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Sunday, July 25, 2010

PiOneEr DAy WaS A BLaST...

Hello there everyone!...hope your sunday is a glorious one..just got home from church and need to fill in the blanks on yesterdays pioneers day we had..I will tell you I had so much fun..great being with members from our church eating, laughing and enjoying each others company..:)above is the horse drawn cart just waiting to take folks for a ride.;)
tents set up with the tables set and waiting for the food to be cooked..hamburgers and hotdogs..

this is Kaitlyn sporting a very cute little red white and blue ensamble and cracking a grin for her mama..;) she has that little pebbles hairdo that I just the background staying cool is Kristin was nice talking about storys from our ancestors and what they went through.;)
love this set up..a little makeshift table with a cut out for a big oval enamelware pan to fit that was the drink station...
love how they outfitted this big carriage wagon for the folds out I think..they hire out for treking and such and take the wagons and tents and the horses for folks that want to do this.;) amazing..
another view of the wagon.;)
ahhh but the horses had my attention..I just fell in love with these percheron weighed a ton and the other was at about 1900lbs..that is huge..but very gentle..
I kept petting this one..and I love that fuzzy chin..;)

they had the kids table set up so they could make little chuck wagons..Recipe at the end..these turned out so stinking cute..
here is what you need..
and here is the frosting;)

they had other horses for the kids to ride and they were having a ball..
leaving the train station..and I am not on it...
okay now I am on the wagon with a bunch of goofy gals..we had so much fun..she was doing the pagent wave..wrist, wrist, elbow elbow, wipe a tear and blow a kiss..(I think thats how it goes) I caught Sarah in mid kiss..;)
This is Nova and Sarah striking a to know these fun ladies a bit yesterday as we got to go for the long ride and it felt so good as it was hot the upper 70's..oh I know some of you are like you are a wussie..and you would be right..when it hits 75 and up we get cranky..and it was the wagon ride was nice and cool and just what we gals needed.;)
that would be Betty Fagan and yours truly..self portrait..she is my good pal..I love her..
the ponies backsides..:) do you think those harness's make their butts look big?
a view of the water...

some interesting houses along the way..

If you look closely we are heading to Point No Point lighthouse...we love walking along this beach..amazing at the cars that would drive by and wave and take our photos.:)we went all the way to the light house and then turned back was such a glorious peaceful ride..okay the scenery was peaceful..but when you get a group of wasn't quiet..we were laughing and giggling the whole time..:)
some ones nasturims the color and this photo doesn't show it.;)
this is little Hap fast asleep on Senior Hap..just zonked right out..
isn't that precious?...we had a great time..I did go around for 2 more times on the carriage..I was selfish and didn't want to get off..I was like a kid in the candy store..I loved this..we had such a great we are planning on a christmas event with hooking up the sleigh and bells on the horses and having a nice bon fire..and then going caroling..I can't wait to plan this one..

last night hubby brought home 7 pounds of crab..he cleaned them and brought home the fresh crab..hate to say it..but they are more work then pleasure..we had he made crab cakes..they are in the fridge all ready to be cooked..along with corn on the cob and potato/macaroni salad left overs.;) should be easy and tasty..and keeps the house cool..he is cooking them on the grill.;) well that is it for me..going to go outside and sit and enjoy the weather...have a great rest of your sunday..;)
Recipe for the chuckwagon cookies..
you will need 2 marshmellows, a flat cookie like the the vienna fingers shown above, icing (to use as glue) round candies or life savers with holes..tootsie rolls that you cut a piece off off and flaten it with your fingers to create the holes at the ends of the marshmellows..pretzel sticks for the wagon wheels, animal crackers for the animals pulling the you use a little bit of the icing/glue and glue the 2 marshmellows together..glue them to the vienna cookie and take the pretzel sticks 2 and put 2 lifesavers on the ends and glue/icing to the bottom..and flatten out 2 pieces of tootsie roll to put on each end of the marshmellow so it looks like an opening..;) does these on a paper plate so the kids can take them home and eat them;)


  1. Oh now Gina, that looks like my kind of outing! I'd love to go to something like that! And I saved the instructions for the chuck wagons! That is an adorable idea and I'm sure we'll make that in our homeschool one day! I'll surprise the kids!

    Love your self portrait!

    Have a fantastic week! :)


  2. That looks like a wonderful time and my fav. part would have been the horses too, LOVE the big boys:) I need to move to where you live if 75 is HOT, LOL, it has been in the 90's here most of last week, it finally cooled down some today to 78 which was such a relief:D

  3. What a great time you had!!! we had nothing, and got a new Bishop today.. so guess that was something!

  4. AND I had to go on a ward camp out in the dry desert of Oregon where even the Indians gave back the land, sweets! I told Jack NEVER AGAIN! I don't like these people; why should I camp with them?! We were the ONLY senior couple there and the next youngest person was at least 20 years younger and down from there!

  5. Gina,
    Looks like you all had a great time!! I would of loved the ride out to the light-house and fun!!
    I hope you get your box tomorrow...even though she said it could be Mon. or Tues.

  6. What a great way to celebrate and the weather looked perfect! Glad you had fun . I wish we had warm weather like you, here its been dangerously HOT (triple digits) and humid... ALOT!! But I can't deal with snow, so I guess thats an even trade-off in the winter?? Mild weather?? LOL.
    Have a great day!!

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love to go on carriage or wagon rides. When we visit Lake Tahoe we love to ride the carriage down to the lake and around the casino area. Cute idea for the kiddies!

  8. Man!! What a blast you had!!! Ooooh, I want to make a chuckwagon too!! That is adorable!
    So nice to see families gather and spend quality time together. ♥
    I have those same chin hairs. :> )