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Thursday, June 24, 2010

DeCoRaTinG foR ThE 4Th of JuLy..

Hey there everyone!!! well I set off to decorate for the 4th since it is fast approaching us and I thought I would share with you what I did..I was reading sugar pie farmhouse and noticed she had this cute set up on her kitchen table..I loved it and wanted to replicate it..she had hers in a vintage enamelware tub..mine wasn't deep enough to keep the washboard standing straight I used my picket fence box instead..This is what she wrote about the setting:
It’s my little tribute to the American Homemaker…the gal that keeps the home fires burning…the mama that loves and nurtures her children…the woman that glows with “Gumption, Grit and Grace.”
I kept a few things in mine and added the bird on top of the fresh linens..I like the simplicity of it..;) Notice the little uncle sam that is standing in front of it..the only americana thing inside, aside from my red/white/blue lights in each window that I plug in each night..;)
so I had to take out some of my salt dough ornaments and I put them in with my strawberrys and tweaked it a bit..and you know what I love it better this way.:)
I don't have alot of inside decor for the 4th..its all on the front of the can also see a bunting in the upper right window peeking through the trees.;)
I strung red and blue lights up on the porch too..I put the red/white gingham cloth I had on the back porch to the front porch instead..
here is what I put in place of it..;)
can't tell but this is lit up at night..hard to do with a flash.:)
the front arbor lit up with red white and blue rope lights..
I added a long metal spoon with an old little broom and a little metal cup that I am going to put in a little flicker light..I turned the bowls around too...I love this thing...I stare at it all the time..I also ordered something else and it is on its way..I can't wait..I feel like a kid at christmas...I can't wait to show it to you.;)
I got this wonderful doll in the mail yesterday..saw her on Lemon Poppy Seed site..she comes from Kentucky Primitives..I love her stuff and have several of her patterns..I have been wanting an original..;)
a closeup of her kitty..she is sitting on the T.V. console (not shown) right now..I like her there and I think she will stay there for the time being...
I found this from The Calico Rabbit and she had just listed it on her Etsy site..well I had to go and check it out and loved I snatched it up as quick as I arrived yesterday as well..
This is where I put it..I can't wait to paint the bathroom a nice khaki tan and put bead board up..(If I could just motivate the hubby)..and it will look so much better in here..but I love how it looks now..adds a nice prim touch to the bathroom don'tcha think?
well yesterday was fun to decorated..great weather for it too..I then mowed the lawn and set to prune some trees and bushes that were getting out of control and deadheaded some plants that needed is never ending..but I enjoy it..something that you gotta keep up on ..although I now have a huge pile I have to get rid of..but that will wait for the hubbys is another glorious day and the kids are out enjoying the show they always get in the morning...and I am off to make the bed and put laundry away and then hopefully do some sewing today..:) and of course sit outside and enjoy the day..hubby and I did that last night and it was so nice to sit out there together and enjoy the beautiful evening and listen to the birds etc..I love my little outdoor nook that I created..its my favorite spot at the moment..:) I hope you all have a wonderful thursday..has anyone else got their 4th of july decor done..I would love to see it.;) love getting inspiration from others..;)

P.S. I lowered the prices in my see if there is something you can't live without!!!:)


  1. OH I LOVE IT!!!!!! You know I really don't decorate for the Fourth but I do have my flag out and it will stay out for my son:)I would like to find some of those red, white & blue lights though! Enjoy your day sweet friend!

  2. I don't do much decorating for the 4th of July....I do have a small Americana flag that I use outside and that's about it. Seeing all your goodies motivates me! Maybe I'll make a few things after-all!
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Patriotism personfied, chick! Darling and I love the red, white and blue against your charming yellow house.

  4. OH My!!! Love your decorations and your Ky Prim doll!!! Love her little kitty too...You have a great talent for decorating too!!! hugs

  5. I love all your decorating! I thought about getting a
    bunting to put on our chain link fence...I have a chair to paint for the front porch and some things to do...Been packing things away,from Chum, he's all over the place, some days! On to finish cleaning and decorating! I love your strawberries! I think I will make some, since you sent me a cutter! :))

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. wow everything looks just perfect, all ready for the "parade". My favorite is the table all ready for a picnic.

  7. Loving all that Americana Goodness inside and out! Wonderful witchy from KY Primitives!
    Mary Jo

  8. I love your fourth of July decorations!!! I love the red white and blue them, so many things to do with that theme!!!!
    Margaret B

  9. Everything looks so pretty. I love how you have so much outside on your porch and all around your yard, very nice. The wind here would carry things away!

  10. Love this post and everything you have done. Great how you decorate for the 4th. Your so creative and wish it would rub off on me.
    Great shots inside and out.
    Thanks for sharing these with us

  11. Very Patriotic! Love it all; keep looking at your front porch and wish I would remember to pick up buntings for my front porch!lol I'd say you did things up nicely and have enough to say Happy Fourth! Very cute inside too; now you've got my curiousity going and I'm off to Aunt Ruthies!lol Enjoy your weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

  12. Gina,
    Love your 4th of July decorations!!
    And you know that I love your porch and how you decorate it for every season!!!

    I haven't gotten my 4th of July stuff out yet...hope to tomorrow. I don't have very much...just enough to make a display on my server/side-board table. Now that I have my new cabinet...I'll have to decide which place to decorate.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Wow! You are all set for the 4th! Looks wonderful!

  14. Im new to your blog and just LOVE it!!! Your home is precious and is exactly what Im striving for with mine... in time of course! I was wanting to blog about your site and possibly include a pic with your permission of course. If not, no big deal.... but figured I would ask you first. Enjoy the 4th!

  15. You know I'm an Americana freak so this post made my day!!:> )
    Everythin' looks fantastic both inside and out!! Heck, I wish I lived closer, I'd come for coffee and we'd sit right on your front porch and talk politics. Hee-hee...