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Friday, June 11, 2010

LoOk whaT the GirL brOuGht me ToDay.;)

Hey there my fine guys and gals!!! I hope your friday has been a good one so far and that the weekend is even better...I was up early to take my next door neighbor to the doctors for her little boys 2 week check up..he is doing well.but had to get blood drawn from the heel of his little foot..ticked him right off...Came home and went grocery shopping and picked her up some stuff to have as I know she isn't getting out too much yet and her DH just left for that is tough and I didn't mind helping out...been there got the T-shirt!!! 17 glad we are not doing the military thing any longer..glad we did it..but so glad we are retired now..Hubby is home with a ripped patella in his knee..can't walk worth a I am the nurse no work till Tuesday and hopefully he can walk by then..its an L& he will be downstairs playing on his Play station..while I sew..might even pull out that front garden I have been threatening to do..the weather these next 2 weeks..(keeping fingers crossed) is going to be nice so I am taking advantage of it..gotta keep the yard work up..or its a nightmare to take care..I know you all know what I am talking about...:) My best friend Kimmy is making curtains with the above fabric that I ordered for her was on ebay and it is going to match her cottage kitchen and look so cute..i can't wait to see how they turn out...she is making them for her french doors..will be going to her place to play/sew on tuesday and am taking my camera so I can share her wonderful kitchen with you all..she just painted it again and changed the color of the cabinets too..and I love it sooooo much better this time..She's not computer I told her I would order it for her..:)
and guess what else came in the mail for me today..HOLY COW!! thats one big box..I couldn't figure out what it was..cause I knew I hadn't ordered anything..and then it hit me..
This thing is huge and going up by my wood stove..Kimmy went to the thrift store yesterday and got me 2 bowls to put in it..and I have 2 of those wooden pineapples that are all over..I gotta paint them up and they will go there too..gotta figure out what else I can put in this to fill it any suggestions would be nice...Carol Thank you so much for this generous giveaway....I love it!!!! and can't wait to show you all how it looks...I put it up by the wall to see how it will look..and it just adds to the prim/country look of my home..:) well that is it for me..I am tired...but doing complaints here...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend in what ever you do..;)


  1. That is sooo cool..can't wait to see what you do with it
    I am having a yard sale this week end and did O K today since the heat factor was 110..hope to do good again tomorrow.
    Having a craft sale here on my carport the 26th and keeping my fingers crossed to do well at that too.
    Have a great week end

  2. Sounds like you have a great start on filling it. I have had fun searching for bowls to put in mine. Flea market here I come today for another search. Enjoy your self & congrat's.

  3. That is awesome fabric Gina, I bet it will be cute for Kimmy's cottage.
    I love the dough bowl rack. How about some granite ware plates or bowls. I have a few I think I could part with if ya don't have any. I have a awesome pie pan. Maybe we can do a swap?
    That is so nice that you are helping the new Mom. So hard to be alone so soon after the little one has showed up. I know that one all too well.
    Have a great day. Hope the weather holds nice for us. Rained her today.

  4. I love the fabric! I am sure the curtains will look great made from it! I really like your new shelf. You are one lucky lady!

    I am sorry that your husband has hurt his foot. I hope he gets better really soon!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Your such a good friend and neighbor. I remember when my kids were little it was so nice to have my Mom around to help me.

    I love the bowl rack. Can't wait to see it when you have it up and filled with goodies.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. Morning Gina! Wow you are taking care of EVERYONE! Hope you find some time for yourself this weekend!! (Yes I know what ya mean about the garden-where I'm heading!lol) Love this fabric and look forward to the kitchen pics at your friend's house! I am sooo jealous of that beautiful bowl shelf/rack! Can't wait for those pics too!(no pressure!!!lol) Sorry your hubby is in pain and wish him a speedy recovery!!! Sincerely, Jeannette (Enjoy your weekend)

  7. Oh boy Gina... we all gotta take the bad with the good don't we. Speedy well wishes for your hubby, but I know how they love to play those games:)
    Bless your heart for helping your neighbor. You will be rewarded:)
    That is one nice lookin' bowl keep! You could put an olde bread board or cutting board in that thing and hang some ole textile fabrics and bonnets on it too. I'll be patiently awaiting those pics of it decorated in all its' primitive splendor. LOL.
    Yes, you make sure to give yourself some downtime too luv. We don't want you to get too worn before your time:) Love ya!