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Friday, July 30, 2010

GoOd MoRninG..It FeeLs LiKe FaLL...

This is what I woke up to at 8am this morning...doesn't feel like summer..feels more like fall..I LOVE these foggy mornings..any time of the year... been mild and I am not complaining.;)

This is Sunny E Bunny..taking a siesta in my craftroom..she loves to be with the mama and I caught her all stretched out like this I had to snap a few photos..:)

don'tcha just want to rub that sweet belly of hers..:)

Okay you have till midnight to give me your bingo words.. I have 8 playing so far..the original post is 2 posts down...
Seems some are a bit confused on how to I will try to explain it better..Starting Saturday I will begin posting 2 words each check in each day to see if you have those words..and when someone gets all 15 words, thats bingo in my book, they email me or post a comment on my blog to tell me they got bingo...I will then check their list to see that they got it and then I will contact you for your address...That need to be on top of this each day I won't be doing that for you..otherwise whats the point..;) so folks if you want to play please email me your words..;)

Well that is it for me today..I have 4 packages to mail off and then I am going grocery shopping..the fridge is looking a little bare...have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all tomorrow to play bingo.;)


  1. Gina, could you please send some of that fall-like weather to PA?? And maybe Sunny E. Bunny too, LOL!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day sweet friend:)

  2. Our furbaby, Misty enjoys napping in the same position as Sunny E. Bunny. Send me some of your weather too....its been in the 90's down here in SW Oregon.

  3. OH I just wish we had that fall view out that window.... sigh.... and maybe a cat or two??? Im still hoping and praying hubby will let us have one when sweet P. gets about 6 months old or so.
    Have fun food shopping, I love grocery shopping and filling our home with food.
    On a sad note, we had a bad storm earlier this week and all my sunflowers are now damaged and kissing the ground.=((( Hope your are much better....

  4. Love the pictures of Sunny E. Bunny she is so pretty. She looks comfy all stretched out, did you give her some tummy rubs?

    Oh, how I would love some fall like weather...enjoy! Hugs

  5. Gina, SOO ready for fall... nothing better then a cool foggy fall morning! Have a great one! OLM

  6. Gina,
    Sunny E. Bunny looks so cute!! My daughter's cat, Bella was laying like that the other day and when I went to rub her tummy...she smacked me! Got to love a kitty-cat!!
    We have had a few cool mornings here, but then it gets hot in the afternoon. You could send some of your weather my way too!!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. What a wonderful view! Reminds me of waking up on my Aunt Mackie's farm in Kentucky when I was a kid. That Sunny Bunny is so cute and she has the right idea. Love it.