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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TweAkinG, and DeCoRaTinG..My 2 FavoRiTe ThinGs..

Hey there everyone..I thought I would post the hops..( This is for you Sue)..This how they are doing as of yesterday..I love how they look..we will be dividing these up come next year and when we do if any one wants some just let me know.:O) Sue I know you do..
well remember this drove me nuts..not good for OCD...I need organization!! out it came..
simple but it needed something...
Ta-Da!!! I added some of my funky container gardens up here..I went searching in my veggie garden and pulled out this stuff..and I love it!!! I just need to fill it in with bark and it is done and staying like this..I love the touch of whimsy this adds and I get my simplicity..;)

you can see I added another little ladder to the top there..I love how this looks..
I also got hubby to hang my black dough bowl shelf for me and thats what got all of this rolling for me..I have it started and am taking photos of the stages it is going through till it is done...I got the pieces I wanted to paint almost done..just gotta sand them and stain them and then seal them..I will post photos on Wednesday..going over to my best friends to sew and maybe do some junking..not sure..I mowed the lawn and did some more round-upping of some weeds in the neighbors...was a full but eventful day..I am off to bed..have a wonderful tuesday everyone;)


  1. I absolutely love the transformation. I never would have thought about the cart in there also, but looks amazing. You sure did do alot girl. Hope you enjoyed a peaceful night sleep so you can be raring to go again today...

  2. You made my day, many thanks for the hops in advanced! :) Love your place, it's always so nice and neat, you should really come enter my Porch season giveaway!

  3. I love the new look, and I always love how your house looks with the hops climbing up!!! Enjoy the day:)

  4. OCD???? YOU????!!!! Nah, I'M the OCD person out here in the west, sugar!!! ME, me MEEEEE!

  5. I love it Gina! It looks fantastic! I love the mail box with the stuff planted in it. Are those hens and chicks? Hard to see in the pick. Mom has one of those carts at her house. I need to swipe it. They are really neat! Glad to see I am not the only ladder person out there. Hubby gives me that look every time I bring one home!

  6. wow, you are the energizer bunny! The yard looks beautiful... and finally the weather is cooperating!

  7. Your yard always looks wonderful!
    That is a great idea for making
    your garden look great! Have a great week! I bet my hubby would like some hops.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. Gina,
    Your garden looks awesome!! Have fun with sewing or thrifting with your best friend...can't wait to hear what you did.

  9. WOW! Oh my gosh, it looks absolutely fantastic, I love it! You did an awesome job. I'm completely jealous! :-) Want to come over and help me fix up my garden, too? LOL Enjoy it, Sweetheart... you did amazing work. :-)

  10. What a fun garden....really unique containers!

  11. LOVE that layout! I always wanted a "layered" garden area. Someday when I have the time and energy I'll get to it!
    And the trinkets are fantastic spread around! Good job!

  12. Those vines going up the side of your home are just so nice. I cant wait to see your bowl rack up and decorated. Have fun sewing with your friend.