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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WeLcOme BaBy LanDon, FooD, & ShoPPing...

Well its official our newest neighbors and friends finally had their precious little baby on Saturday morning via C-section..they came home Monday afternoon...I took them Sausage bisquits and gravy and some awesome toffee malted cookies..(shown below)..I also had my camera in hand to take photos so I could show you this cute little guy..His name is Landon James and he weighs 8 pounds 1 oz (if my memory serves me right) and 20 inches long..thats his proud Daddy Travis holding him...I angled the shot for the top one..;)
Travis has the midus touch too...Landon was circumsized yesterday morning and was so fussy..would eat at all and kept fussing..but you hand him to his daddy and he just goes to sleep..;)
This was taken by the light of day outside and I loved how it silhouetted them.;)
Look at that cute little mouth..I got to hold him too..he is a little cutie..:)Congratulations Britt and Travis you make wonderful kids and parents.;)
This is how Tucker and his dad spent the day..playing on PS3 and sawing logs.:)
Me I spent my day cooking and mowing the lawn..;) I tried out a new recipe yesterday for breakfast..crab eggs benedict with hollindaise sauce on homemade amish bisquits..(that I had to make twice cause I forgot the baking soda the first time and they came out like little hockey pucks) never did that before..couldn't figure out they they didn't rise..yes folks baking soda is I make it again...probably not..its just not worth all the cooking.
I got this recipe from my good pal Kady on her blog only I took it one step further..I made a cake to go under it...and oh my gosh is it ever tasty!! this is definitely a refreshing with the fresh fruit on top..great for all those summer parties you are throwing this year.;)
Here are the toffee malted ball oatmeal cookies..they are the best cookies..they have whoppers, instant pudding and toffee bits in them...if anyone wants the recipe let me know.;)
Sunday after church we went to dinner to use a birthday certificate at our local restaurant and we had a great dinner..but we did do some shopping...hey we were there and I shopped..I don't normally shop on sundays....but didn't want to go out again if I didn't have too..I picked up two different stencil alphabets..this one above is the "type" font..
this one is the "papyrus" font..I can't wait to make my own signs now.;)great prices too..$5.99 each..
I picked up some more wool felt for my penny rugs.;)
some spools of ribbon..sorry for the blurry photo.;(
some more stabilizer and pattern markers..the notions isle was 50% off..and you can't go wrong there and I also got 10% off my entire order..and use 3 40% off coupons...
I hope you all had a relaxing weekend..mine was not..but it was a good helping out and taking care of our new neighbors...and with the break in the weather I think the entire neighborhood mowed their are getting a reprieve as that is always nice..the plants and blooms are taking a nasty hit with all this rain...I have a doctors appt today to figure out how to get rid of the pain in my hips..will see..would love to get a decent nights rest...haven't had one on 5 years...getting old too.:) Not me the sleeplessness.;)
here is the recipe for the bisquits and gravy.;) definitely comfort food at its best..Travis loved it..:) Have a wonderful day everyone..and thanks for stopping by and saying hi and welcome Kerri..;)

Mark Vanhorns Bisquit & Gravy

Put water in pot with salt bring to a boil add chicken with more salt to taste, boil chicken for 30-40 minutes.

Medium batch: 6 TBLS flour 6TBLS butter 1-12 cups chicken broth (or broth from boiling chicken) 1-1/2 cups milk

Large batch: 8 TBLS flour, 8TBLS butter, 2 cups broth and 2 cups milk

You you don’t have broth use all milk, save broth from boiling chicken to use in gravy.. Save the rest and freeze in jars or containers

Make bisquits and serve with chicken gravy..

Soda bisquits (this comes from an amish recipe)

2 cups flour

1 scant tsp baking soda

1 scant tsp cream of tartar

pinch of salt

3 TBS shortening (I use butter flavor crisco)

1 cup buttermilk

Rub dry ingredients and shortening together to make fine crumbs.. Add milk, stirring with fork until a soft dough forms.

Roll ½ inch thick and cut with bisquit cutter..Bake at 450 for 10-12 minutes until lightly browned..Makes 12 bisquits

Enjoy J


  1. YUM, I'll be right over to eat, LOL!!!! What a cutie of a new baby, they are so lucky to have you next door, Gina:)Love how Tucker is on the couch all "tuckered" out:D Enjoy the day!!!

  2. I would love to try those cookies!
    What a cute baby! Thanks for
    sharing..We worked out in the
    yard this weekend, except on
    Saturday, we shopped all day!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. What a cute little fellow! Nothing more precious than a newborn baby!

    Your cake and cookies look delicious! Now I want to get in there and bake up something!

    Can't wait till next week! ~~Annie

  4. oh you ARE THEEEEE best neighbor. But with a sweet little baby how could you help it!!! I'm sure they appreciated all your yummy goodness... as for me my stomach is growling!!!!

  5. He's gorgeous!!!!!! Look at that little mouth. Oh, how sweet, sugar! Kiss his face off. We'll be coming over that way soon to see Miss "A"!

  6. That was sweet of you to bring your neighbors some good looking food!!! Sorry your hip is bothering you. I have arthritis in both my hips, so I know the pain is bad at times!!!

    I had to laugh when you said you don't like to shop on Sundays. Growing up we weren't ALLOWED to go shopping on a Sunday! Remember my dad was a pastor. And the first time I actually did go shopping on a Sunday, after I was married, I felt so guilty. Like the Lord himself was going to be at the check out and give me a lecture!

    Enjoy your day!

  7. My goodness you've been busy! Landon is beautiful and I love his name. How nice of you to take over a meal and dessert. I'd LOVE to have that recipe for cookies. They look so good. Tucker looks like he's had a hard day. LOL So cute. I remember the days when most stores were closed on Sunday. It's convenient to have them open, but sometimes I wish we'd go back to the "good old days". That worked for us then, why not for today?

  8. OMGoodness Gina... you are here there and everywhere gal. Oh, it's good for ya:) Help to keep ya fit. The newborn, awww, so cute, and I think he looks like his daddy. With your supplies you got, I can't wait to see what you whip up with. Good luck at your dr. visit sweety. You might need to get a new mattress:)

  9. Such a sweet baby! Congrat's to you all. All that good food. I wish you had been my neighbor when I came home with my babies. LOL!

  10. What a cutie Landon is! I am sure his mom and dad appreciate all the great food you made for them! I hope you are having a wonderful evening!