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Monday, July 19, 2010

The LaSt DaY of The ShOw..& moRe BaSKetS..

Good Monday afternoon!! Well I made it through another show was lots of fun and I look forward to going back next year...hopefully with more vintage antique type items as it seems thats what folks are after..I did sell some of my handmade items..but only a few..folks at this thing want vintage...period..or to look vintage..and the dolls aren't for everyone..will still take them..cause every year is different..sunday was a waste for me..only made $8..and spent 5..;) so will only do the 2 days next year..unless I have some really neat things and they don't sell the first day..the place I went to is called "The Christmas House" and they now have a blog..I hope they stay with you will see all the wonderful items they have and see why I love this place sooooo much..:) Carolee was kind enough to give me these old berry baskets..they came with the 100 year old house they live in..:) I changed out my berry basket in my kitchen for one of these and now my salt dough strawberrys are sitting in one of these vintage beauties.:)
6 lovely baskets..
I stopped by that garage sale was across the street and she put out more had to check it out..some of these baskets that I got will be great gift baskets this christmas and some are staying with me..and I will use them to put stuff in.;)I only paid $5.00 for my stuff yesterday as she gave me alot of the items.:)
for all you basket people out there that know your baskets..I was told by the gal that gave..yes gave it to me..that this is one old basket..Carolee of the christmas house said that her grandmother had one just like this one is mine.;) would love to know how much it is is in great if anyone knows what it is called or what it is worth..I would love to know.
she also gave me this basket..she used to use it as a purse..I love the work that went into it..I also got a fishing creel...but gave it to she was looking at it the day before..;)
I got 2 more stamps and 3 fire king plates..I have the whole collection of these and use them all the time..;)
Carolee gave me this cute little basket..will use it with one of my dolls..;)
and you can see where the purse basket is right now..I am still waiting on something from firecracker kid to this will all change yet again..
Well I have taken BEFORE photos of my craft room..cause it is a total disaster...have a big going to go through my craft room and what I am not going in it for next years sale..taking photos of everything in the I can document it and have it incase I need something out of it..I can see it in my photos and go and get it..going to price everything..(hopefully) so it is done for next year..but I can't breathe in this room and need to reorgnize for new stuff..but really so I can find the stuff that is already in here..will be sure to take after photos too..becoming a craft;) some may go on my blog for sale when I am done taking photos..if anyone see's something they must have..just let me know..
I am also taking the year off from the christmas show I do every year..I just need a break and want to give my etsy shoppe a go and maybe do the show next year..I have alot of projects that I have put off for a couple of years I need to get on those..and I want to paint my bathroom..and my foot that either has severe tendonitis(?) is hurting from too much gotta take it easy..and time to make another appt with the doctor to get this addressed once and for all..this has been hurting for 1-1/2 years now..and the shows aren't even need to figure out why I am in so much pain..can't put weight on it for too long..and going down hill or down stairs..hurts..well I am off to organize..or I will just veg and take a nap..and I don't want to take a nap..this room is bugging me way too much..have a great week ahead..will be back tomorrow or wednesday to post again..hopefully a clean and tidy room:)

This just in..I forgot to mention..I just lowered the prices in my Etsy if you find something let me know..
Also a wonderful gal named Lisa she is a member of our Old farmhouse gathering team on etsy..she "bloglighted" my blog today...she certainly made my day.:)


  1. Wow Gina..You did good and I know what you mean about just wanting the pain to go away so you can get on with life (and crafting) I love baskets also and Billy brought me home a ton of them about a year ago that they were getting rid of and I don't want to part with them I will use some to display some of my soap and other small things in if I can ever find a craft show. I am blogging about another sale I am having so hop on over when you get a chance. I am selling all my totes and you might need another one for when you hit some more of the sales you have been going to.

  2. I had the same thing going on with my foot and doctor and a friend told me about leaning up against the wall standing on my tiptoes and stretching my arch and foot. Took about 5 days but foot went back to normal. Good luck. Enjoyed seeing all those baskets. The one the lady told you was old is from the 50's or 50's.....the braided handle was very popular then. It is so pretty!

  3. I'm gonna have to start calling you the "basket queen", LOL!!!!! Love them all and have fun in the craft room, can't wait to see;)

  4. Love all the baskets. Sorry about the foot pain, that can be awful. Hope you find a solution for the pain soon. Hugs

  5. Gina,
    Love all the baskets that you got!! A girl can never have too many!!
    I've had the same problem with my feet off and on. Doing shows and being on my feet for long periods of time makes mine act up too. And I also have bad knees to go with those bad feet. The doctor says that I need to slow down and have a more leisure that isn't what a crafter wants to hear!!
    Take care and I'll be chatting at you soon about your box.

  6. Oh Gina! You and I are soul sisters, in that you are wanting to get things straightened out, cleaned out, and organized once and for all! Also, I keep putting off projects, too. And the basket thing? Oh, I love baskets! My dad is always going to auctions and surprised me last year with a box of them from an old estate. He was worried I'd be upset because they were dirty, Ha!
    Mary Jo