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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My niGht at The CaNNerY and ShoPPing WiTh KimMy..:) PiCtuRe HeAvy....

Say Kids What time is it?.....Its a Cannery Tour!! This is what I did on Tuesday night..I went to the Dry pack cannery in our Area to can my food and the others that were there that night..This is where they store the inventory and extras and where we don our little hair nets, plastic aprons and wash our hands and put on our gloves..above you see the cans..but you can also put your food in pouches too..and it all comes with the little oxygen pouch absorber to keep the food good for 2-30 years..
Here are our 2 helpers getting the boxes ready to put our pouches or our cans in with our names and what we canned on the outside of the boxes...
Here is my good pal Mindee that I drove with to the cannery ...this was her first time...she was such a big help..she did a little bit of everything that night...isn't she the cutest..she and I are visiting teaching partners..we love visiting the other gals once a month to see how they are doing and if they need anything..we try to have a luncheon once a month..this month is out due to the crazy schedules of school etc..;)
Okay this is the heart of the cannery..we are all hard at work putting the said food items into the labeled cans/pouches etc..then there is someone on the lid sealer duty that makes sure there is an oxygen absorber in each on and then seals it up..this is so organzied and assembly line that everything runs really smoothly..
this little gal is mopping up the floors they are last on the list..we clean all of the black tubs with a soap/sanitizer that doesn't need to be rinsed they are put on the tables to dry and are ready for the next day..there are 3 sessions a day I believe monday- saturday...the shelf in the back is the extra that wouldn't fill up a can or pouch..on the labels it tells you how much each should weigh and there is a scale to weigh it on..we can beans, dry milk, rice, sugar, flour, wheat, apple slices, carrots, macaroni, quick oats, regular oats, dry onions.(they smell so good) I did those..potato flakes, spaghetti, refried beans, cocoa mix, fruit drink, pancake mix, and potato pearls..(they are the best..they have a butter flavoring to them)..
You choose how many cans/pouches of each item you want and turn your order in ahead of time and then you go to the session you signed up for and can yours and others food..this is a great way to get your food storage in, incase of disaster that you are not able to leave your home, or if you lose a job you have food to fall back on or whatever the case may is just common sense to be prepared for whatever may come your way..and you don't need to be a member of my church to go and do if you have any LDS friends ask them to take you..:) it is a fun time..we were only there 1 hour and 15 was quick..but it could take longer depending on how much you need to pack..
this is one of the ward missionarys that volunteers to do this..he is so funny and he gives us all the details on what we need to be doing etc and makes sure we run like a well oiled machine..

here we are at the end..our hair is all covered but for the photo shoot we took our bangs..That is me on the left and Machelle making a silly face..she organizes our ward and makes sure we sign up and turns our orders in..she is so much fun..she went in place of a gal who couldn't be there to do her stuff..:) behind us is where they put the labels and date them and put them on the cans/pouches..the doors behind are the warehouse of food in boxes waiting to be canned up..
Okay onto the rest of our program..I got the cutest card in the Mail the other day from my friend and fellow follower Debbie..we go to church together and she knows how much I love kittys..:) this card is made by a gal that can only use her teeth and each one takes about 2 months to do..she is a polio patient...isn't this just the sweetest?
after the cannery Mindee and I went to the music/dvd store as they were having a 20-50% off sale..we gals can't resist a sale now can we? found some great used dvds that are guarenteed to work or my money back..SWWEEETTTT!!! I picked up 6 dvds..and here are my 2 favs..they were originally 1.97 and I paid .78 cents for each..;) not bad and they are her holiday ones..I love her holiday specials..then we went to dinner and shared a great burger and fries...
This is for you Cindy....
Okay now for the last part of our program...Kimmy came over and showed me all the latest stuff she is making..she made these cute monster shirts and used a applique technique and the big blue monster is out of polar fleece..and so are the rips on the sew on the polor fleece on the back in any design and the you cut the fronts to let it show through..
notice the sleeve on the shirt it is made from tube socks sewn into the arm of the shirt..she went and did a class that showed how to do these things..they said there is a place over in seattle that sells these types of shirts for like $200.00 each..that is re-donkulous!!!
this one was done the same way..only using little girls leggings for the this cute or what? Leslie this will certainly give you some more ideas for you and Af...
Joanns was clearancing their shirts and Kimmy bought some little kids aprons and did some cute embroidery on them..
This little design is just precious..I love the fabric she chose for the duck and then did a cute stitch around it..
she made me a cute little coin purse made out of ribbons..she stitched the ribbons together using a crazy quilt stitch and waaallaaa a coin purse.;)

we saw this sign at the little restaurant that we ate lunch at..I couldn't resist taking a photo of this..;) too funny..and oh so
we hit a new quilt store and we found so many wonderful fabrics and wools..but by golly they are flipping expensive..the rooster one above was 10.25 a I am making towel toppers and embroidering the bottoms with my chicken designs..will be tea staining the towels for this...this is my favorite piece that I purchased..
crows or black birds..
love the words on these..

love the retro fabric on these..

love the color of this piece of flannel..all of these are fat quarters..

love the 2 above and how they coordinate with one another..
this one makes me giggle..notice all the women their butts are fruit except for the one to the right she has melons for her b--bs..this is just fun and whimsical...
last but not least..I love this sweet retro/vintage looking fabric...not sure what I will do with this..might become a bib or a doll dress..well I hope you all didn't fall asleep with this long post...I hope you all have a wonderful thursday..gotta go and tidy up the house and get some breakfast and start some sewing projects...our weather today is going to go out and enjoy some time in the sun, take a break and catch up on my reading..:)take care and thanks for stopping by.;)


  1. 1. YOU have too much energy. 2. You have too much fun with whatever you do. 3. You have fun friends 4. I WANT a tutorial on that cute coin purse. 5. WHERE do you find these cute fabric shops. ok have to stop now and rest up.

  2. the sign about *men*, so true;) love the fabric with the fruit-butts too and you gals look like you had alot of fun at the cannery, what a great idea too!

  3. Hi Gina, Wow, looks like you've been busy! I LOVE that chicken fabric! I've been buying my fabrics at quilt shops and they run around $10.00 a yard but they carry the cuter fabrics! No hurry on the kitchen towels, just whenever you get some free time! Blessings, Kim

  4. Great fabrics and that cannery is so wonderful!! Thanks for sharing all of your pics with us. :) I can't believe how much you get accomplished in one day!!!!!

    ~ Wendy

  5. I love the idea of the dry cannery. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself while you put food by!

  6. Gina,
    Love the shirts the Kimmy made...too cute!! Might have to make one for Peyton when he gets a little bigger.
    Love the Whimsical's fabric that you got...I purchased some of it at our local quilt shop the week before we went to TN. I love the rooster fabric...going to see if our shop got any in as it goes great with that one rooster embroidery design.
    Sent you an email earlier today. Be talking to you again soon.

  7. Very cool post gina,
    I might have to chat with you about the cannery.
    LOVE THE SHIRTS. Too adorable.KImmy does nice work.
    I have to get with you. I need a shirt for my God Mother. She is very ill and well needs a pick me up.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. I love the fabric! It is really cute! It looks like you have been really busy! I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  9. Morning Gina! Wow I've never heard of anything like this "cannery" program! That's the hardest part being ready for a disaster but not knowing how! I tried and most of the food I stored I had to keep watching the dates on (thankfully no disaster causing me to use it!!!) I had to stop by and tell you the apron you made for "Picket" was absolutely gorgeous and so her! Love your blog - have a great weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

  10. The idea of the cannery is great. I wish they had something like that around here. It looks like you all had a fun time too!

    I love the fabrics! I can't wait to see what you do with them all and I like the 'men' sign too!

    Take Care and I hope to catch up with your blog soon!