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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GarAge SaLe GOoDiEs ArriVed In the MaiL..and DoInG sOme TweAkiNg..>:)

Hey there Everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...our weekends are Sundays and Mondays as those are hubbys days Yesterday we took Millie in for her 3rd ear check..and she is healed so that is nice to hear both for Millies sake and our check books sake..:) so we did a little running around and came home and worked in the back yard..and it was a hot day...but we were working in the shade so that helped..we had a huge pile of limbs from the photenia bushes we took out 2 years ago..(I can't believe it has been that long) we finally cut it up to use for firewood and we still have another pile to either get rid of or burn..then to finally finish that back once and for all...well when we got home yesterday my huge package from Cindy of Cynthia Lee Designs had a huge garage sale and she took some photos to show us what she had and well I couldn't prim garage sale I have ever been too..;) and as you can see from the photo above it was a big box..and I had my little Silly Millie getting ready to help..;)
the box was crammed full and when I had taken this I had already been digging in it..felt like July..;) and it was soooo much fun..
spring plate
winter plate...
fall the pumpkins and the crows..
the summer plate..
neat little square plate..
three little plaques..
a lighted birdhouse..;) not sure if I am keeping it or giving it to my little sister for her americana room..:)
these are for my little sister..:) I gave her 2 little america saltbox house pictures and these will go nicely with it..:)
this little saltbox house had a little bit of roof damage...
so I took my trusty e-6000 and a clamp and a touch of paint and it looks good as new..also for my little sister..this also to get a light for it.;)
these were little added extras from the little jars...the plates were an extra too..:) the little pineapple had some damage..but nothing that a little paint couldn't fix..looks good as new.;)
this little teapot got a broken handle in the travel here..the post office isn't too careful and I am sure they just tossed this sucker around..again some e-6000 and it has character now.;) love the sheep.:)
I remember this make do makeover Cindy did with had a heart cutout and she replaced it with a rusty star..much better.;)
love this faux fruit..
love the crows...
love this big black wooden star with this picture in it..
a great weeping willow tree with it!!!
a cute primitive sign..
two little heart shaped ceramic candle holders..these were extras too..and will go to my little sister.:)okay below are the reveal photos..I had so much fun tweaking..and I love this look so much rid of some of my cat stuff..*GASP*..I know what you are thinking..but it needed to go and you will see that it is much better...more prim indeed..
I put up the candle sconce..will probably grunge up the candle..there was a doll here, then a hat and now this..looks good with the window..
this is how the stairwell used to was okay....

I put these up in the upstairs hallway next to the linen closet..
here is the after photo!!!!! don'tcha just love it..looks like it belonged there the whole time..

when I went to bed last night as I was coming up the stairs I started thinking how I was going to change this with some of the things I already had I couldn't wait to set this can see the pineapple and the crow pillow in the window..

it all ties together so nicely..
I put the lighted bird house here for the time being.can't wait to see it tonight for some ambieant lighting..:)
I put the primitives sign here and the little teapot on the shelf..

this was the laundry room when I got the new enamel ware just wasn't sitting well with me..
so I hung the pan on the wall with the other one..
much better..:)
this had all my cat stuff on it before and it just never went well there now that I have this ensamble..I love how the sun hit as I took the the sun when it hits around noon..feels like it..;)This is also the stairwell, where all the other items are too.

I got this the other day at the TS and wasn't sure where to put it....
here it is on the kitchen table...Well I had a blast tweaking all of this today...I hope you enjoyed the feels alot like fall..just a nice breezy beautiful summer day...the birds are chirping waiting for their mama to feed them..laundry is hanging on the line to dry...washing the bed linens and the girls are out in the kennel watching the world go by..:) I am off to finish up some chores and enjoy the rest of the day.:) thanks for stopping by.;)


  1. I don't know how I missed her
    sale, but you got some awesome
    stuff!!! You know I said I got
    you something awhile back, well,
    I can't find it! You will get
    it one of these days! I love all
    you got and where you put it!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Glad Millie is all healed up. She looks great helping you out. :) All the things you got look so nice. Great buys. Hugs

  3. I always love coming to visit when you are re-arranging! I spent the day house painting....same as yesterday:( We got the whole front done, just 3 more sides to go;)

  4. Gina,
    I love Silly Millie laying on the box that I sent you...too cute!! Sorry that a few things got broken. The postal service must of been really rough with that box...I thought that I had packed it pretty well.
    The big star and the little signs look great hanging in your stairway! And the crow grouping looks awesome too! Love where the primitive sign is also...I ended up keeping the antique sign that went with primitive one.
    I just love where you put all looks better in your house then it did in mine! Now I need you to come help me decorate!!

  5. Love to see how others decorate and was fun seeing what all you did. I like the first plate and really think that Crow pulling the cart was cute. Like I said before..Can't wait to get moved so I can decorate and share pictures of what all I do..I think the surrey I have in my blog and guy is supposed to show up tomorrow with CASH and I will be keeping my fingers crossed until the cash is in my hand. Then I will have to blog again and maybe have another special. If or I should say WHEN the surrey sells I will only need another $250.00 for the U Haul to move. I will be having another yard sale also so there is still hope :)

  6. I love all your tweaking! My favorites are the prim fruits and the little crow pulling the wagon. Your "crow" shelf is adorable! You sure do have fun displaying and tweaking all your prim treasures. And I love reading about it on your blog. Have a wonderful day!