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Thursday, June 17, 2010

BeFoRe & AfTeRs aNd tHe BiG ReVeaL!!!!!

Well its time to show you the big reveal and some thrift store make overs..the aboves came from a thrift store...
Remember these bowls from Tuesday?
Here are the afters!!!
Okay now for the big reveal!! this is what this area used to look like...Okay Wait for it...wait....:)
This is how it looked on Monday when Hubby hung it on the wall for me..I just had to start putting things in it right away...I lowered the red hanging rusty nail shelf down..
This was on tuesday after thrifting...
This was yesterday...I just kept adding to it..I painted the pineapples that you can get a dime a dozen..I love how they turned out.:) all the wooden utensils that I got on tuesday plus some that I had..
Okay here it is!!! in all its glory!!! I couldn't be more thrilled with how this came out...I just finished up the wooden bowls this morning...and couldn't wait to put them in here..I used a pottery utensil holder to hold the wooden items and it is hidden behind the sugar sack towels..
I hung the primitives gathering sign above was just sitting on my hutch in the dining room...but it needed to go here...
Now it balances the big t.v. set in here and looks complete..I love how it looks now.. Thank you again Carol for this wonderful giveaway..I am pleased as punch and I can sit and stare at it from the couch...will probably hang stockings off of it come winter.:) might have to change it out completely for christmas..will see.. I just had to gals from church come over for some inspiration today...I gave them some wonderful magazines so they can get further inspired...Now I gotta painting days are done for a bit now..:) Have a wonderful thursday everyone..and thanks as always for your nice comments and saying hi..I am giddy when I get I know most of you are as well.;)


  1. WoW! I am in love with all of it!
    Fantastic job on the bowls...I love make overs like these, nice and dramatic!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love what you did with those bowls. I scored a set of 6 bowls (5 small ones and a larger one) at a thrift store this past Saturday and I plan to paint mine too. If you don't mind sharing, I'd like to know exactly how you did yours! Love how your shelf/rack turned out! It looks awesome!

  3. You sure got that new rack filled up QUICK,LOL, it looks wonderful!!!!

  4. Gina,
    I love it all!!!...and I love where you hung the rack in your living room.
    I got some wood bowls months ago from the GW and never have painted them...want to come paint mine? LOL...

  5. What a wonderful gathering of "primitive" goodies! Love how you put it all together! ~~Annie

  6. WOW!!! You made it all look great together!!! Very creative and cute!!! hugs

  7. Great make overs. The Label really added to the cutting boards. I just notice your
    cute yellow house. I love it.
    Look so cozy. Cindy

  8. Great job Gina! It looks awesome and I can see why you're so pleaased!

    And the re-dos are fabulous!

  9. You have been painting up a storm!
    It all looks great! I have one
    of those pineapples and I think
    a pear. I thought I would paint
    a Terrye French design on them.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. Wonderful bowls and boards! I'm always hesitant to try painting anything. I mostly just sew. Love looking at yours though. Your livingroom is so cozy and looks very comfortable. My kind of room. Great job on everything. If you ever get tired of that rack...LOL

  11. Here I am to see what you've done with our bowl keep... Wow! You did good gal:) It all came together nicely. I love it. It's good to see that you can put other things besides just bowls in our racks. Way cool girly. Thanks for sharing with us:)
    Hugs, Carol

  12. Miss Gina, mew is so funny! Day by day changes MOL What fun! I think that the transformation looks wonderful!!!! Now how long before you start itching to add something or change out this piece or that ;) MOL

    Thanks for visiting today - you made "her" day and mine too!!!

    Purrs and head bonkers!


  13. I love the bowls, I can't believe how great they turned out.....with just paint!!! The shelf looks fantastic!
    Margaret B