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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WhAtCha WorKinG On WeDnEsDaY....

Hey there Everyone!!! I hope your day is starting off right...My house is cleaned up, the kids are out watching the birds and squirrels and it is a beautiful day!! couldn't be better..yesterday I made my kitchen curtains...they were so easy it took longer to iron the edges then it did sewing them..
what do you think? they match my little crocheted pot holders that I have hanging..and the colors match so will with the rest of my things..I love it.;)
I threw out that piece of fabric that I purchased out junking last week..makes for a pretty table cloth..lots of colors going on..but I love it.;) This was taken just as it was getting dark last night..
last but not least..I have my friend who ordered this apron started..going to finish it up has a bib and will have a pocket with an embroidered L on it..the time to start something else..The Fridge repair man came out and it looks like we are going fridge shopping..Looking for the big side by side on top and the freezer on the bottom..they gave me a 100.00 coupon to use towards the new fridge and we found one on line that fits the bill..and under 1000.00..gotta have Hubbys okay and then I order it up..;) we have had nothing but problems with this fridge since we bought it 8 years ago...our original fridge that we purchased in 1987 is still working...go figure...they certainly don't make em like they used to..I think I am going to decorate for the 4th today..since its only a couple weeks away..will share tomorrow..:)
Have a wonderful day everyone.;)


  1. Your curtains turned out great. They look so fresh. I like the cushions on your picnic table benches too. I know you friend is going to love her apron. That is a really neat design on the fabric.
    Enjoy your afternoon.

  2. I'm LOVING those curtains Gina:D Can't wait to see your decorations, I love seeing how you decorate for all the seasons:)

  3. Really like the curtains and I love that fabric.
    Wow, I guess the fourth is coming up! Just hit me when I read your post.

  4. Cute curtains, I love the fabric, so retro!

  5. LOVE that blue fabric with the birds! happy shopping

  6. LOVE the way the picnic table looks!!! I love to mix colors and patterns.

  7. Your curtains look great!! Love the apron that you are working on. Can't wait to see it finished. Thanks for the info on the vintage lace...checked out her site today. I was thinking that I should put out my 4th of July stuff too.

  8. Everything that you made looks great! You do such a wonderful job!

    I hope you have a great Thursday!


  9. I do love those curtains! Is there a certain pattern that you use for your aprons? They are so cute and I have been looking for a good apron pattern. My e-mail is if you want to share your pattern info.