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Saturday, June 12, 2010

SeWinG, DeCoRatiNg, FaBriC...

Hey there everyone!! hope you are all having a wonderful saturday...boy was today a long day..Poor Britt (my next door neighbor) couldn't get her little one to go to sleep and she was tired and I went over again at 6pm and stayed till almost 8:30pm..when I left he was sleeping in his I am hoping she was able to get some rest and the baby as well..Today is gorgeous and that piece of garden I told you about..well I am going to go out and tackle it today and kill some weeds in the neighbors yard with roundup..I started making this towel yesterday and finished it up this morning....
I gotta have kimmy do a satin stitch around the neck as my machine won't do my fancy stitches..time to take it in I guess..:(
this design goes so well with my new I want to put a hen on the other half of the towel...
I made myself some of the salt dough ornaments and put them in my picket fence can see 3 crows and the beeskep and 2 bees, the pineapple and the apple too.:)
The fabric above is just so cute that I decided I needed to have some for I ordered up 2 yards to make kitchen curtains for me..:) I have always loved the 50's era..even though my kitchen is not..(would love to have one though)..I love the colors and it has red and black and favs and that green is also becoming a fav. too..
This picture captured on the back of a Marine's jeep is priceless and definitely a "sender 'er on!" (see license plate)...
I had to share this above..came in an email today..Loved what it says on the spare true..
well I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend..Take care and thanks for stopping by.;)


  1. Hey, sugah, I can't read the license plate even enlarging! I like what the tire says though!!

  2. That saying sure is the truth! I love the new towel and that vintage looking fabric, that will make for some adorable curtains! Wish you were next door when my son was a baby, he had colic, now he's 18 and I'm back to the sleepless nights again!!!!

  3. the towel's so cute... thought it was an apron (ha.. myeyesaregettingold BUT not me). Hope to see you tonight Blog buddy!

  4. Love the apron! And the fact that you're always so willing to go over and help your neighbor! Every new mom needs help like that once in awhile!

    Love that jeep!!!!!

  5. Oh My Gosh, Gina! How cute is that new towel! I love it! I love that new chicken fabric! Are you going to be selling any of those new towels? :) Have a great weekend! Kim

  6. Gina,
    Love the towel!! I saw one like this on display at our local craft supply store and was thinking about making a friend one for her birthday, but I think I'm making her a kitty instead.

  7. Love your towel it is so cute. You are certainly a good neighbor. Hugs

  8. Just love the rooster design and fabric! Of course I love the salt dough too!
    You've been busy!