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Monday, July 12, 2010

MoNDaY's FuNNies..

a redneck hanging basket...I happen to love it..:)
proof that men haven't evolved that much.;)

still my favorite..don'tch just love that face.;)

personally I thought the original was MUCH better..;)

Okay I need to get a vote as to which name for my nursing covers you like..I got some wonderful ones from Jeanette and I need your opinion..I want it to be catchy and classy baby boutiqueish...(is that a word)...cause I just made it up..
Knocker Blocker nursing apron
Milk shack Nursing apron
or Mommy moo nursing apron...

Thanks for your input..I really appreciate it..I've also updated my etsy with some neat embroidered pillows for the holidays..check my sidebar...we are off to take Silly Millie for a vet recheck and hope we are getting a clean bill of health..then I am heading to get some more supplys for the aprons I am lots to do this week..have a show at the end and they are going to be looonnnnggg days..looks like rain today...really cloudy and overcast..thats okay...nice to have a break from the heat..have a great monday everyone:)


  1. LOL thanks for the funnies!! I needed that! I like the Mommy Moo name the best. My girlfriend had one like that and she used it ALL the time at parks and at restaurants. Came in very handy. I bottle/formula feed all my babies but if I nursed I would buy one in every print so I could match and change wit my outfit. LOL. I hope your new business venture becomes VERY successful. You are a talented seamstress!! (is that the right word??)

  2. Love the funnies, especially Dumb and Dumber!
    I vote for Mommy moo nursing apron....although the first one made me really giggle!

  3. LOL Thanks, I really needed a laugh today!

    Have a great night.


  4. Are you some kind of busy or what??!?! I enjoyed this post furry much!!! MOL

    I hope you have good weather and a great turnout for your upcoming show!!!


    Romeo and "her"

  5. LMAO! I just can't stop laughing over that face that dog is making! That is too funny! But is it wrong of me to actually want to hang a bra in my garden with some flowers in it? I
    think that is a great idea. LOL. Thanks for sharing those pics!


  6. Oh my these were funny and so is Lisalulu suggestion for a name.
    how funny.
    I have to think about it..since I have nothing but time to but to
    Thanks for all the uplifting comments I really appreciate you

  7. I'm two days after the fact, but thanks for the guffaws! So what plants are best suited to lingerie planters?