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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GiNa'S & KiM's ExCeLLeNt AdVenTuRe..;)

Yesterday I headed over to Kimmys house to take some photos of her home and to go shopping..what else.;) She has changed it around to cottage style and I must say I am totally in love with her kitchen now..wish there was a before shot..but she had the cabinets painted a burgandy red..and I think the walls were red too..I know part of them here it is above..I love this green she used..makes it so cheery and welcoming..just like a cute cozy cottage..
this little area is to the right of her fridge..she took old shutters to hide a brick wall.(it is actually the fireplace and there used to be a wall here and she tore that down and the exposed brick just didnt look nice to she covered with the shutters and an old door that she painted with chalkboard paint...we got these at a salvage yard and mine is on my front porch..she has her aprons on there and is able to hang stuff off of these shutters..she also hung fabric at the top to also hide the fireplace..this is her message center..;)
an old antique dresser to hold her linens etc..the first door leads to her pantry and the second to the basement to her craftroom and laundry area..she collects chickens.:)
This hutch unit used to be in front of the exposed brick area...looks so much better here don'tcha think..;)she made the rooster quilt that is hanging..its adds so much color to the space and really pops..
her dining table..she made the table cloths too.
this is on her coffee table..again she made this..I love the colors..
she also made these out of wool felt sweaters and felted balls that we purchased..(not using them in a while and she got inspiration)..she is going to have to show me how she made these..cause I have alot of these felted balls too...and not using this one holds money..
and this one their keys.they are on that dresser in the kitchen..
her vintage pyrex and fire king bowls, and enamel ware etc..we have the same exact tastes.. you would swear we are twins..guess that is why we get along so well.:)
she purchased this years ago..and she has hung it on the still works the idea of painting on the blades..:) great for you painters out there..;)
Okay now for our "Excellent Adventure"..(kind of like Bill and Ted's only better) hit Value village first and hit the mother load of treasures..this little snowman was at our last store..I put him next to the car so you could see how big he is..he was only 10 bucks..kimmy got a santa..a little smaller then this guy..I can't wait to put him on my front porch come christmas and have him all lit up..he stands to my waist..and I am 5'6"..
we got some wool for my penny rugs..the black tan fabric is will use it to make something prim I'm sure..
I love this little piece of the colors too and it has strawberrys on it..might make a table runner or towels with it..;)
Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric...
I just love red and white gingham..this is going to be a table cloth for my picnic table..:)bright and cheery.;)
I found some strawberry items yesterday...I am in love!!!
some enamelware and a little tea-cup..
a cute little basket for my sister to use in the babys room..;)it has winnie the pooh..she loves winnie the pooh..
3 wooden plates to paint and put in my dough shelf..a metal sign I love this..and a little coffee cup with cats and these 2 wonderful beeskep items..the pictchur looks so prim..I love the colors..they were a bit spendy..but worth it..
wooden bowls to paint up for my dough shelf..I can't wait to reveal this to you all...hopefully tomorrow...gotta paint today..:)
I hit the motherload on these wooden spoons and such...they were all $2.oo each..and guess where they are guessed it..on my new shelf..they look awesome!! the two little floral plates will go in my collection of dessert plates... the christmas plates will go out come christmas maybe in my newly designed front garden..haven't decided..
this same person that was selling all the utensils above had the neatest bowls...and I snatched this one up...leaving it as is as it has an oily feel to leaving it brown..
I also picked up another wonderful apple basket with a vinyl covering and it was in great it is my new laundry basket..
it even has strawberrys in the vinyl..;)
picked these up..going to use the box grater as towel holder...will show you what I come up with..on the lookout for more of these..preferably vintage though and this one is not...
This was at our last store..and you know me and cats..I couldn't resist either of these...just love the one scratching his little ear..he even has a bell on his collar..
last but not least this little herb shelf with bottles..I am going to paint this shelf black and distress it..not sure if I am going to keep it or sell it.:)okay are you all ready for the big reveal..I couldn't wait to decorate and put everything away last night and everything came together really quick...I love to decorate and tweak as most of you out there do...wish I could do it really is just too much fun..
you can see both the kittys and the orange collendar and the teacup and coffee cup out there...the little kitty perched on the ladder..our cats love climbing our ladders especially with us on them...
I had to change around my display again..oh but this time it was much more fun.;)I love how it turned out..
love my corner space.:)
I put my enamelware pot on the porch with my cut flowers from memorial day in them..I have one of those metal frogs in the bottom to prop the flowers up..they are great..:)
my collection of coffee can see the blue one has found his home..
my red apple basket waiting for fresh clean laundry to be tossed in it.;)

and now my other one has found a home in my craftroom holding my fabric in it..I love it here..the other basket holds fabric too..:)

For right now this is where my beeskeps will go..the yellow one I believe is a tart has 3 seperate pieces to it..not sure..but it goes with the salt dough ornaments I have in the picket fence basket..there is a beeskep there with 2 bees.. so that was our excellent adventure we had a blast yesterday and came home much poorer but with big smiles on our faces...we are doing our best to stimulate the economy...the stores are getting expensive here...but it will not stop us..:) I have to go and get some sanding and painting some friends coming by tomorrow to take a tour of my home..her Mother just moved here from Nevada and wants some ideas on how to decorate her they want to stop by and see mine..and you know I love showing anyone my home..I love my home..its where I love to be....there is no place like home!!! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day..:)


  1. Oh!!!! That cute little picaninny sign would be perfect in my kitchen as I collect picaninnys, red gingham, wicker and watermelons and other items of interest.

    Great shopping trip!

  2. Yes, great trip! I thought I'd stop in to catch up and I'm so glad I did... love all the eye candy!

  3. wow fun fun fun... and WHAT finds and what a great kitchen remake of Kimmys and your garden looks great, but the pourch is still my favorite!

  4. Gina,
    Sounds like you had a great time and I love all the goodies that you got...And I love Kimmy's cottage style home!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Wow, you hit the mother load!
    I think I sold a sign like
    that! Kimmy's home sure is
    bright and cheery! Thanks for

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Kimmy's kitchen looks wonderful! You sure found a lot of goodies! Good for you!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  7. Hi Gina,

    Wow.. love the white in the kitchen. There is nothing like a bright white kitchen ! You can do so much with shutters. I love the ones I have !

    You found lots of cool treasures ! Looks like it was a nice shopping trip... and things are getting pricy here, too !


  8. Adorable kitchen, love the colors and style! Love that little piece of fabric too, all photos and goodies were fun to see!

  9. WOW, you got some great treasures there Gina! I love Kimmy's kitchen too, very pleasing to the eyes, and that old fan is wonderful and LOVE the whimsical snowman who will look awesome on your porch come Christmas time;)