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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 2 of The ShoW and I WoN anoTheR GiVeaWAy..:)

Hello there and good evening... Day 2 started off soooo slowly..we didn't have any one show up till almost 11:30am and we were there at 8 am...but we visited and there was a garage sale across the street so we walked over and I found some wonderful baskets...and this gal was giving away some wonderful deals..;)
This basket is huge..I love it....
This was the deal of the day...I got a longaberger basket for are you ready..:) hold onto your seats..$5.00...not kidding you..and I believe it is retired too.;)
I got this black kitty for $2.50..
the stamps were free and the graters were a $ all the above baskets plus two more shown below all were $24.00...:) the longaberger alone right now on ebay is going for 64.00 or buy now for 80..might put it in my area for tomorrow to see it anyone snatches it up..not out anything.:)
I got these wonderful bamboo plates as a trade for a baby bib...going to paint them up and put my labels on them..
I got these 5 chair pads for free.;)
I also picked up these wonderful little flour sack bags..I got 2 green and 3 of the yellow..:)
here is where I put one of them..
here is where I put the yellow.;)
Okay the big basket is on the chaise with my blankets and 2 pillows.:)
I did a swap with my good pal Kimberly of my brown bag studio for a quilt and she sent me my quilt along with these cute little coasters..I love all the "fall" colors..she knows me so well.;)
Here is the beautiful quilt..I couldn't wait to open it here it is.:) you can see the colors really well..
Here is the before....
and now the just warmed up the place with these fall colors..I love Kimberly thank you so much for agreeing to do a are awesome..:)she does beautiful work and you must check out her etsy store.:) you won't be disapointed..:)
here are the other 2 baskets I got today..I didn't realize how dirty the big one was..
cleaned up nicely..I love the shape of it..
and here is where I put it for the time being..till we start burning wood again..
and this is where I put kitty..she is looking out the window..I love it...cause my kittys do it..:)
and look what I won today over at Michelle's bears!!! I couldn't believe it..this is Alice and she is soo cute..she will probably go on my bed..I got on my computer to check my emails after getting home from the show and there was an email telling me I had won...what a wonderful end to my day..I can't wait to get her..and I have met a wonderful new friend..stop by and say hi to Michelle and see the wonderful work she won't be disappointed and today is her anniversary too..:)

Well I didn't do as well as yesterday..but every bit not complaining..I just gotta quit spending....have a wonderful rest of your evening..and thank you for stopping by and saying hi..I love hearing from you..;)have a great sunday..:)


  1. I'm so incredibly happy that you like her so much! Tomorrow I'll put a little bit of something more on my blog about you and your sweetness!
    Thanks and get some rest after such a busy weekend so far!

  2. Oh My Gosh Sweetie...
    You hit the jackpot today. I would say that Lady Luck was smiling upon you. I love the baskets, and I would have bought the exact ones. They are just beautiful.

    Your kitty is SO cute. I can't wait to see what she looks like with your real kitties sitting beside her. If she had a little cat nip in her, they would really love her.

    What a win from Michelle. I love it. Precious win for sure.

    Have a great Sunday and I hope you get a little rest. Wining is exhausting you know. I love it.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. Gina,
    Congrats on winning the giveaway...the bear is so adorable!! You got a deal on that basket for $5.00!!!
    Be chatting at ya soon.

  4. Congrats on your win!! Lucky girl! I'm sure you ae exhausted with the show......they really can be! Love all your goodies! I hope to get the finishing touches on our swap in the next few days! WHY won't time stand still.............LOL!

  5. What a wonderful two days filled with lots of goodies! You really mopped up on your finds today. I have GOT to go to this next year!! Congrats on your giveaway win! You really have a horseshoe, don't you? LOL! ~~Annie

  6. Those are some great baskets and that kitty looks so real in the window:) Love the pic of your wood stove with the basket on;)

  7. Ahh, Gina I love the way you are dressing up your woodcrafts and those little lights are so cute.
    I want your baskets! Those are awesome. I love baskets you know:) You sure did make out gal. Good for you. I saw that you won Michelle's giveaway! I'm gonna work on gettin' one of her handmades for sure. You'd better hop over to my blog and get yourself entered in my giveaway:)

  8. You have been one lucky blogger winning all these giveaways. Sure glad you share your happiness and showing how you have displayed them. Gives us ideas and an excuse to go and get some new goodies for ourselves. Those baskets are great. I love the kitty. Shows are fun. Take care & get some rest.

  9. Wow..What a Great Weekend you had..I am going to be hunting for some sales when I get moved..I will be thrilled if I do half as good as you..Will be thrilled when I have enough for the U Haul and am on my way to new home.
    Don't forget to check out my blog often for my sales..I already have one planned for next week that is a real steal :)
    Be sure and put some of your luck in with my towel when you mail it :)

  10. Love the baskets especially the old big dirty one! LOL! I did clean up very well. Oh and you lucky girl to win a giveaway. I hope the show went well.


  11. Oh my gosh!!! I love everything that you got!!! I especially love that black cat! I want one!!! hehe


  12. Holy smokes! You made out like a bandit!! I love everythin' especially those watermelon pads!!

  13. What a score! AND a win... hopefully your show was just as winning. What was the name of the show and what town was THAT in, although I wasn't going anywhere because of that lavender festival here. (sad face)

  14. Well you're sure flying high these days!
    So glad you like it... and it looks great on your crane!
    Huge hugs, Girlfriend
    xox, Kimberly

  15. Hello Gina wow I love all your sale finds my favorite of the baskets is the one on the wood stove. And congrats on winning the bear she is so sweet....I have not done a summer show in years and like you I spend when I do LOL...well my hubby is the worst
    about that!! Your displays look great and the colors in the quilt are wonderful.

  16. Among your many gifts, you have one for finding great stuff.
    enjoyed the post.

  17. All is can say is WOW (with much envy)!!! Fantastic finds.