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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LaDieS EnRiChMenT NiTe..

Last night the ladies from our church got together at another gals house to do some flower arranging...Oh boy what a beautiful house and garden!!! 25 acres to be exact...they have horses, sheep, chickens, geese, a kitty and a puppy...Here is Diane giving the opening introduction to what we had to look forward too.;)
here is Lucky the puppy who wanted anyone to throw the frisbee or ball for her..she would drop it right between your legs..she wouldn't hand it to you...but she loved to get that ball..and I was glad to oblige..:) you can see the pretty arrangements Sharon (the owner) had done for us..she takes one every sunday to church...
This little gal wouldn't smile to save her life..but I just loved her little "pebbles" hair do...just enough hair to get in a pony tail on the very top of her head..She is the one I made the baby bib for a while back..still fits her.;)
Okay here is Sharon explaining how to arrange flowers and what some of the flowers were that she was putting in..
this arrangement was from flowers found on the side of the road..pretty isn't it?
This one came from her yard..;) she has quite the cutting will see more below.;)

We walked around and some picked flowers so that they could make an arrangement after we were done touring the grounds.. and this is what Vickie came up with..we were her cheering section telling her where there was a dead spot etc...

Turned out glorious don'tcha think? Vickie seems pretty pleased with herself..this was just from walking around cutting flowers..Might have to try my hand at this..:) it seemed pretty easy too...she did give some great when you are using the floral foam and it is all wet and in the pot..once you put in a flower in the foam..don't pull it back out or you just get "air" and the cut flower won't get any water therefore not last..
the new pond is under construction...still beautiful though.;)
this house was built in the 30's and they have since added onto it..but you would never know has lead glass windows...;)
you can see the geese over yonder across the pond..

the front of the house...
the barn...:)
guest cottages..I could live there..I think their were 2 or 3 not sure..
the back side of the house..this might be the addition..
another guest house..didn't get to tour those because there are folks living in them..awww that hammock looks inviting..:)
more cutting gardens..
the pasture.;)
the veggie garden with that wonderful barn in the back...:)
another view of the garden...
their beautiful horses..the one on the left is a quarter horse and is about a year old the other is an arabian..she wouldn't come to us..

this one on the other hand wanted some attention..I promised him a carrot..and I did not deliver..I hope he forgave me.:)
I asked for a tour..but only took one photo..loved the joins another one around the corner..but it wasn't finished the lead glass windows..
okay this little cutie came out to greet us once all the noise died down..this little cutie and she was sooooo lovable..her name is Maverick...oh I wanted to steal her and tak her home with me...she had the fluffiest tail I have ever seen...she is an oldie from what I was told..she loves to help in the garden ..if you are bent over she will hop up on your back....
here she is standing behind a bird house and that little bird was trying to get in..but couldn't for fear of getting the swipe of a kitty paw..
Okay before all of this fun began..I had to run to get my machine that had been serviced..thankfully it was nothing serious..I came home and tried it out..looked like a brand new was awesome...ran so butta!! I then stopped by Joanns to get some supplies for my nursing aprons...which by the way..I have chosen a name..they are to be called "Milk Shack Covers" for nursing mothers..;) Thanks to Michelles husband for coming up with some wonderful titles..;) I picked up some halloween fabric..I tell you I love halloween fabric...and the purple is for the little gal that always takes wonderful care of me when I go through her line..I am making her a nursing cover as she is due the 19th of August..her last day was yesterday and I just happened to see her and got to go through her line...I love that gal..she gave me 50% off everything I I saved $54.04 on my total purchase..I will miss her..:)
more D-rings for the nursing aprons and purses that I make..gotta finish up 5 today for the show..;)
gingham scissors, black paint so I can paint my wood items..more gingham ribbon, and the boning material for the aprons..

Yesterday when I came home from shopping..I wanted to see if my machine was truly fixed and I was able to do the satin stitch around the collar line of the towel above..turned out perfect..;) this will be on my etsy site shortly..:)
This is silly Millie sitting on my lap about 30 minutes ago..she loves her lap time..
all snug as a little bug in a little rug..;)
peek-a-boo...she loves to hold your hand as you can tell..she is a cuddle bug..Well if any of you are out my way come friday- sunday I will be at "the Christmas House" from 8-4 friday and saturday..if you are there at 8-10 am this is for the early birds and there is a fee of $5.00 that goes to help our fishline food for the needy..sunday is 10-4 regular hours...Kimmy is going to go with me to help me unload and set up tomorrow..I am so glad for her help and input..and I love hanging with my bestest bud in crime...:) we have another beautiful day instore..I hope yours is too..thanks for hanging with me on this wonderful visit today...Take care.;) I will be sure to take photos of our set up and everyone elses of our weekend..might not be posting till after the show on sunday or monday..:) have a great wednesday everyone.:)


  1. Gina.....are those snowman pants you are wearing?? LOL!!! What a lovely house and grounds and I LOVE the horses! Have fun!!!

  2. Good luck at your show. Wish I could attend. What a beautiful house an cutting garden... amazing house but I loved Silly Millie the best. She is so precious holding your hand. I can't wait ill hubby gives us the ok to get a kitty of our own...

  3. WHAT a fun time you guys had!!! and love all your fabric ... Milk Schack, yep gotta love nursing!(bleh-never did that)

  4. Sharon's pond is where my son baptized my father in 2004. Remind me to show you the pictures. btw: where was YOUR floral arrangement Ms Creativity??

  5. Beautiful house and gardens. Some day I will have gardens that look like that. Good luck at you show this weekend.

  6. Wow!! What a gorgeous place they have!! Those arrangements are fabulous too!!
    What a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday!! ♥

  7. What a beautiful home place! I wouold love love love to have that barn! Not to mention the guest houses! :-)
    I do love your halloween fabric! BUT I am NOT in any kind of hurry for it to come! LOL
    Enjuoy your day

  8. What a dreamy place you visited. It was amazing! Silly Millie is the prettiest little thing! I want to see some flower arrangements now!

  9. That house is fabulous with it's side houses and I adore the Queen Anne's Lace in the wild flowers. I saw it all along the road side when we just took a road trip.

    Millie is adorable, I have two cats but short hair. Love them more everyday, they are rescues!

    Thank for your tour, I saw you on Nancy's blog.

    Smiles, Cyndi

  10. Have a great time at the show. I just loved this perfect place. To live amongest all that beauty would be wonderful. This brings back memories of my Gram who cut flowers and arranged for Sunday services. She gathered from the garden the fields and the roadside. Gods weeds were her best creations. The pond captures my heart. Blessings to you & yours!

  11. ...seeing that lovely home makes me really miss my home on the acreage we used to have :( Life goes on!

  12. Gina,
    Hope you have a great show!! Can't wait to see some pics of it. Silly Millie is soooo....adorable!! Been searching for a box big enough to put all your garage sale goodies into.

  13. Beautiful flower and property pictures Gina. Sounds like you had a glorious day. Can't wait to see the towel apron on your Etsy site. I may just have to have it.

  14. What a fun event that must have been (ladies enrichment) and what an amazing house.
    Always enjoy your posts. there's tons of info.

  15. What a lovely evening you had! Wish our ward would plan something like that! Thanks for sharind all the pictures - that was a lot of work to load them all!

  16. You're gonna laugh at me Gina. I was reading this post yesterday and fell right to sleep. Not that your post was boring now. LOL. Anyway I did finish it today and did enjoy it:)
    p.s. yes, I did get some sleep... all day!