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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KiTTeH, HoMe, GiFt In The MaiL and A BiNgO GiVeAWaY...

Hey there everyone..hope your wednesday is going swell!!! I was going through my pictures so I could post on here and came across a sleeping Pody Lynn..look at that precious face..Okay she is the token kitty photo today
I found a photo of what my stairwell used to look like above is the before..
and this is the can see why I love it so much now..I took some photos yesterday at noon and the sun is setting a certain way in the sky now..and it fills so much like fall some days...and I love the way the house looks at these certain times of the you all experience this..or is it just goofy old me..;)
our garden didn't do well as we had a wet spring...still gotta harvest the taters and still no tomatoes..lots of flowers for months now and we have had 2 so far..;) huge disappointment..but what can you do..we do have a killer crop of basil this

a "tuckered" puppy..;) it was a beautiful day yesterday..nice with a light breeze and not too hot..just right..same way I got out early and burned weeds, rounded up weeds and pulled weeds..I am set for a bit a tidy yard...

I took this cause through the dining room window you can see the daisys and day lilies blooming.:)
Well look what my postal girl left me in my mailbox..I got a surprise from a wonderful blogger named Romeo (he's a cat you know)..but his mama Deborah helps him write it..I love reading about what he is up to..and look at the cute packaging..I think that is Romeo on the front.;)
a nicely wrapped little treasure just for me..;)
look at this cute card..does it say Cat Nap Inn or;)
I got this cute little book of the 7 wonderful cats as Romeo knows I have have 7 wonderful cats and just knew this book had to come and live with me..I read it and it is just too cute and the kitties names are Tommy..all of them..and the all look alot like my this was such a sweet treat to get in the mail..Thank you Romeo for thinking of me and my have made my day..Be sure to tell your Mama to give you a great big love for me..:)

okay who is ready for another round of Bingo and a giveaway? I have been wanting to do one for quite some time and just wasn't sure what I wanted to as I was going through my craft boxes I saw some puurrffeecct items to giveaway...
so here are the rules of the game..
I will give you a list of different Fall words and you pick out then email me your 15 words so I know that you aren't cheating..I will post 2 words everyday till someone gets bingo..the first one with Bingo gets the prize...easy peasy lemon squeezy..:) must be a follower or become a follower of my blog..PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS ON YOUR BLOG...I will give you till friday to email me your words and on Saturday let the games begin..;)
This is for US and Canada only..:) sorry shippings too expensive these days.;)

here is what you will win..2 fabric pumpkins (let me know if you want them scented) a bottle of cream and sugar linen spray..a bag of yummy smelling potpourri, and a paper mache pumpkin that I painted and the little crow that goes on top..(basket and fabric not included)..
so if you are wanting to play then get your words into me before midnight friday.:)
here is the list of Bingo words
hot cider
crisp mornings
wood stove
crunchy leaves
first frost
hay rides
trick or treat
bobbing for apples
black cats
caramel apples
pumpkin pie
leaves changing color
comfort food
bon fires
corn stalks
raking leaves
telling ghost stories
candy corn
jack o lanterns
great pumpkin
charlie brown

okay that ought to do email is
in the subject line put in Bingo
you do not need to have a blog to play..just make sure I can contact you should you win..;)
Good luck and Here's to Autumn.;)

p.s. I've listed more items on my etsy site..see the side bar..;)


  1. Love that pic of Pody Lynn, how precious:) The stairwell looks awesome and OF COURSE I want to play! Love the list, and LOVE fall, will get my words to you;)

  2. I love the change you made in your stairwell. It is so inviting. My 5 toms & 1 pepper is all I have gotten off the plants so far. My basil is wonderful. First time I planted it. It has been so hot & dry here my plants are in poor shape. So sad. I have read the Romeo blog & so cute to here it from the cat. I need 6 more followers to reach the 50 mark for the giveaway. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Im soooooooo entering!!! THANKS A BUNCH XOXO

  4. Love the photo of Pody Lynn!! And of course...I want to play bingo. Getting ready to send you my words.

  5. I just love seeing photos of Pody Lynn and all your other furbabies! I love the way you change around your home to keep it interesting...I also love gleaning ideas from you for my home....although mine is not as prim as yours. I love Autumn when Mother Nature puts on her coat of many colors. I'll be sending my list of words soon.

  6. I love that picture of the basket.....beautiful. Such a sweet book, I remember it well! Oh dear, that shows my age! I am sure you will make a ton of Pesto with all that basil, ummmm, lucky you!
    I am going to enter this one! I love your prizes, scented pumpkins, sound great!
    Margaret B

  7. I am so glad that the book found it's way to you!!! Yes, that is me on the front cover, meandering on over to see mew!!! So glad you like your book - seven kitties simply HAD to be YOUR book!!!

    Purrs and head bonkers!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Romeo and "her"