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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CLeAn aNd TiDy, BeeR ChIcKen, FiReCraCkEr KiD StRiKeS aGaIn.;)

Hey there everyone!! sorry for the late post...been kind of taking it easy today..vegged on the couch and caught up on some recorded programing..but not till I mopped and cleaned the house and cleaned the toilets..;) it was needing it...So yesterday I decided to reorganize my craft room..and when you see the photos you will know why..It had gotten out of hand and has never looked this bad..and it was driving me bonkers.;) so here are the before photos..stuff above just piled on top...
just plain cluttered..

another spot that needed some tidying up..
the craft closet..was in serious need of some help..I couldn't get in there hardly anymore..this is ridiculous!!! Please say you agree.;)
those are all my doll patterns..can you say 1 too many..:)
that is an old trunk with stuff piled on it..I gotta go through it I suppose...maybe tomorrow...maybe not....
storage shelves in the closet...just busting at the seams..
the top of that shelf..looks like I just toss it all up there...and sometimes I do..;)
the big bin that I am going to be piling stuff into that I no longer want..but first I had to organize what was in it..get rid of boxes etc..
this was the start of getting rid of stuff..if any one sees anything they like..let me know..haven't decided about the sleds..might still use em..but they don't need to be here..alot of polor fleece, leather/pleather, a serger is in here.. plastic eggs
misc. fabric and more fabric...will post some on ebay or etsy..or not and just wait till next year..but as you can tell it is can't get any more in it if you the fun part is hauling it downstairs and then up a flight of stairs to the garage.;) just hope Hubby will help..otherwise it is to be in here forever..;)
okay the after can actually see the fabric on the top shelf now..go figure....
I didn't go through the bins..but I straightened up some and organized...I can tell the that is all that matters right?
the craft closet..might find an empty bin to put the baskets in till I need them..cause they certainly don't need to be in here...note to self.;)
nice tidy shelves..that bag is going to my friend has baby yarn in it..she loves to knit and she can make some baby booties etc.;)
Well hubby had been threatening me that he was going to fix me dinner..he hasn't done this in months...long he went and got a chicken at the store and made me beer can chicken on the grill..
doesn't this look yummy...about 90 minutes on the grill on med/low..and the breast meat was so tender and was soooo tasty..if you all haven't tried this you must..I am going out to by 4 more he can make me dinner once a week..this is his gig from now on..;)
ready to be sliced up...
he took the photos cause he knew I would blog this..:) he made a mean salad too...;)
are your mouthes watering yet..this was dinner last night..tasty!!!! thats his plate..:) yumm yumm jelly fum..:) tonights dinner is Steak and asparagus and baked tater....we are eatin good in the neighborhood.:)lol..
Yesterday the firecracker kid striked yet again..:) I ordered this little candle holder for my peg rack and she was nice enough to give me the candle holder with candle as a little extra..:)
I think this is complete now..what do you all think...come christmas it will have 2 huge stockings hanging on the quilt..and maybe some other christmasy type items..but I love how it looks..I took off the prairie hat and put that little basket at the end of the crane..and Iike it soo much better now.;)
well that is it for me folks..I hope you all had a wonderful day..tomorrow I am going to be so many things I want to catch up on..and of course some crafting for my etsy site too... have a wonderful rest of your evening...and have a great wednesday..;) thank you all for stopping by and saying hi..I love you all and love this thing we called blogging..I have met so many wonderful people out there and enjoy every minute of it.;)


  1. Craft *ROOM*??? LOL, Gina it looks like you got a whole craft STORE there, HAHA!!!!! It does look very neat and organized now though, love it! That chicken & salad looks wonderful too, that must be similar to Paula Deen's "beer in the rear" chicken??

  2. LOVE your craft room... its filled to the brim with all sorts of amazing stuff. SOOOO awesome!!! Your blog is such a breath of fresh air. Love clicking on to see hat you post.

  3. Gina,
    My sewing room is messy right now also...want to come help me tidy it up?
    Love the gathering about your tv...looks perfect!!
    I hope to do some crafting tomorrow too...haven't made anything in a long time. Need to start thinking about my Fall show.
    Now I just need to think about what I want to make.

  4. You sure have been one busy lady. Send me some of your energy please. Looks like you have a nice size window to look out when creating. Oh what is your view? Just love the blanket crane. Seeing yours makes me want one. Your meal looks yummy. Have a great Wednesday sewing.

  5. I shouldn't be checking your post this late.....made me too hungry! I've had chicken fixed that way and words cannot describe how good and moist it is. What a good guy to cook it for you!! And what a REAL gal you are to show us your closet and admit with the rest of us that we have too much stuff, we get overwhelmed by it and some days we just have to veg out:)

  6. Gina, wow you sure do have a lot of stuff! Your post inspires me to clean up my messy room too. That chicken your hubby cooked looked so yummy!


  7. Oh don't ya just love it when the hubbies cook for us? I do, and mine is a darn good cook too. That beer can chicken looked yummy.
    I think your sconce looks good, and goes with your curtains and quilt.

  8. It's so nice that you can sew in front of that big window! The chicken sounds delicious. How fun to have a man cook for you. Congrats on your craft room. It's hard to be creative when things are not organized the way you like. I saw something on craigslist the other day that would work so well for your fabrics. It was a floor to ceiling cubby shelving unit, solid black. Your pictures made me think of it.

  9. My whiskers, you've been some kind of busy!!!! And I missed the call for beer chicken?!?! To heck with the tunafish, I want some of that CHICKEN!!!! Of course with the show work AND organizing the craft room AND deserved that chicken and it's four relatives! You've made me tired just reading about your day!!!!

    Maybe tomorrow you could like NOT do so much?!?! You iz making me look bad MOL Sleep, eat, nap in the sun...I mean my gosh my days are just packed as it is ;)

    Maybe I should try and catch a mouse or something....

  10. Good going Gina! We all have to dig out from under our fabric, patterns, and crafts sometimes. You did a good job there. And yes, what's most important is that YOU can find what you need and your room looks good to you. You don't have to please anyone else. I like all those shelves with baskets in which to keep supplies. That's a great idea.

  11. Gina,
    your craft room before pics looks like mine, lol, but I do know where everything is. You do have lots of stuff. What a delicious dinner Mike made for you, once a week sounds about right, lol.
    have fun sewing, I'm crafting today, too.
    hugs to ya sista

  12. Love what Carmen C. said! Yes, it certainly looks like you have a craft store in there! Maybe you can get on one of those reality shows where they make over a room!

  13. Wow, your craft room is huge!!

    I love the idea of doing the chicken like that! I really need to try it! It looks really good! And who wants to have the oven going so long to make a roasted chicken now?


  14. Okay Gina, when did you sneak down here to Southwestern Oregon and take photos of my "Craft Room"????????? Yep, it looks just like your's but the difference is you get things accomplished and I throw up my hands and walk out of the room. I know, I know I need to start cleaning and organizing it soon so I can craft.....I've got thousands of photos to scrapbook after 3 weddings, trip to the coast, 2 trips to Wildlife Safari and trip to Sisters 35th Outdoor Quilt show. Geez....I'm tired just thinking about all the scrapbooking I need to do and soon!

  15. Ha! Been there done that with the craft closet. I LOVE surrounding myself with stuff. It makes me more creative or so I say. LOL.

    Great candle holder. I just LOVE it. I still need to paint mine.