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Saturday, June 26, 2010

OrDeRs FiNiSheD New FriDgE...

Hey there Everyone!!! Hope your saturday is going swimmingly!! I finished up my friends apron that she is giving for a birthday gift...I love this fabric and these photos do not do this apron justice..I used Kim's (old road primitives pattern) The top half is my design and so is the pocket..I love how it turned can't tell from the flash but there is a mary englebreit blue and white sunflower button that matched this to a T!!!
I embroidered the L onto the pocket..I love the curly letter..

I did some stitching detail around the bib..I used 3 colors that were in the fabric and stitched around it...) Deb I hope you like it..:)
Then I moved onto Amy's order and she wanted 3 rooster toile towels for her new kitchen...
they turned out fabulous!!! will be sending these off on monday along with a little treat..:)
Kim from Old Road Primitives ordered a set and loved em so much that she ordered 4 more this time in Red..I love them both in the black and the if any one out there wants these just let me know your colors..:)

I decided to make some to put on my Etsy site which I will be doing after I am done blogging..I made a black set..They will not come with the grater or the rooster cookie cutter..just giving you ideas in which to display them..I love them..and I am making myself one..but it will have strawberrys on the towel as that is my theme for the kitchen..:) will post it when I get it made..
here is the Hen with her chicks..this too will be listed on Etsy shortly...(see my side bar to take you there)..
I ordered up some stencils from my good pal Becca Folkart from the Harbor!! I asked her to make some stencils for "blocks" and she did (shown below)..and she was super quick and I just got these today in the mail..and the nice thing is I can make signs or blocks..I just need to get hubby to make me some blocks and I am in business..above is a crow parcheesi stencil..I have just the wood for it..going to be painted black then a cream color and black crows with red checkers..:)
This was the freebie you get when you order $30 dollars get to choose a freebie and I got free shipping..;) and her stencils are so reasonably priced...:)
Count your blessings and Primitive Gatherings..:)
Primitive Blessings and Always be Thankful...with a cute little bee..;)
I was taking a break and looking out my diningroom window when I spied this cute little doe just chopping away at something tasty in the neighbors yard...I love seeing them pass through..
I zoomed in for a closer look..:)
Sunny E Bunny is taking a siesta on the back porch..she loves to be on the deck..Pody is in her kennel watching the squirrels and birds eating..(pody is in the kennel cause she is a runner)..Sunny never leaves the yard..;)
Well here is the new fridge that is coming tomorrow!! I got it from is a Kenmore..ours was just getting to expensive to keep throwing money into it....only had it for 8 years and needed it looked at twice a year because of something wrong with it..and I am getting the bottom freezer..I can't wait to get it and fill it up..they are hauling the other one out of here.... Well that is it for me..I am going to sit down and make some prairie aprons and bonnets..will be putting those on my etsy when they are done...and will post them here for you as well..I hope you have a wonderful weekend..Take care and thanks for all the wonderful comments you always leave me..I seriously love you guys and this blogging gig has been so much fun so far..:)


  1. Love the apron! I use to have one and would always forget to put it on til I would get food all over me when cooking...wonder where it is now? Since we moved 6 years agoa nd started kitchen remodeling a year ago, I can't find anything!

    The block stencils look cool...have fun using them.

    Oh, and love your new frig. We will be replacing ours after the kitchen remodel is complete. I really want one with the freezer on the bottom too.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Love you too;) I also love the apron & towels, very nice! Can't wait to see the new fridge in your *berry* nice kitchen:)

  3. Gina, Gina, Gina! I love you! The apron is adorable and I love how you put some much attention on the details. My girlfriend is an artist and she will notice (and appreciate) all your special little touches. I can't wait to mail it to her. I have a few "treasures" for you, also. Maybe we can do a trade or something. I just love following your blog. Thanks for taking the time to share your "light" and your life with us. You are a bright spot in my day.
    ~Debbie ***hugs***

  4. Hi Gina,

    Love your apron ! very nice ! I also like the L on it ! LOL ! I couldn't do without an apron. I wear one when I am cooking, coffee staining or painting.

    And those chicken towels are awesome !

    That new fridge is cool ! pardon the pun ! LOL


  5. THANKS. Hoping to do it monday or tuesday! =)

  6. Gina,
    Love the apron! I picked up this cute little rack with hooks to put on the side of my long cabinet, so that I can hang the apron you made for me in my kitchen. It's hanging for an old ironing board in my dining room right now, but I really want it in the kitchen.

    I have a little surprise for you, but I can't mail it until Tuesday or Friday of this coming week, because I'm babysitting extra days this week. I'll let you know when it is on it's way. Bet you wonder what it is...but I'm not telling!!

  7. Oh, I love that apron! Cute! I like to watch deer, too. :) If I ever get to live in the country, I promise I will not complain when they eat my flowers. lol

  8. I love the colours in your work. My dad used to get deer in his garden, treating it like it was a freebie buffet. Not a lot you can do about it.

  9. you've been busy! love the apron. and exciting new fridge!!! yipee for you.

  10. I love my towels Gina. I can't wait to get them. Love the ones in red too. You do really nice work girl. Love everything!

  11. Girl, you're APRON QUEEN! That is so cute. Your friend is gonna love it to pieces and love you for making it for her. Your towels are wonderful, as always. Congrats on the new fridge. Looks great. Love that photo of the doe in your yard and of Sunny Bunny. Your place looks so serene and calm. Your photos make me think of a simpler time sipping lemonade on the porch. How did you put together your kitty kennel?

  12. That apron is adorable. You do beautiful work. Your kitchen is so pretty. I enjoyed all the pictures. Hugs