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Thursday, July 29, 2010

BaBy BiRds and DeEr And GiVeAway Oh My...

Hellooooo!!!! Gosh I can't believe how fast this week has flown..and I have done no crafting..I am going to sit down and do some today though..just as soon as I am done with this..:) well I have to list more on etsy then I will do some sewing I promise...the photo above is a little birdhouse that we had hung here for many years now..probably at least 10 years or so..we have little birds..not sure if they are starlings or what..but they pay us a visit come the middle to end of May and those windows that you see are my craftroom I get to hear all the goings on at their little place and on tuesday I heard a bunch of squacking and Pody lynn was sitting by the back door looking that way..and I thought I better take a peek to make sure the little ones were okay and that they hadn't fallen out of their I stepped outside and could see alot of birdies flitting this way and that way..taking off and flying and landing..and a couple of times some fell in the bushes below and got caught so hubby retreived them and put them back up in the nest..(we had to get the ladder for this) we left it up incase we needed to use it again..but the birds used it as a landing pad as well.they were even clinging to the side of the house..we noticed 3 babies and mom and dad taking them out for a night time flight...there was so much noise watching these wee ones get their flight wings..we sat outside for about a 30 minutes watching from the was so neat to be able to witness this..we have only seen it one other finally grew I think they all went to bed for the night..but they started early thursday morning and their was one little chubby baby left on the perch..I was afraid he wasn't going to fly..but I checke them a bit later and they were gone..they had left our home for is quiet now no more singing till next spring...I've often wondered if its the same ones that come back to visit us each year...but it was so nice to be able to experience their little lives if only for a moment..yesterday as I was out burning the weeds in the yard..the mama deer brought her baby with her for a bite to eat...wished I had had my was precious...haven't seen the babies these little glimpses of wildlife on occasion..;)
Okay I am at it again..I just finished cleaning, mopping, and dusting and I get the urge to start tweaking with stuff...and I need to wash my little table runner that I got from Kimberly as the kittys love to sleep up there..and I was getting tired of this arrangement..wanting something a bit more the above is before....
and here is the after..I pulled out one of my vintage table cloths..(I think this is the only one I have) and love the colors for summer.. I had that green box with the strawberry boxes over on the wood box by the wood stove and thought it might look nice on the I took my apples, limes, and my salt dough cookies and my jar of jam and cookie cutters and salt dough strawberrys and put them in side each little box. I left the milk jar with flower there and put a pillow that I made in front...probably won't last long as I did a swap with Lynn of Painting thyme needfuls and she is making me a box with cats..I can't wait to get will be very prim this might change yet again...the rest of the stuff went out to the garage..might send some of it home to my little sister..:)
the little yellow crow plate made its way to the cabinet above..
I moved around the upper shelf stuff to make way for it..took out the stuff in the yellow bowls..
this kitty and pillow were on the kitchen table...
so was this little kitty...looks cute in the candle holder..
Hubby brought home the other 3 crab so he shelled them after I cooked them up..and I made more crab cakes for tonight..they are chilling in the fridge..we also have enough to make another batch this weekend.;) so a nice salad and these tasty little things are on the menu tonight...anyone want to join us?
okay I am really surprised that I only have 3 people that have given me their lists...starting to wonder if you all don't like what I am giving away..I need your lists of words by midnight friday night...I might even throw in some more goodies..but the winner will just have to wait and see....Scroll down one post to see how to enter..;)
take care everyone..I hope you all have a great day..;)Also posted some new stuff on my etsy..Jenn of Bittersweet Prims has to be the fastest gal in town..she just snatched up a cute little halloween doll..Jenn you made my day.;)

P.S. go to the bottom of my blog to see 2 cute will get the biggest kick out of them both.;) I'm just sayin....;)


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! Just sent you my words. My, my you wear me out just seeing what you accomplish in a day! Love your new arrangement.

  2. Gina,

    How did I manage to miss your giveaway ! Darn !

    Oh, I do love crab cakes with the seasoning thrown in.

    If we lived closer, I would be at your door step for dinner !


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new table look! Very appropriate for these summer months:) Hope your enjoying the day and gettin' in some crafting, none for me, still painting on the darn house:(

  4. what??? contest?? how did I miss that!!

  5. Mmmmmm crab.....can I come! Great table settings, love how much you get done in a day!!!
    Margaret B

  6. I love watching birds! All of your tweaking looks wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you find some time to relax!


  7. Hey Gina,

    Yes, I definitely want to enter your giveaway! I am going to email you with my words.

    How sweet about the birds and deer and how lovely that you have all that nature around you! I just love your house pic over in the sidebar. Your house looks like a cozy home....I just love it and your decor!

    Oh and love your new arrangement on the table...makes me want to come sit and visit with you at your table, Gina!


  8. Gina,
    I love watching the baby birds that we have around here. We also have a bunny family that we've been watching.
    I hope you got my words for the giveaway...I sent them to you yesterday.
    Love all the rearranging that you did!!
    I just finished up the wedding veil...can't wait for the bride to see it.

  9. Love the new tablecloth..I had one like that and it was my Mothers and I gave it to my Daughter and now she is enjoying it. Are you by chance working on a dish towel for someone :)

  10. All those wonderful goodies in the baskets on the table remind me of a produce stand. So good it makes me want to stop by and pick up some produce. Your crab cakes sound yummy. I could sit a spell and have a taste. Wild life around is so amazing to see and hear. Blessing to you & yours!