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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Got A NeW KiTTY & WhO'S ReAdY tO RuMbLe...ER..PLay BiNGo!!!!!

Good SaTurDay Morning to you all..I tell you it feels like September early October overcast cool morning..days like this I just want to hole up in my craft room and sew..or snuggle on a blanket parked in front of the Tube.;)..not I love this kind of will burn off and be totally gorgeous today.;)..The above photo is my good pal Betty Fagan..she is always thinking of me..and knows the things I she gave me a call yesterday and told me she had to bring some things over to give me..she was going through her little storage unit/closet in her cute little cottage and this is what she gave me....
this cute country kitty..she has had this for years..but she needs to make room in her little home and she is going to through stuff..This little kitty came with a big straw hat..but it looks better in my bedroom..for now anyway...I love the has tiny little ants on it.. the gal that made this did a wonderful was made back in 1994...seems like forever doesn't
and she also found this wonderful candlestick that you unscrew the little knob there to move up the candle...never saw this kind me any idea to make a little mouse or something warming himself up by candle light..we'll see..
Okay who wants to play some bingo? Only 9 of you signed may send the Losers!! (really you are all winners in my book) alittle something for playing along...won't be anything big..but it will let you know I appreciate you all..:)
okay to recap on the bingo playing..I will give you 2 words each day..the first one to get all 15 words hollers bingo and then you email me telling me you got bingo..;)

crunchy leaves

my Hubbys work is hosting a BBQ tonight out on the marina where he I am making a Hamburger crunch recipe that I got from Cat Haven crafts...It looks so yummy and easy..;) and I am making homemade shortcakes for rasberrry of the guys Mike works with bought some choice I am also making homemade whip cream..should be tasty...My etsy is going really well too...sold another item yesterday...something thats been listed a that is always nice to see..a little ching in my bang account..:) I am going to be listing some more on my etsy as we stop by for a peek..;)I will be doing a little bit of sewing today..before I bake..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..I will be back again tomorrow for 2 more stay tuned..;)


  1. YA. So excited that the game is beginning!!!! Guess what? You must have sent the cooler, fall like weather our way. Its grey and raining here. Im thrilled!!!!!
    Happy saturday

  2. I will practice up on my *Hollerin'* voice, LOL!! Have fun at the BBQ, and what a sweet friend, LOVE that kitty:D

  3. Love the new is was cute! I can remmber those being sold at craft shows that I did back in the 90's.
    Have fun tonight at the BBQ!! I watched baby Peyton last night while his mommy & daddy went to a BBQ.
    I'm pouting...I didn't have either word today. LOL...Can't wait for the next two words.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Sorry I was too late for the giveaway!! What an awesome giveaway!! I love your new Kitty!!!

  5. I am so thankful the weather is so much cooler here. The crickets are singing loudly out side tonight. I love that candle stick your kind friend gave you. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Oh MY!!! I missed out!!!! Love your new kitty!!!! You have a wonderfully sweet friend!!!! Yaa!!! You can never have too many!!!! hugs

  7. Love the new "kitty".... so nice to get gifts and especially in person!! I love having visitors.
    Have fun at the BBQ!!!
    Margaret B

  8. I think I'm too late for the bingo. Dang the dang job, taking up my time. Say hellllooo to your friend Betty for me. She looks like a fun person. I love the loot she brought you. Glad someone turned off the hot oven of a Summer you're having. Even if it is temporary. I've told everyone I know on that side of the Pond that I'm doing my best to send some of the non-Summer we're having (for yet another year), to cool you down. Glad to see it's working.

    Have a fab Sunday.

  9. Hi Gina! Send some of that Fall weather this way!lol I love that candle holder your friend gave you and the kitty is adorable too - you can see even in the pics what a nice job the seamstress did! Hope your BBQ at hubby's work went well - sounds delicious!! I need to go remind my hubby to help me move our old kitchen table up to the craft room - I really want to get sewing again but the current table is too bouncy for my machine (or maybe I should sew slower?lol it just jumps around when I push the "petal to the metal"!lol(ok its plastic but you get the idea!!lol) Well have a productive week - sincerely, Jeannette

  10. What a great friend you have! The candle holder was what my Granny always referred to as "courting" candles. She said that the candle was raised or lowered when a boy came to the house depending on if your father approved of him or not. The story may or maynot be completely accurate but I've always loved it!

  11. Your home is so cute. It makes me tired just looking at the pictures. Very inspired, so many great ideas that you have shared with me through the years! I am home for about 12 days, so lets get together with the girlies and visit!

    X0 Peggy

  12. yum yum, as I am hungry so I'm off to see that Hamberger crunch recipe! and What a Great Friend!! and I need to pick your brain about esty.. as I am thinking about taking the plunge!.. love your items!!