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Friday, July 16, 2010

FiRst Day AT thE ShOW...

Hey there everyone a quick update from our first day..had a lot of fun...long day though..started at 8 am for the early birds regular time was 10 am ..another long one tomorrow too..Here is my set up that my partner in crime Kimmy and I did..above is my pillows and room sprays..
an eclectic mix if my stuff and garage sale stuff..
my milk shack covers and more of a mix of things..
see the 3 green jars in the background...we found those while living in Italy..the little one that has the plastic we purchased full of the best olive oil from nuns you have ever tasted..sold all 3 for $75...sweet!!!

sold my midnight ride of Santa on his Crow to a wonderful gal named Marylou..that went for $125.00...totally made my day.;) the day was overcast and cloudy and we froze our butts off till 3:30pm..then the sun came out...not kidding you we had the gal that runs the show get 3 of us some jackets...we warmed ourselves in front of their stove...supposed to be the same for tomorrow..we shall see..but will take a jacket..;)
I asked this cute little pregnant gal to model my nursing covers for me..doesn't she look cute?

this is some of other things for sale..I was becoming a pretty good customer.;)
cute little oven..this was the green area.:)
Carolees garden..I love it!!!
the red area..the little round area was the ice cream area..see the cardboard icecream container on the left..on the pedestal? the filled it with batting and topped it with cherries.. too funny..see those plaid water coolers? I am soooo wanting one of them and put fresh cut flowers in them..holding off..will wait till the last day..
more of Carolees (the owner) stuff.I want one of those pews..but need a covered back porch..someday I hope..
love all the red stuff and love that cabinet..
Sue and Slyvia's these ladies..;)
This is Colleen...(pronounce Calleen)..what a goof ball..I love this gal she is the one who used to own my picnic table...she made our food for us for the was chicken enchiladas..oh boy were they good and hot..warmed us right up..
she had quilts on to keep warm..and I just had to get another shot..she was taking money for Carolee..;)
I picked up some herb markers for a $1 each..
I have had this brown box for a year now and on wednesday finally painted it..
here is the after photo..I love how it turned out..
these 3 plates were a light brown stain..and here they are painted and stained and then an old label put on them..the above one the flash just kept getting it too is a mustard yellow..
this one was green washed on it...
and this one has a red wash over the black..
I picked this up for $6.95 for my little sister..she is doing americana in her living room..
I love this plate and got it for $8.00..
and you can see where I put it..I also got the little ditty bag from Nancy Nuggins along with some great smelling soap in a swap I am doing with is hanging on the has a crow on it..:)

I picked up this chicken thing for my best friend will look so good in her kitchen..
I got this big enamalware will see below what I did with it.
I got this from a gal that hung hers on the wall and used it to hang notes with magnets...haven't decided if I will do the same..
got some free mohair from Carolee..;)
she and Kimmy gave me these graters to use for my towels..;) gotta love free and these gals.:)
here is my pan and dust pan too..:)
also picked up these chicken waterers too..they are in the front yard..
Amy these are for 3 sunflower sticks..Carolee made these and I had to have them..she sold out of these and has orders for more..I love what they add to the garden...Well ladies it was a great day..but 6 am is coming early....take care and have a wonderful weekend.;) talk to you all again soon.:)


  1. Oh what a grand looking show Gina,
    wish I could come but stuck doing all the other stuff this week.:(
    I am sure you will do well.
    Have a great weekend and show.

  2. I wish they had shows like this in the UK. I hope you get lots of sales and have a wonderful time. xxx

  3. What a awesome show!!!! Wish we had some like that down by me. Everything looked great. Hope you sold everything and made tons of money =)

  4. I sure wish i was there, I see alot of goodies I would LOVE to buy!!! Congrats on the sales and have a great time today, love those sunflowers in the garden too;)

  5. Love all the goodies....I would have loved to attend the show...of course my wallet would be a lot lighter. Hope you have lots of sales today!

  6. I took me through my whole cup of coffee to read your blog today! ha ha I loved the house tour. Are you sure you don't live in an antique/gift shop? The art/antique show looks grand!! Right up my alley! Good luck today. Try to sell more than you buy~ha ha

  7. Hey Gina~
    The show looks wonderful! Where was it? I must have missed that, but it looked like so much fun!! Yes, the weather has sure been nippy lately, but hopefully the sun will peak throught today!! Congrats on your great sales! Hope it continues today!!

  8. I see my labels are being put to use. I sell a ton when I make up items with them. People go wild over my vintage labels. I think the Halloween ones sell the fastest. Don't be affraid to give credit to the designer. It's only proper to do so.

  9. Wow Gina..I wish I could find a show like that. They had one near where I lived in N IL but had a long waiting list to get in it.
    Just wanted to let you know that you made a typo on my last name for the ditty bag..It is Nancy Huggins (not Nuggins)
    Check out my sale in my blog when you get time..Still striving on enough sales to pay for the U Haul plus trying to help save pets through P A W S.
    Will be watching for a post about your sale soon. Hope you sell a ton more than you buy...but if it something you wanted or needed anyhow then it is O K :)

  10. All I can say, like Kinderfalls Primitives, I wish I was there! You never see anything like that over here. There are "country" shows and markets, but most of the goods for sale, while being good quality, are nothing like you have and are usually so over-priced, I don't know how anyone makes a living from it.

    Hope you have a great sales day!

  11. Wow, Gina!!! Such incredible stuff! I wish I could attend a show like that! Not much for those kind up here!
    I am a huge fan of anything red and white and I love, love, love, adore, adore, adore Beautiful Chrissy dolls and the ones you have right in one of your photos are both sitting in my cabinet along with many other cousins, sisters and friends of Chrissy!
    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing it all!

  12. Gina,
    Your booth set-up looks great!! I'm so happy for you that you sold your Santa with the crow and your green jars. Sure wish that I didn't live on the other side of the US from you...I would of love to come. Love your sign that says "Give Thanks for simple blessings" Hope you have a good weekend.

  13. ow look at the fun you are having! I have 2 of those red and white pans! I think they were my grandmothers! Now I know what to do with them....lots of goodies at your sale.....looks like so much fun!

  14. Wow - what a great show that must have been!!! Loved viewing all of the wonderful wares for sale - Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!!!

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful show!!

    I especially loved the Green bottles from Italy - I am sure that customer is very, very happy with them!!

    So glad your display rack is working for you!! :)

    Have a wonderful summer!! :) . . . liz