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Sunday, July 11, 2010

BuSy SeWiNg DaY..NeEd YouR OpiNiOnS..

Good Sunday morning everyone!! well it seems much cooler this morning..kind of overcast..but that is okay in my book..we are supposed to be 77 degrees today and tomorrow cooler at 65 with a shower or two...we can always use the rain..well yesterday was a great sewing day..This photo above is a BEFORE... I made a sleeve for the rolling pin...
Here is the AFTER photo...I was inspired by Firecracker kid..and I had that wonderful rolling pin to work I dug through my fabric stash and found the piece I wanted to use..
I printed up my tags onto my fabric sheets got 4 on a sheet..going to make more of these and put them on my etsy..but gotta search for some more rolling pins...I stitched this onto the fabric and then handstitched in on the back in kind of an X fashion..I love how it turned out and now my little rack is complete...I ordered one more item from Carol last is going on my peg board where my blanket crane is a primitive wooden sconce...:) and I am doing a swap with Kimberly of My brown bag studio and a new quilt will go up there in place of the other quilt I have...will post those when I get them and show you the finished product..I can't wait...I love how my home is becoming just the way I love it..its finally come into its own with the help of some wonderfully talented folks out there..wouldn't have been possible had I not started blogging..I can't believe where my blogging journey has taken me..but I have met some truly wonderful guys and gals and look so forward to hearing and chatting with you..I feel like I have met you in person..and really hope to someday...:) blogging has opened up so many opportunities, etc and the giveaways are so much fun...where else could you do this..well maybe facebook..but I love this blogging thing...stay tuned..cause I am doing another giveaway by the end of the month...:)
Okay now for the rest of the program...I am making "nursing Covers" for nursing moms and have 3 completed and 2 more almost you can see in the top photo..they "bow" out at the top so you can see baby while you are nursing..but you are completely covered so you aren't "exposing yourself" to the world..and baby doesn't feel smothered..:)

below are the fabrics I am using so far..but I have about 5 more I want to make using different fabrics.;)

I am trying to come up with a catchy name for are some I have come up if you can think of any I haven't thought of please let me know..
Milk bar Covers
Nipple Awning
Hooter hiders Apron
headlight cover
peek-a-boo cover
meal time apron or cover
hooter tent
nursing cover

Yesterday I took a photo of my strawberries that are ripening...I of course at one of them..tasty...Well I can smell breakfast I am off to eat and then get ready for church...Hubby is going to the shooting range with 2 of his buddys...Take care and have a wonderful sunday..And thank you for stopping by and always making my day by leaving a comment..:) I love you all!!! :D


  1. Your aprons are a neat idea!
    I thought of "Baby's Nursing Tent"...Have a great day!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. LOL, Hooter hiders is my fav., I will have to think on it! I just signed up for facebook myself after a friend of mine had nagged me about it long enough, LOL!!! I agree about blogging, you meet some very nice folks and get awesome ideas:)

  3. Love your rolling pin cover, Gina !

    For what it is worth and my two cents.. :o)

    the choice for a name for your cover ups...

    peek a boo covers ... is sweet and the most tasteful ..pardon the pun..


  4. I knew your rolling pin sleeve would look awesome! I love it:) and the fabric does add that little extra to top it all off. Good deal Lucille:)
    Nipple whaaa? Well, to play it safe in being found in searches, I would definitely include the words nursery or infant in the title. Breast feeding bib, breast bib? Good luck:)

  5. Hi Gina! Love the rolling pin cover - adorable! Thank you for providing Mommies with these needed/useful item!!!lol Now how about "Mommy-Mooo Bib"!lol I think it will be remembered?lol You come up with the most clever items!!! Have fun sewing - Sincerely, Jeannette

  6. Hey!!! I just replied to your comment on my blog but couldn't resist leaving a comment right here on your blog!! I love the nursing covers and I would have to say that my favorite of your catchy names was Hooter Hider BUT my hubby has come up with a few more for you..."Baby/Boobie Bistro", "Milk Den", "Peek-a-boob Cover", "Nipple Niche"...may I say that he's on a roll!!!..."Milk Can Corral" and the "Milkshake Shack"!!! I had to stop him!
    Great idea and good luck to you!!! I loved reading your beautiful and your home is lovely!

  7. One more from my husband Darren!!! "Knocker Blocker"...sorry but he needed you to know!!! Too funny!

  8. Gina,
    Love the rolling pin cover...I've done some, but did machine embroidery instead of printed fabric. Taking mine to my big craft show in the Fall.
    The nursing bib is a great idea, but I can't think of any other names for them.