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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FlowEr ShoPPinG YeSterDay and DoInG soMe PlaNtinG..

Yesterday after my doctors appt..I went flower shopping and also picked up some more towels for my embroiderys..The doctor gave me a sleeping pill and for the first time and slept better then I have in 6 years..need to do some stretching exercises to see if that will help loosen up the old muscles..we have one of those air sleep mattress so we know its not the bed..;) gotta get some weight off that would help dramatically..but it would help to have a good night rest so you feel like hopefully this is a start..I put 2 hanging flower pots out on the arbor in our front yard..they are so pretty, got these at walmart for 18.00 each..can't really tell but there is a variety of flowers and colors which I love...they sure took a beating with the rain this morning..but we got a reprieve this afternoon.;)
2 more baskets on the front porch..these were at rite aid and they were 14.99 each regularly 24.99 each and the sale was already off but the sign was still there so they honored it..

the little red round thing next to the house numbers is a old newspaper holder and I put a vase in it so I can put cut fresh flowers there when they bloom...:) just another great re-use of old things.:)
My little sister gave me this for my birthday when I posted what she got me it was in a yesterday I assembled it..super easy and I love it!!! my own little green house..
here it is all opened up.I have basil in there and plants that I need to put in pots..but I purchased basil a month ago only to have it die as it was too early and too cold for it will stay here for a bit longer..or I will plant them and keep it in here..I can now start seedlings in here come next spring..I am so happy about this..I feel like a true gardner now.:)
got the flag hung for memorial might stay up now till labor day..and then put out for veterans day.:) I love the flag flying makes me proud to be an american where at least I know I'm I am starting to sound like a song.;)
I picked these up on saturday...
don't daisys just make you smile..I love them..;)
the rhodie blooming a beautiful vibrant purple.;)
and last but not least the azeleas are all blooming..thrown in between are native bleeding hearts.. Well I took dinner over again last night and good thing I did..they had to take Landon back to the hospital..he just isn't getting the sucking thing down yet...they took him back on monday and hopefully today he is doing much better..her folks are coming tonight for a week so that will certainly help her out...I look forward to meeting the parents...well Dinner is in the go and check on it..we are having chicken tonight...take care and have a wonderful rest of your evening..Oh I almost forgot went to the eye doctor today..and I am blind..whats new there..need bifocals now..wahhhaaaha!! but they want so much stinking money for glasses now days..they wanted 534.00 for a pair of I am shopping around..although I found a really cute pair today that I loved...but that is just too much in my opinion..will keep you posted on that one..have a great thursday..;)


  1. Till I have a garden of my own, I'm living vicariously through yours. Everything looks so nice.
    love that lil greenhouse.

  2. That is a cute little greenhouse,
    I have never seen one of them...
    And your flower baskets are so
    pretty, I think I will get me one
    to hang on my front porch. I have
    been chatting on Prim Pals, so
    I am going to iron a shirt, then
    take a shower and go to bed.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Gina,
    Welcome to the world of bifocals...I've had to get them a few years ago.
    Your hanging flowers are very pretty and I love the little greenhouse. I just love your front porch. Now that we are home from our trip...I need to get my porch looking all pretty.

  4. I love how your posts are filled with so much from your day!

    Love the pretty flowers. Everything looks really nice. Need to get my flowers!! Maybe tomorrow I'll get out and do some shopping.


  5. Just beautiful, sugar. We're heading out to Washington on friday to see the new great granddaughter. I hope it's nice weather over that way or Jack will insist on taking tire chains! Ooooh, puhleeeeeze, spare me from that. It means he takes...oh, never mind. He's driving me nuts in the kitchen today....

  6. Oh my I just love your arbor and all your flowers too. I have been wanting an arbor so bad. I found one Tuesday. It was sold but they can make another one. I am hoping to order it Friday. I love the posts on yours. I will pray for you & LanDon both & add your needs to the little red prayer box. You are such a kind neighbor to your friends next door.

  7. I would LOVE a greenhouse like that..can you ask her where she got it?
    Go to my blog and sign up for my grocery gift card give away and also check out the weight loss challenge to help feed the hungry right here in the U S

  8. Ha! I'm blind too! LOL
    I LOVE love love your yard! How wonderful to live where everything you work hard to plant, grows!
    What a coolie little greenhouse! The Mr. would like that.
    It really isn't very fun to NOT sleep at night. Hope you can feel better and more rested.
    And, I think you MUST be a dear neighbor! :-D
    Enjoy your day

  9. Your hanging baskets are gorgeous and I love the greenhouse! Your yard and porch looks so pretty and inviting:)Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. Everything looks so pretty Gina, you do a fine job! So glad you finally got a good nights sleep, I can relate to the tight muscles and needing to lose some weight, but why is it so hard after 40? lol

  11. Your outside is looking very good. I love all the bright flower colors of summer. It just makes me feel good when everything is in bloom.
    Welcome to the bifocal club girl. We have more and more members joining everyday. It stinks doesn't it!
    I will be praying for Landon and his parents. God is well able to handle this situation.
    Have a lovely day.

  12. I love the color of your house and that front porch looks like it would be a dnady place to sit and have some lemonade. Love your little greenhouse and all your plants. Don't know how you do it all. Glad you slept better. I don't sleep well either so I know how it feels to wake up and not want to get going. I went straight into bifocals (for reading) when I first got glasses. Join the club.

  13. Flag note - I think your idea about keeping your flag out is great! I have smaller American flags on all my window shutters. They go up before Memorial Day and come down afer Veteran's Day! I vote yes to you keeping it flying!

  14. RE: Glasses! You might want to go look at this website?

  15. Your home looks so charming and inviting, and I enjoyed your post over at Maggie's.


  16. Beautiful! That looks so relaxing and peaceful. Loved your 'Blogazine' article on Ms. Maggie's blog! :)

  17. I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I really enjoyed your story, I just read it at Maggie's! Love your home and all of your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  18. Just got here via Maggie's blog after I read your post there.
    I'm signed up as your newest follower.
    Hugs, Gerry

  19. Your yard looks just beautiful!! Love that little greenhouse!! I'm gonna have to get me one of those. I've always wanted a greenhouse and this would be perfect to start with. I've had bifocals for about 10 years now.


  20. Your plants are gorgeous. I enjoyed your story on Maggie's Blogazine. I am now following your blog. I am looking forward to seeing more picture of your lovely flowers. Hugs

  21. Don't fall over dead, it isn't Sunday and I am on the net looking at your blog! You do such nice work. I am amazed at how much you fit into each and everyday! Love those roosters and your porch and yard ALWAYS put me to shame and lust!