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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WheN iTs BeaUtiFuL OuTsiDe...

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend..our weekend is Sunday and Monday as those are hubbys days off...and it was a nice weekend..did a BBQ at hubbys work on saturday after work with some of the liveaboards there (he works at a Marina) we had a nice time..the dogs played and mooched food from anyone that would give them some..;) Sunday this was taken of our Gracie..can you see her on the green chair..she loves to bask in the sun..:) you can see I still hadn't potted my plants yet...
This was taken yesterday..I spent 7 hours outside in the garden..I transplanted my flowers shown above finally...
They are in old colendors..I love them..they used to be hanging baskets out front on the arbor but the wires were rusty and breaking (and I put other flowers that I purchased out there) this is where they will be...

The only thing left in my little greenhouse will be the basil..they got planted as well..I hope they make it as I use basil for alot of making pesto with it..and arugula pesto..yumm..I could go for some spagnetti right now..(thats what we call it)
some things got moved around...
more transplanting....
the marigolds look good out in the veggie garden...

While Mike weeded the veggie Garden and put up a fence for the peas..they are already getting peas and so is our tomatoes...This is super that is way cool..I weeded next door...
the upper plants are the newbies to the group...I can't wait till everything fills out and spills over..I love to get my hands dirty and I got my moneys worth yesterday..:)
another view of the veggie can see the new pea fence if you click on the photo..
This is how I spent my first part of my day...I cut back the limbs on the big christmas tree in the neighbors can't get to the weeds there and the first signs of spring in their yard is the crocus' and it was smothering hack saw in hand..and it looks so much more open and easy to garden now..thats their old fence falling apart..
2 full contractors bags full of weeds and plants..since I seem to be taking care of this portion ...I am going to make life easy on myself...just need to get the rest of the baby there are just so many of them..still everywhere..but this will help out our new neighbors and all she has to do when she is up for to just maintain and pull a few things here and there...
This is next on the chopping block..I am getting rid of all of much comformity..bugs me to when my body has might be next weekend..I also mowed the lawn and took the weed burner around the yard..that hot shower felt so good last night that and a motrin and a hot pad..I feel so much better today....Made chicken soup last night in the crock pot..smelled so good and glad I didn't have to make anything last night as I could barely move.;)

This was taken on sunday in my craftroom..I love my babies.;)
this was taken this morning..this is Silly Millies favorite spot...she is now outside in her kitty kennel with Pody Lynn watching the birds and fact they are all out enjoying the beautiful weather we have been blessed with today..:) ...
I made a double batch of those salt dough cookies and made my strawberries..I love how they turned out..they are on the top shelf in the kitchen..I took out the apple as it was too top heavy.;)

I made some others but can't show you yet as some are gifts for the 2 packages that are going out today..I know..finally..but it will be totally worth the wait...I hope you all have a great day today...tonight My good pal Mindee from church and some others are going to the cannery tonight to get more food storage...will share it all tomorrow..might take my camera to show you what its all about.:)


  1. Oh my word you are a busy girl. Your yard is looking perfect. Wish I had your ambition. Good job on the salt dough creations. I may have to try that sometime.
    Enjoy your week,

  2. My back aches for you! How is the hops doing, I haven't heard you mention it?

  3. Perfect! I truly do love the lushness of your deck and backyard. Our granddaughter's backyard is lush, but this past weekend it rained the whooole time we were there, sweetpea! Love it!!!!
    Connie ;-)

  4. Love love your bench display Gina!!! All your gardens are beautiful!!!

    I need to get some weeds pulled again myself......hate that job!

  5. I LOVE your colander idea! How cool is that?! And the pots hanging from your deck fence are darling. And your dough strawberries are awesome. I just LOVE ALL your creative ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love everything, from your
    gardens to the cats to the
    strawberry and the other salt
    dough ornies! I got to get
    back to work on my Am. swap

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Your garden and veranda look so inviting. Love the Kitty On Singer photo too!

  8. Have I ever told you I wish I was your neighbor ,*wink-wink*! I love all the pics and I don't think I've ever seen a kitty on a sewing machine before, LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE those salt dough strawberries, what a great idea!!!!

  9. Gina,
    Your yard and deck look awesome & your salt dough ornies are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You have been a busy bee. Looking great.

  11. All of your flowers and gardens looks wonderful! I love the bench that you have the flowers sitting on! I hope you have a wonderful week!


  12. Gina,
    Love the salt dough strawberries that you made...very cute!! Also love the photo of your kitty sitting on your sewing machine!!
    I'll have some more of the stuff you need emailed to you sometime tomorrow.

  13. Love that colander idea for plants! And the drainage is built right in! Great idea!!!

    Those kitties are adorable!

  14. What a beautiful garden you have! I know it's a lot of work but all the pain is worth it. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. :)

  15. Love the bench. Your home is always so cozy and the yard is pretty. I am glad things are good in your world. It will probably be less hectic for me now that I dropped a big responsibility. I miss blogging!