'm still interested in that thing that you have that makes those cute lil' tags! I forget what you called it!

    Take care and eat one of those lil' chocolate cakes for me!

  11. Thanks for sharing your JOY with us.

  12. It sure was a picture perfect day...loved your post!! What could be more perfect than your pretty gardens, your furry kids, and some yummies for your tummy!!

  13. Romeo's Mom looks so much like our cat, Goliath. He's no longer with us, but I was reminded of him when I saw that cat all stretched out on the patio like that. Oh how I miss gardening and I get to get a piece of it when I visit your blog

  14. WOW!! Everything looks fantastic!!
    If I lived closer, I'd be over to devour those baked goodies. Yum!!
    All your furbabies are precious, but Stan is a quite the handsome devil! ♥

  15. Just beautiful! Wish I had your green thumb.

  16. I just love nasturtiums! They are one of my favs. And did you know, you can eat the entire plant? The flowers are beautiful on desserts and the leaves, in a salad! :) They are peppery!

    Love your cats Gina! :)