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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hey there!! remember me telling you I wanted to rip out this portion of the garden? the above is the Before photo....
Here is the after photo..spent 2 hours ripping this it all dug out..pretty easy because the ground is so wet..things came up pretty well..still took some time I need to bark it all in and I am done with that portion of the yard..I also took my roundup and did the neighbors yard for her today..hoping that stuff takes affect and I see some results happening tomorrow...
we had a gorgeous day and got to eat a nice brunch out on the picnic table..a stack of pecan buttermilk pancakes an egg on top and 2 slices of peppered me fueled and ready to do the yard also ate a nice dinner outside again was a beautiful evening..grill pork chops and corn on the cob...I even sat in my favorite spot after dinner and read a magazine till about 8:15pm..would have stayed out longer..but the mosquitoes were starting to bite..hoping to sit outside and enjoy the yard tomorrow and just relax...Take care and have a wonderful day..;)


  1. Holy Cow I've missed some posts!

    Gina I would love to hang out with you for a few days. You are always on the go doing fun stuffs!
    However, from my point of view, I can't think why you would want to rip out blooming flowers! LOL
    I am soooooo happy when something in my yard grows and blooms!
    BUt the after pictures looked nice. I loved the jeep's tire cover. That's how I feel too.

    Love all the fabric you have been getting. Your cannery pictures were fun. I need to go again and get stocked up on Hot chocolate mix and potato pearls.

    Have an enjoyable Sabbath Day.

    Ya, I was drooling over your breakfast.....:-D

  2. Oh my Gina! I read your last post and couldn't believe you were going to rip that out, but you sure did! What are you going to do with it now? I thought it was beautiful! I really enjoyed your last post. I was a work though and seem to get something screwy going on when I post. It is like I hit a certain button and the screen multiplies a zillion times! Weird, so I refrain most of the time, I think it is trying to tell me something! LOL! Your yard is beautiful! Enjoy your relaxing day!
    Hugs! Jayne

  3. You should take a break and relax. What are your plans for the flower bed now. I need a kind neighbor like you. Take care.

  4. That looks wonderful...but what a lot of work! Makes me dizzy just thinking about all you do. I'm done cat sitting until the end of the month. There's so much to do around here but I might just take some time off. Granddaughter is back home now and I'm a little bit worn out. Hate to admit that. LOL

  5. I hope you have gotten a nice rest after all that work. Do you plan to post pictures of the finished project? Hugs